Even Michelle Obama Turns to Rihanna for Life’s Biggest Events

Even Michelle Obama Turns to Rihanna for Life’s Biggest Events

1/22/2021 9:23:00 PM

Even Michelle Obama Turns to Rihanna for Life’s Biggest Events

Carl Ray, the longtime makeup artist for the former First Lady, breaks down her inauguration day beauty look.

and she mentioned you worked closely with the entire style team including Meredith Koop, Christy Rilling, and Damtew. How did you all collaborate on the look?The entire glam team has been working together for some time. We each have our own creative elements that we bring to the look and all complement each other. We really allow each of our creative outlets to shine to make the former First Lady look and feel her very best.

How long did the final look take?I don’t generally time how long it takes but allow myself 30 to 1 hour. I can work quickly with her given how long we have worked together.Do you play music and chat in the beauty chair?We always have fun in the chair! No music this time – we just laughed and caught up on life. I’m very lucky to be able to call the former First Lady both a mentor and friend.

We are saying Mrs. Obama and her entire glam team “won” the inauguration. Twitter also adored the look. How does it feel?It’s such an honor. I am humbled to be able to work with such a strong, confident, and iconic woman that is a role model to so many women everywhere. I knew that this was a monumental day for our country but particularly for women. Her entire look really was powerful and I am so glad that people loved it. headtopics.com

Michelle Obama attends a lot of events. What is the right amount of glam for a daytime inauguration?I knew this particular event was going to be televised not just in the US but across the world, and given his historical occasion particularly for women, her makeup glam needed to stand out for TV, but I still wanted a gentle elegance. I went with a classic smokey eye that I felt was just the right amount of glam for a daytime appearance. Again, inaugurations aren’t your everyday daytime event, so we were able to dial it up a little more than a normal daytime look while still keeping it timeless and classy.

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🤣 Show time, because Michelle respect the importance of President inaugo hence put the best outfit...and she nailed it! Bang! Beautiful and classy