Health, Astrazeneca Shot Can Cause Rare Blood Clots But Benefits Outweigh Risk, European Medicines Agency Says - Cnn

Health, Astrazeneca Shot Can Cause Rare Blood Clots But Benefits Outweigh Risk

European agency finds AstraZeneca shot can cause rare blood clots but benefits outweigh risk

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4/7/2021 5:16:00 PM

BREAKING: The EU's top drugs agency says AstraZeneca's Covid-19 vaccine can cause rare blood clots but says its benefits still outweigh risks

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Lies. They said they though there could be some link, but did not have any proof. More paparazzi twaddle . Now try telling the truth. They clearly said. THE SAFETY AND EFFECTIVENESS OF THE AZ VACCINE, far outweighs any risk. But then truth not one of your strong points is it? PM me if you’re interested in earning $105 by online trading daily, PM me if you have a phone or PC let’s go ✅✅✅

God out come the self taught Google scientists, epidemiologist and Drs. Unbelievable how many people seem to still know better than the experts. 🙄. Dear God Jesus please bless all the vaccines and people in the world,thank you grandma Keep em scared CNN At the age of 8, he was accidentally stoned in the eye by one of his classmates. This was very traumatizing for Mukit and his parents. He set them back not only academically but financially. Doctors concluded he would need a corrective surgery.

Death rate of world wide population getting killed by covid is flipping 000.0035% I’ll tak my own risk thx & 4 what exactly. Still to be told u need another fifty more boosters, still wear masks, need vac passport, still jailed in r own homes, oh and more new variants coming oh and a third wave and another and another. Kids ur all duped! tell BorisJohnson to piss right off! wakeup

So it is important to know which vaccine you are taking. Irresponsible reporting. Honestly, I'm frustrated w/these stories. Why don't we ban birth control while we are at it? Why not stop heparin shots 4 ppl in casts? All have significantly more risk. This has more to do with money. Low cost vaccine is not interesting for big pharma.

Lmao, people getting this vaccine are idiotic. Why take a vaccine for a virus that’s less deadly than the flu?😂 I could see getting it if your over the age of 70, but Jesus😂 Ach so, jetzt doch auch wieder für U60. Mal sehen, was Spahn morgen Neues vermeldet. Nun ist der Vorrat für U60 am Wochenende leider schon für Ü60 - Impf- Windhunde verplant worden. Und wer ging deshalb leer aus? Die es als U60 in ihren Berufen dringend nötig hätten. Peinlich.

Anotherwords, take the vaccine at your own risk so AstraZeneca can make more billions. You can probably die but works real good lol I will help you manage any email account successfuly KINDLY DM ME NOW Putin's propagandist is ready to attack America with nuclear weapons ✅We don't want the AstraZeneca vaccines we bought to go to waste

I'm watching the EMA press conf re AstraZeneca. They had SEVENTEEN deaths from rare blood clot out of 34 MILLION vaccines in Europe/UK. 1 out of 2 million. So more likely than a shark attack. But still much safer than getting in a car. We need the numbers not panic. Fat people would disagree Mr. Top Drug Agency

O boicote não deu certo para a UE kkkkkkkk What? Y'all act like you're scared of a little blood clot! Give it to the English people then Is this mean the risk is in scientifically tolerable or acceptable range? So it wasn't a conspiracy by jealous European countries after all? Yeah tell that to the people that got blood clots

If you have a phone or pc ✅ i will show you how to make 500$ in 24 hours from your home... kindly inbox me now✅ keep inserting... Well Meth helps you lose weight but you might lose teeth. But EU's top drug agency finds its benefits still outweigh the risks. So, this vaccine are not safe. It may be the lesser evil for people over 65 but should not be given to young people.

Lol yeah jam this shit in your body or you're forced in your house. Great country What about this then? 😂 easy for you to say when you don’t have FactorFive or variant of...that runs in the family Ummmmmm LynseyB13096716 The risk is still fucking there. Thanks for putting Europeans at stake you jerks. Yeah, rare blood clots sounds fine to me.