European women join forces to increase capital for VCs

European Women in VC join forces to promote female entrepreneurs and to ensure equal access to capital for European female-led VC funds.

7/25/2021 11:59:00 PM

'The European Women in VC joined forces to promote female entrepreneurs and to ensure equal access to capital for European female-led Venture Capital funds.'

European Women in VC join forces to promote female entrepreneurs and to ensure equal access to capital for European female-led VC funds.

24 July 2021Their goal for the next few years is 30% of total Limited Partners/Funds of Funds available to be invested for female-led funds. To do this, European Women in VC want to establish a European Fund of Funds of €3B aimed at female-led VCs and a co-investment Fund at the European Union level to match VC funding with female founders.

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SourceOnly 10% of European VCs have a gender-mixed leadership teamThe report analyzed data between 2016 and 2020. The team admits that there isn’t a lot of data about women-led VCs and Growth Funds in Europe and this is one of their future tasks. The report defines a female-led or co-led VC as one where women hold at least 30% of the General Partners.

The results show that only 10% of European VCs have a gender-mixed general partnership team. During this period, €51B was managed by European VC firms and only €5B by women-led VC firms. Data depicts that only 1.7% of all capital went to female founders on the continent. The organizing group represents funds with teams of hundreds of members, out of which 45% are female, but only 8% hold management positions. Another key finding is that investors sign bigger cheques for men

.Average round sizes at Seed and Series A are smaller for all-women teams in CEE than for mixed and all-men teams, the report states. Read more: Women 2.0 »

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