Eric Trump’s Warning About Rudy Giuliani Taking Down ‘Dirtbags’ Backfires

'Careful what you wish for,' one Twitter user hit back at Donald Trump's son.

11/20/2020 11:05:00 AM

'Careful what you wish for,' one Twitter user hit back at Donald Trump's son.

'Careful what you wish for,' one Twitter user hit back at Donald Trump's son.

— thechocolatetarte (@chocolatetarte)Also took down his pants in Borat— Thom (@ohhithom)Agreed, he is doing a great job of taking down the Trump family.— Peter Curry (@peterlcurry)I hope so. P.S. One of them is your dad.— Extremely Over the MOON🌙 (@cestmoisal)

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Um....he misquoted my cousin Vinny and had hair dye running down his face, but.... You're right, what a formidable foe he is!— Suzanne Kilgallen 🇺🇲 (@suek81)Is Rudy taking Hell down or is Hell taking Rudy down??😂— Chipmunk Whisperer (@ChipmunkWhispe1)

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How fitting! Where did this boy learn to talk like that? Oh. I forgot he wasn't just another kid. He's a Trump kid. He’s too busy touching up his roots to take anything down! Except his pants! It’s all been very entertaining, jr. like how most of the government is promoting kidnapping and murder of parents who disagree to child prostitution?

Donald's tweeting Rossano Rubicondi launched into a furious rant about the first family, calling Ivana’s kids with Donald Trump “disgusting” and “stupid.” Ugh, dude looks just like his mother. “I just want this whole thing to be over with, one way or the other,” Ivana Trump, 71, tells PEOPLE. “I really don’t care.”

Do you not see what a detriment he is? You must not be seeing the same thing everyone else is seeing Giuliani's cover as a ludicrous buffoon was brilliant but now verges on the absurd. He will give the game away and Biden will lose one of his best assets. Talk about what goes around comes around. How 4 years of listening to Trump brag about winning the election and Democrats not excepting it. Now who's the big baby not excepting it.

Hunter first. I mean, fair is fair. Cocaine. It's a helluva drug. Voter fraud has clearly played a major part winning the US election. This was democrats devious plan all along. Coup. Democracy has ended in America. It is now controlled by globalist crooks. MSM propaganda are the real virus. ID and full transparency are essential for voting.