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Ernie Hudson Heartbroken Over ‘Rust’ Shooting, Says He Can’t Watch ‘The Crow’

The iconic actor, who was in the Brandon Lee film, agrees with those who are calling for Hollywood to ban real guns from sets after the latest tragedy.

10/26/2021 6:19:00 AM

Ernie Hudson , who appeared in 'The Crow,' in which Brandon Lee was famously shot and killed while filming, agrees with those who are calling for Hollywood to ban real guns from sets after the death on Alec Baldwin 's ' Rust '

The iconic actor, who was in the Brandon Lee film, agrees with those who are calling for Hollywood to ban real guns from sets after the latest tragedy.

The iconicGhostbustersstar knows firsthand about the devastation left in the wake of such a tragedy as he appeared inThe Crow, the 1994 film in which Brandon Lee was fatally wounded.Hudson toldThe Hollywood Reporteron Monday he was heartbroken for Hutchins’ family and for Baldwin, who he has known for years after the pair worked on 1985’s

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Love on the Run“It just doesn’t make any sense,” Hudson tellsTHR. “It bought back a lot of memories of Brandon. We go on, we keep moving forward — but there is always that space in your life. You’re heartbroken. You have no control, but you still have to process it and how do you do that? I am just so heartbroken that anything like that can happen again.”

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Parents charged in Michigan school shooting returning to town, attorney says

The suspected gunman, 15-year-old Ethan Crumbley, allegedly used his father's semi-automatic handgun in Tuesday's shooting.

RUST Ban all firearms, guns, rifles, revolvers, etc. It only promotes & glorifies violence in our society. People learn & are influenced by what they see more than anything else. As a gun owner, I agree with Ernie's rationale for saying so. The 'good' prop gun replicas look and feel like the real thing.

🔫😳 How about just not putting live ammunition in them? Having real weapons on set is invaluable to ensure realism. Rubber weapons don't do it in all cases.

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Alec Baldwin Shooting on 'Rust,' Fatal Shot Struck Cinematographer in Chest Alec Baldwin was practicing a 'cross draw' -- pointing his gun at the camera -- when a live round struck the director in the shoulder and the cinematographer fatally in the chest ... this according to new court documents. I don’t remember this plot arc in Boss Baby why are you rehashing a week old stale story...... I hope the prop manager isn't the only one who is gonna be held responsible, Alec needs to atone for his sins as well.

Search warrant reveals grim details of 'Rust' shooting and Halyna Hutchins' final minutesBefore the revolver fired, Alec Baldwin was rehearsing how to point it toward the camera, says an affidavit laying out new details of the shooting.

‘Rust’ Shooting: Production on Alec Baldwin Movie to Wrap Until “Investigations Are Complete”The film's producers sent a letter to the crew that said the stoppage was a 'pause rather than an end,' on the same evening Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office sent out warrants for evidence and revealed a timeline of events of the incident. No one wants to see this movie They should do what’s best for them. That would shake up anybody. They broke for lunch between him being handed the gun and the accident? Am I reading that right?

'Inconsolable' Alec Baldwin 'cancels other projects' following fatal shootingThe actor was said to be 'hysterical' after he accidentally shot dead cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and injured director Joel Souza with a prop gun on Thursday on the set of the Western film DailyMirror The man will never be the same and will disappear from the public eye to look after his family. Lets hope he finds peace. DailyMirror I could just write down all the stupid things he said or he did like many other but that is just be insensitive toward the family that lost a love one. Sorber up... not your fault .

‘Rust’: Released Affidavit Reveals More Details About Fatal Shooting Accident – Read It Alec Baldwin “had been very careful” about the handling of guns used on the New Mexico set of Rust in the days and hours before he accidentally shot and killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and w…