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Escape to the Country's Jules Hudson makes candid comment on 'failure' in early career

Escape to the Country's Jules Hudson makes candid comment on 'failure' in early career

9/21/2021 2:16:00 AM

Escape to the Country's Jules Hudson makes candid comment on 'failure' in early career

BBC presenter Jules Hudson appeared on a recent podcast talking about his early career…

MORE: Escape to the Country's Jules Hudson reveals 'hard lesson' after being scammedThe broadcaster has become synonymous when it comes to countryside living, so much so that he's even been dubbed"Mr Countryside".But it seems that Jules didn't exactly have a smooth sailing start to his career. The presenter recently opened up about his early"failures", and how they resulted in his fall into work in television.

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Appearing on Escape to the Country co-star Nicki Chapman's podcast, Talking Success, Jules admitted one of his early failings was not doing well in his exams at school. Nicki asked him to name a failure or mistake that made him who he is today, which prompted his response:"Absolutely hashing up my A-Levels."

He added: "At the time it was personally upsetting, but you [pull] your socks up, you go 'Okay, where do we go from here?' and it took me in a direction that I could not have imagined and that I would not change.MORE: Nicki Chapman leaves fans gob-smacked with incredible new snaps

MORE: Greatest Escapes to the Country star Jules Hudson's army career revealedJules presents Escape to the CountryJules continued:"And I think it's about making the best of what you might think is an error. My mum always said to me, 'What is to be, will be'. And I also share that sense that certain things happen for a reason and just keep the faith and keeping on getting on."

However, it wasn't all bad for Jules. After school he went onto study Field Archaeology at university in Wales, before going on to undertake military training at the RMA in Sandhurst. Jules then went on to study for a master's degree in Archaeology at Durham University.

He began working in TV on historical programmes, before moving on to work on BBC's Escape to the Country. Jules then went back to his military training and was commissioned into the British Army with the Royal Monmouthshire Royal Engineers.  Read more: HELLO! »

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