EU citizens’ rights after Brexit

Worries about the future disturb EU citizens in Britain—and Brits in Europe

1/26/2020 11:59:00 PM

The Home Office's record of deporting Windrush immigrants is not reassuring for EU citizens in Britain

Worries about the future disturb EU citizens in Britain—and Brits in Europe

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Democrats to take Senate as Ossoff wins runoff, CNN projects

The Democratic Party will take control of Congress for the first time in a decade, after Democrats the Rev. Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff won their Senate runoffs in Georgia, CNN projected Wednesday.

If there is another ''Berlin'' wall, it is going to become a laughing stock of Europe. The problem is that Britain is fundamentally a frustrated, racist, imperialist society having a tantrum about its global impotence in the 21st century. in life no country is able to give iron clad guarantee that covers everybody It is just life

UK will set out EU trade objectives next month - Brexit secretaryBritain will set out more details about its objectives for a free trade deal wit... Abyss Street No 10 = renamed of Downing Street 10 Please form a orderly queue. Just get Brexit done!

EU plans more protectionist antitrust rules, data sharing in policy shake-upThe EU plans to adopt more protectionist antitrust rules and encourage businesse... Let’s hope that any infrastructure paid with our money, public money, is compelled to share data openly. smatrics_com As much as the EU is pocketed by China and the US, it’s good to see their regained awareness in safeguarding national interests, especially in terms of technology transfers. This is the only way to keep EU intact and avoid another exiting member like the UK. Great image!

Apple may be forced to ditch its Lightning charge cable due to new EU rulesOld chargers generate more than 51,000 metric tons of electronic waste per year. The EU wants one single charger that fits phones, tablets, e-books, and any other portable device to cut down on that waste. libs through ur phones away!! Hahahah 😂 lets see what they do Apple (specially Apple) doesn't approve this message. Fuck the EU

EU council head calls budget meeting for February 20European Council President Charles Michel on Saturday called a meeting of EU lea... Tighten those belts now the UK us no longer contributing Panicking like fuck more like when the Uk money stops rolling in That should be interesting when it finally sinks in they have to pay more. Happy Days

Brexit and the politics of somewhereNew Tory MPs make up 30% of the parliamentary party. Those with strong local roots are in the driving seat Economist now toeing the Tory line too. Dark times. Oh, shit, give us a break please please... We're still in the middle of the mess of the identity politics, and now this new stuff 😀

After Brexit-settling election, firms see business bounceAt Bruderer UK, a small firm selling metal-stamping machines from an industrial ... We need Warren!!! weneedwarren UK will dominate the region and the balance of EU will be on its heels. uh oh