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Escaped prisoner sends postcard to prison directors, 'greetings from Thailand'

Escaped prisoner sends postcard to prison directors, 'greetings from Thailand'


Escaped prisoner sends postcard to prison directors, 'greetings from Thailand'

After escaping from Belgium's Turnhout Prison in December, former inmate Oualid Sekkaki taunted the facility's directors by sending them a postcard gloating about his successful getaway.

Getting out of prison runs in Sekkaki's family. His older brother Ashraf is notorious for his daring escapes, which began in 2003 at Turnhout.The helicopter landed in the nearby town of Aalter, where the crew stole a car, robbed a service station and headed for the coast. Ashraf Sekkaki was recaptured in his native Morocco two weeks later.

Prison guards immediately passed Oualid Sekkaki's postcard on to police.

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UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson transferred to intensive care

Over 51,000 people in the United Kingdom have tested positive for COVID-19, including Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Prince Charles, heir to the British throne.

Good for him Andy Dufresne? 🐐 move

Key witness asks judge not to send Roger Stone to prisonThe key witness against President Trump’s former confidant and political mentor Roger Stone has written a highly unusual letter to a federal judge asking her not to sentence Stone to prison. Isikoff Roger stone was set up in a perjury trap just as Michael Flynn was. The two judges overseeing the trial R Hillary Clinton operatives and appointees of Bill Clinton. those judges should be brought up on charges. They should’ve recuse themselves. realDonaldTrump DOJPH

Michelle Carter, convicted in texting-suicide case, to be released for good behaviorCarter has been a 'model inmate' at the Bristol County House of Correction in Dartmouth, Massachusetts, a sheriff's spokesperson tells ABC News . How on earth does anybody tell someone to commit suicide her boyfriend is still dead. she should serve her entire sentence. after all, there is no denying he is still a model dead person. She deserves a chance to live her life. She paid the price, she deserves a second chance

Michelle Carter, convicted in texting-suicide case, released early for good behaviorJUST IN: Michelle Carter, the woman who sent texts to her boyfriend urging him to kill himself when they were both teenagers, has been released from prison early due to good behavior. Book and Movie deals, here we come! Good.

Mark Wahlberg Recruits Team to Seek Justice in 'Spenser Confidential' Trailer, Featuring Post MaloneMark Wahlberg seeks justice against the men that framed him and sent him to prison in the trailer for Netflix's 'Spenser Confidential.' You are a talent, a precious diamond is honed by Billboard, please cherish that, it's wonderful with your talent.

S. Korean military discharges country's first transgender soldierSouth Korea’s first known transgender soldier has been discharged for undergoing gender reassignment surgery. That makes no sense! Why not support the person That’s sad and a disturbing case of discrimination. He made the choice.

Greeting Cards Retailer Papyrus Files for Bankruptcy, Plans to Close StoresGreeting cards and stationery retailer Papyrus filed for bankruptcy with a plan to close all its stores in the U.S. and Canada after it was unable to find a buyer to keep its stores and sister outlets, American Greetings, Carlton Cards and Paper Destiny, in business. It’s hard to believe a greeting card store is still a thing. I hope they keep selling their products in other stores. Papyrus sells its cards at my local grocery store. Making a special trip to a different store isn't convenient. I've even bought cards from their online website.

Civil rights icon John Lewis endorses Joe Biden

Forbes Billionaires 2020

A mayor ordered police to crack down on social gatherings. They found his wife at a bar

Coronavirus live updates: New York death toll has largest single-day jump, Cuomo says

Stephanie Grisham out as White House press secretary

Boris Johnson is 'stable' in ICU amid questions about who's running the UK

An antibody test for the novel coronavirus will soon be available

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