Eric Trump: Jan 6 panel should ask Pence this first

8/18/2022 5:22:00 AM

The Biden administration is lazy, and lacks strength, charisma, and fight, @EricTrump tells @ericbolling. 'And because of that, we're going to hell.' ➡

The Biden administration is lazy, and lacks strength, charisma, and fight, EricTrump tells ericbolling. 'And because of that, we're going to hell.' ➡

Eric Trump joins Eric Bolling on Newsmax to react to the primary loss of Rep. Liz Cheney, continued fallout from the FBI's raid of his father's home, plus fo...

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Trump Rejoins The Forbes 400 A Year After Falling Off The List

The former president is worth an estimated $3.2 billion, up from $2.5 billion a year ago. Read more >>

EricTrump ericbolling Newsmax is fascist propaganda EricTrump ericbolling But... they won. Brandon kicked his dad's ass so bad his dad almost let an angry mob kill his vp. That's two coups due to the reeling from Brandon's ass whooping. EricTrump ericbolling Don’t worry Eric, I am sure your daddy will write you from jail.

EricTrump ericbolling EricTrump ericbolling Bye Bye Eric The Slow. EricTrump ericbolling The coward that is Trump was a weak leader bent on making everyone bow to him. A strong leader does not worry about strong followers. Trump needed them to worship him, but a strong leader does not need worship from his followers. Trumps children are just as cowardly as he is!

EricTrump ericbolling False EricTrump ericbolling Really? Because they've been winning a lot lately - against significant adverse conditions. EricTrump ericbolling EricTrump ericbolling Eric-recognize your dad? EricTrump ericbolling Try again!

Eric Trump: Republican Party is now the Trump party'My father's really redefined what the party is,' the son of the former president told Newsmax. They're right wing, not Republican. No he has merely destroyed the Republican Party.

EricTrump ericbolling There are so many legal problems with the Trump organization, Weisellburg has done great harm to this family and that’s great EricTrump ericbolling To say the Biden Aministration lacks vim, vigor and any semblance of intelligenceis a clear case of elder abuse. Shame on you! EricTrump ericbolling Brandon sponsors Geritol.

The Trump Legal Defense Has a Donald Trump ProblemIf he can't even testify in a civil probe, how would he mount a defense in a criminal investigation? Hardly HIS problem now isn't it. He's paying (hopefully A LOT) to other people to have it be THIER problem for him. Review the Dershowitz tape. This whole scenario is a big waste of capital. It's an old English comedy, but it's not funny. TURNTHEANIMAL

The Daily Wire Hires Former Disney Exec as CMO (Exclusive)Eric Caballero joins the conservative media company from Disney's media and entertainment distribution group. Good news Good news 👍

Roger Stone: I was framedRoger Stone reacts to the treatment of Donald Trump by the FBI, the way they treated him and more - via Newsmax's Rob Schmitt Tonight Watch Newsmax on Direct... SchmittNYC Only one of these people who led terror attacks against the US has yet to be brought to justice. Hint: it’s the one with Kevin McCarthy’s lip prints on his ass. SchmittNYC Y'all a bunch of crooked people why don't all of you go to either to Russia, North Korea since y'all wanna be like them SchmittNYC

Eric Nam To Make Acting Debut In New Hollywood Psychological Thriller FilmEric Nam is set to make his acting debut in Hollywood! Eric Nam has been cast in the psychological thriller “Transplant” co-produced by Forest Whitaker, Nina Yang Bongiovi, and Jason Park. Jason Park also co-wrote the film alongside director David J. Lee. While the plot details of “Transplant” are unknown, Eric Nam will star as Omg yes HELL YEAH Yesss