Eric Swalwell Shares Recording Of Death Threat After Marjorie Taylor Greene Attack

The California Democratic slammed the extremist congresswoman for inciting violence and shared audio of a call threatening his children.

Marjorie Taylor Greene, Eric Swalwell

6/23/2022 6:18:00 AM

The California Democratic slammed the extremist congresswoman for inciting violence and shared audio of a call threatening his children.

The California Democratic slammed the extremist congresswoman for inciting violence and shared audio of a call threatening his children.

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Is Fang Fang upset? Sleep with Spy’s and you weren’t fired, why? She is a damn Bully! They don't open their eyes until things hit there doors. Sad. Total support for congress man Erick- we reject all kind of threats. A genuine trailer skank. Funny still crying.... MTG is a menace to society and should not be in office.

Can’t wait for Rs to take the majority. She’ll be on committees issuing subpoenas on Hunter Biden and the swamp. Swalwell will be off the Intel committee and can go back to Fang Fang. MTG and those like her are a Malignancy on Our Nation, Threat to our Democracy and Grab at Anything for Power. They must be voted out of office.

She’s bizarre. But, she has the support of her bizarre district, and other supporters with her bizarre way of thinking. Fortunately, there are some Republicans who are tiring of this bizarre behavior and are willing to stand up for normalcy. They should be removed from their seat !!! All involved should not sit in Congress or the house or any seat in America , those involved to overthrow America constitution

Almost-Believable Leaked Mark Meadows Texts“Hey, Mark, I’m sure u have a lot going on and I don’t know on these things but maybe we could do the essplosion from ‘Independence Day?’ Just throwing it out there.” newyorkerhumor Jesus this is actually concerning as hell. Literally direct reference to the brownshirts newyorkerhumor Anything on Steve Colberts texts

I am so confused. So. Is Marg pro life or not? Her actions do not line up with her words. She is definitely a unstable dangerous person Going after a person family means, They will do what it takes to protect them if someone try to harm them. That show she is crazy because normal people do not go this far. He should press charges

She is sick. RepSwalwell 😔so sorry that you and your family have been subjected to such vile abuses. 💔 I hope when accountability ✊⚖ takes center stage, we can get back to civility 💝🇺🇸Thank you for you service 🙏 Get your Chinese girlfriend to sick her Communist Gov’t on her. Hate to say it but the Democrats are far worse than the others

'The California Democratic slammed' apparently the author was Huffing and Puffing insteading of spell checking Marge doesn't care about Swallwells children! Unlike Tucker, you & I aren't good enough, worthy enough, rich enough to matter.

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The shape of MTG's head reminds me of a Neanderthal. Her behavior even more so. Guns and fighting and violence, the new GOP way of doing politics. 👏 I don’t think I’ve ever seen a media channel over use the word ‘extremist’ and sensationalise it as much as does. Very poor.

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