Eric Clapton Won't Perform at Venues Requiring Vaccines -- Calls Unvaccinated 'Discriminated'

'I wish to say that I will not perform on any stage where there is a discriminated audience present' (via @toofab)

7/23/2021 6:38:00 AM

'I wish to say that I will not perform on any stage where there is a discriminated audience present' (via toofab)

The rock icon made his declaration in response to British PM Boris Johnson announcing that vaccine passes would be required to enter nightclubs and other venues.

Eric Claptonis taking a stand for the unvaccinated. Read more: TMZ »

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TooFab Awesome TooFab Wow Eric Clapton is on the Trump train? That’s hilarious RIP Eric Clapton TooFab TooFab He needs all the audience he can get. Many of his fans have died of old age. TooFab I wish to say “you’re an idiot” TooFab Bye felicia! TooFab Well that's too bad. Now if I want to listen to Eric Clapton music I'll just have to rip songs from YouTube.

TooFab This man has issues. He needs to stay home retired TooFab You sound better on the radio anyway. TooFab Isn’t this the same man that went on a rant filled with racial slurs and vulgarity back in the 70’s? TooFab A ridiculous play to get a MAGA audience to buy tickets.

Eric Clapton Says He Won't Perform Where Vaccine Is Required, Gets Feedback'I reserve the right to cancel the show,' the 'Tears in Heaven' singer wrote in defiance of Boris Johnson's vaccination order. Whining in heaven. Even as a huge Eric Clapton fan st of my life…..I will NEVER attend a concert or buy anymore of his music….although I am fully aware that it will have little impact on him directly! Seariously? From such a loved, respected and otherwised thought of smart artist?

TooFab The same guy who shot heroin in his veins and sang about his love of cocaine won’t take a vaccine that is FDA approved + is saving millions of lives? He’s a legendary artist, but if he won’t play we always have his cd’s + videos from decades past. Smarten up Eric + get vaccinated TooFab So now discrimination is a problem?

TooFab 🤷🏾‍♀️🥱Wish they were this dedicated to VOTER DISCRIMINATION 🙄😒 TooFab Than don’t play. Who cares anyways… TooFab TooFab I always suspected his b&tchy soft whispering music was hiding an assh&le, the beard gave it away too. Never trust a mumbler whose comfortable with a groomed beard. TooFab Right on

TooFab Doesn't believe much in vaccines or closed windows. TooFab Who TooFab Is Sinatra opening?

Eric Clapton: Don't expect to see me at venues that ask audiences to be vaccinatedEric Clapton, one of rock's most vocal COVID-19 skeptics, says he reserves to right to cancel any show where vaccination becomes a condition of attendance. So if they require proof of vaccination, he’ll make sure no one can see the show. 🤔 Zzzzzz Clapton is a great guitarist-musician. But he’s wrong on this.

TooFab Eric, tells us that you’re retiring without telling us you’re retiring! TooFab Isn’t he a racist? TooFab Trying really hard not to make a cheeky tears in heaven quip TooFab Arrogant, irrelevant, over. TooFab Good! Saves me $$$ knowing his stance. TooFab You know what, Eric? You were always overrated. I saw you in LA when Ry Cooder opened for you, and Ry STOLE the show. You played your set standing there like a stump, you didn't smile, didn't interact, and I was bored stiff. I was done with you then and only more so now.

TooFab Then just retire now dude TooFab Good for him. Coercion is not informed consent TooFab Sti cazzi Eric.. ce ne faremo una ragione TooFab I 💘 EricClapton thank you

Eric Clapton Will Not Play Shows Where Proof of Vaccine Is RequiredMusician issued statement after U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson said vaccine passes would be required at clubs and venues A blow to lovers of incredibly boring music the world over… Eric who? Guess he’s cancelling all his French dates, lmao

TooFab Bye Felicia...✌🏽 TooFab So I guess he'll be scheduled at the next CPAC. TooFab Well good luck finding venues.... have fun playing in parks. TooFab His music doesn’t slap what so ever

Eric Clapton Says He Won’t Play Venues That Require Proof of VaccinationEric Clapton will not perform at venues that require proof of vaccination. “Following the PM’s announcement on Monday the 19th of July 2021, I feel honour bound to make an announcement of my own: I wish to say that I will not perform on any stage where there is a discriminated audience present. Unless there […] Near “the” or “a”? I have deleted any reference to Eric Clapton in my music files. Eric is dead to me. Who?

Eric Clapton won't play venues if they require vaccinationsThe news follows Prime Minister Boris Johnson's announcement that as restrictions on social gatherings lift, nightclubs must require guests to show a Covid Pass from the U.K.'s National Health Service. I don't respect his decision to allow myself to care whether he play or not. He is to me a huge has been if not of his selfish thought for others. Tears in Hell. Clapton's COVID Tour.

Eric Clapton Refuses to Play Shows That Require Vaccination ProofEric Clapton says he will not play any live shows that require attendees to show proof that they've received the COVID-19 vaccine. Hard pass on Clapton’s super spreader gigs. Now how am I suppose to see him? 'Oh wait...🤔 Who's this tool again?' 🤔😂😂💥