Esper ‘needs to stay the hell at the Pentagon’: Lt. Gen. Honore on Trump military threat

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Lt. Gen. Honoré: “If he’s going to control the nuclear weapons, nuclear aircraft carriers, the submarines and 2 million people — the secretary of Defense needs to stay the hell at the Pentagon, and stay out the White House.”


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I wish General Honere was POTUS.


All Union Leaders of the Police Departments should be fired, and the Police Departments need to be overhauled. People are tired of all this corruption.🆘🆘

I don't recognize Mr. Honory's name. When was he part of the triad?



General remember when your, reserve, and national guard enforced martiallaw in New Orleans? I remember. Guess those folks didn’t deserve constitutional rights under you.

You wrong!

Ok yes it should it has no place in the White House

The Secretary of Defense does not “control” any of those things. The President of the United States does

There is your problem MSNBC a joke. Journalism died decades ago.

The control of the US Military sits with the President of the United States. You’d think a Lt. General would know that.


This guy-why!?

Pentagon does what the Comander in Chief tells them to do. dumb!

Except SECDEF dosen't control the nuclear weapons, nuclear subs, or nuclear carriers so... yeah.

Ugh. Hate to break it to you BUT secretary of Defense has no power over nuclear power, submarines and aircraft’s. Sorry

Lt General Honore obviously doesn’t have the slightest clue who controls nuclear weapons in this country. Very disturbing if not treasonous

Lol who is running this shit show that thinks they are reporting the news

Exactly what part of 'Commander in Chief' do you not understand?

Shouldn’t he know that’s NOT how that works.....he doesn’t control any of that.....

Everything is fine


Honore was terrific

This man is a hero. LISTEN TO HIM.

Secretary of Defense and Chairman ESPER NEEDS YO RESIGN .. Esper handled terrible RESIGN

Then that means he should stay out of the streets attacking protesters exercising their right to assemble.

Whoa. Trump is a huge risk to America, we all knew this for a long time, but someone up in D.C. needs to do something, his impeachment did nothing to check get who he is, removal was needed.

Esper's credibility is toast and he can only blame himself. Be better he leaves before he digs himself in deeper serving the man who sits in the oval office.

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United States Latest News, United States Headlines

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