Everyone is 'sick of watching': Political ads overwhelm North Carolina

Everyone is 'sick of watching': Political ads overwhelm North Carolina

10/24/2020 2:13:00 PM

Everyone is 'sick of watching': Political ads overwhelm North Carolina

North Carolina has been swamped with political ads - a staggering 7,000 a day, more than any other state. The cost — $500 million and rising — tops every state except California, which has four times the population.

AdvertisementCunningham’s Senate campaign is “one big lie!” his opponent charges. Tillis “always backs Big Pharma!” and is “corrupt!” his rival responds.In between, ads appear about state Senate candidates supposedly trying to take away healthcare — the dominant theme in Democratic attack ads here — and a state representative who “wants to defund our local hospital.”

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There’s a retired Air Force colonel who “put herself on the line for us” and is now fights a politician who votes with “special interests.” Another spot slams a candidate for attorney general who “routinely let criminals walk free.”A recent scandal for Cunningham involving adulterous text messages has given Tillis, who is trailing in the polls, a lot more fodder.

AdvertisementIn one, paid for by American Crossroads, a super PAC that backs Republicans, a young woman sneers into the camera and says Cunningham’s infidelity “tells me everything I need to know about Cal’s character.” Another ad features military veterans questioning Cunningham’s honor.

In the presidential race, Trump has almost no path to reelection without winning North Carolina’s 15 electoral votes. Polls show he is trailing Biden in the state, where the two campaigns and outside groups are locked in an ad war that has cost $162 million so far.

And thanks to court-ordered redistricting, Democrats are expected to pick upat least two U.S. House seatsand may flip the state Legislature. Seven separate state House and Senate seats have spent more than $1 million each, a sum once unheard of in such small races.

It’s hard to say what the candidates and donors are getting for their money, especially as the ads bump up against one another.Advertisementstudypublished last month in the journal Science Advances, which relied on data from 34,000 voters, found that political ads had only a negligible effect in the 2016 presidential election, with only 0.7% of people changing their opinions on whom to vote for.

“Partisan group identity is just a very powerful choice for voting,” said Alexander Coppock, the study’s lead author and an assistant professor of political science at Yale University. “You just can’t move people that much with an ad.”In a close election, a small margin could matter. Other studies have shown that ads can produce a much greater influence on down-ballot races, where the candidates and their positions are less known.

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Chatterji, the candidate for state treasurer whose children mock him in his ad, is making his first bid for public office. An economist who teaches business and politics at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business, he’s not sure how many people see his ads.

Advertisement“The truth is nobody knows,” he said.In the end, he may have found something more effective than a clever script or an attack — cute kids. Read more: Los Angeles Times »

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Join the club. The ads from National organazations double it up. Same in AZ...it’s nauseating Nice to know where all my donations went. I haven't watched commercial tv in a decade. good boy

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