Marcus Ammon, Mia, Thomas Triboit

Marcus Ammon, Mia

European Producers and Broadcasters Debate How to Weather Streaming Storm

European Producers and Broadcasters Debate How to Weather Streaming Storm


European Producers and Broadcasters Debate How to Weather Streaming Storm

ROME – The impending rollout of Disney Plus, HBO Max, and other new streaming services promises a new era of uncertainty—and opportunity—for broadcasters and producers in an industry already …

market in Rome, executives from some of Europe’s leading broadcasters gathered to discuss how local players can compete in a rapidly changing market.

, SVP of original production for Sky Germany, pointing to the threat from streaming giants like Netflix and Amazon. Ammon noted that public broadcasters, commercial broadcasters and other players are also launching into the streaming business. “We need to find our own way.”

, head of Orange Studio’s TV series department; José Skaf, senior original content manager for Southern Europe and Africa with Turner; and Carlo Cresto Dina, a producer with Tempesta Film.

“The objective back then was to have a show that is on a very international level,” said Ammon. “All of a sudden, the perception of Sky changed from sports more into the fiction and series direction. We built upon this first success.”

“We want to make a safe space for creative talent,” said Skaf, who noted that Turner tried to assure in-demand creators that “with us, they’re going to have an opportunity to produce their passion projects.”

With streaming services typically acquiring worldwide rights—often in perpetuity—broadcasters also have financial leverage by allowing producers to retain rights they can exploit across territories and platforms, opening the door to lucrative back-end profits. “This is also a model…that is more favorable for producers and creators than the Netflix model,” said Ammon.

When a question was put to the panel about the existential threat posed by streamers, Ammon pushed back on the suggestion that the likes of a Netflix or Amazon was cornering the market on talent and content. “There are [more] commissioners than ever before. I cannot think of a time when there were more projects going on than nowadays, from different players. From public channels, from commercial channels, from OTT providers,” he said.

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I am sure there is a lot of diversity of thought on this panel. Diversity isn't just skin color and ethnicity and race and whatever. Bravo, Euro-wood (Is that a word yet? Like bollywood, I think it should be)

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