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European markets head for positive open following global gains

European markets head for positive open following global gains

10/19/2021 7:51:00 AM

European markets head for positive open following global gains

European stocks are expected to open higher on Tuesday with markets buoyed by positive global sentiment.

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Parents charged in Michigan school shooting returning to town, attorney says

The suspected gunman, 15-year-old Ethan Crumbley, allegedly used his father's semi-automatic handgun in Tuesday's shooting.

European markets set for lackluster start to the trading weekEuropean stocks are expected to open around the flatline on Monday as global markets gear up for more big earnings reports. BTI, BP. Britain is, has taken measures due to restraints equipping; America and other nations with the necessity it needs. We, Britain also have needs. We created to The SARS 2 Covid vaccine'~BTI . Do you know IN THIS SO-CALLED ENERGY SYSTEM, women is only the container/TOOL not having any her own thing, SHE IS COMBINED with those SENIORS SOUL/QI which is aiming to transform the SOUL MORE and MORE of YOU silently, to mutate the GENETIC CODE of you as well as YOUR COMMUNITY.

Shipping crisis is so bad some companies are chartering air cargo planes for $2 millionThe shipping crisis has gotten so bad that some companies are chartering air cargo planes for $2 million or more for a single flight Bring your businesses and products to Texas, forget the failed nanny state of California. 航运危机变得如此严重,以至于一些公司以200万美元或更多的价格包租一次航班的航空货运飞机 No alternative

Facial-recognition promoters say misinformation is thwarting the techI attended a top surveillance conference in Washington, a bizarre experience in which industry insiders lamented being under attack End billionaires, multinationals, neoliberalism and corporate personhood. 我参加了在华盛顿举行的一次高级监视会议,这是一次离奇的经历,业内人士哀叹受到攻击

European fintech is breaking records but clouds on the horizonThe party will end for European fintech in 2022, according to a bearish VC who predicts lower valuations and more regulation good 据一位悲观的风投预测,2022年欧洲金融科技将结束这场派对,他预计估值将降低,监管将加强

Daycare centers are struggling to meet demand and hire new workersChildcare staffing is 'at a critical point' as workers leave the industry and it can't afford to hire them back. A CEO says it's 'beyond a shortage.' 儿童保育人员的配备处于“关键点”,因为工人离开了该行业,而该行业又无力再雇用他们。一位首席执行官说,这是“远远不够的”

How the birth of smog in 1943 led to Trump and QAnonThe roots of denialism: How reason and science have been supplanted by conspiracy theories and lies. By JackHitt JackHitt 否认主义的根源:阴谋论和谎言如何取代理性和科学。作者JackHitt JackHitt Bullshit. Class war by the 1%, a culture war started with the collapse of the cold war, poverty, misinformation from trusted sources (see press, business and government) and underfunding education. More but you get the point. Fuck these propagandists!