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European stocks set to open higher on ECB stimulus hopes and US tariff delay

European stocks set to open higher on ECB stimulus hopes and US tariff delay


European stocks set to open higher on ECB stimulus hopes and US tariff delay

European stocks were set to open higher Thursday as investors look ahead to an anticipated announcement of easing measures from the European Central Bank (ECB).

analysts and ECB officials are striking slightly different tones

as the world's two largest economies continue a two-year long trade war.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Wednesday reiterated his pledge to ditch the

, while Italian leaders have also vowed to monitor the deal closely to ensure Italy's stock exchange is protected should the deal go through.

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European stocks seen lower on Brexit stalemate as investors await ECB meetingEuropean stocks were seen lower Tuesday morning after U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson lost a second bid to hold an early election but reiterated his pledge to leave the EU on October 31. Investors also have one eye on an impending meeting of the ECB, with markets hopeful of a monetary stimulus package on Thursday.

U.S. trade thaw sparks risk rally, euro awaits ECBAn exchange of olive branches between Washington and Beijing on trade pushed the...

ECB projections to show future growth barely above 1%: sourcesThe European Central Bank will cut some of its growth forecasts at its meeting o... Thats way too bleak! No wonder Germany is into fiscal stimuli!!!

ECB to turn stimulus taps back on to prop up ailing economyThe European Central Bank is set to unveil fresh stimulus measures on Thursday t... Were the taps ever really turned off 🤔 bitcoin Learn it Buy some it won't work. people are stupid.

Mario Draghi and the ECB confront a slowing euro zoneMr Draghi must use the bully pulpit to urge governments to exercise their fiscal powers to fend off a recession Can the dare-devil stunts and tactics help the world central banks stop the arrival of the overwhelming tide of change from rocking the roots of the existing world economic system? - Not really. Does he mean before, or after, high taxes and negative interest rates? WHY? Ebb and flow. Business cycle. Let it be!

Investor Hopes for Cheaper Money in Europe DimEconomists broadly expect the ECB to reduce its key deposit rate by at least 10 basis points. But expectations for the size of the monthly bond-purchase program that might also be announced have been eroding. Bond-buying, combined with a rate cut, would doubly boost investor confidence and buoy the market.

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