Europe Eco-Travel: 20 European Cities Ranked Best Green Capitals 2022

Europe Eco-Travel: 20 European Cities Ranked Best Green Capitals 2022

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10/19/2021 7:37:00 AM

Europe Eco-Travel : 20 Europe an Cities Ranked Best Green Capitals 2022

Do you consider the “Green Credentials” of a place when planning a trip? These are the greenest cities in Europe according to Europe an Best Destinations, with Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, ranked #1

Paris, FranceWith restaurants that use local produce, organic food markets, responsible shops, green spaces, bike paths and pedestrian zones, Paris is constantly coming up with new ways to improve the environment and make the city a green tourism destination

For nearly two decades, Paris has been committed to becoming green with less energy-consuming housing for its most disadvantaged populations, traffic control, and many new green spaces such as the famous"Coulée Verte" which runs through part of the 12th arrondissement and enables walks through green spaces on an old disused railway line.

capital features legendary gardens that have seen queens and kings, courtiers and courtesans, rebellious students, lovers and broken hearts. The Parc des Buttes-Chaumont, Jardin des Tuileries, Jardin du Luxembourg, Parc Monceau and the"Coulée Verte René-Dumont" are on the must-see list.

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London, Great BritainLondonfor some is a pure city break destination and a destination for business trips, exhibitions and fairs.Although the British capital might not be the first to come to mind when thinking of green cities, it’s credited as one of the greenest due, among other reasons, to its drastic measures to fight pollution and its plans to become carbon-free within the next decade.

The city features many green spaces in the form of parks, nature reserves and wildlife habitats.The English, along with the French and the Japanese, invented their own style of gardens. English gardens developed in the 18th-century originated as a revolt against the architectural garden, which relied on rectilinear patterns, sculpture and the unnatural shaping of trees (unlike French gardens) and favors a countryside-like nature that represents an extension of the landscapes.

Richmond Park, created in the 17th century to accommodate still-numerous wild deer, is a favorite destination. It is the largest of London's Royal Parks and plays a vital role in the protection and conservation of wildlife.

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