Business, Equinox: Trump Fundraiser Stephen Ross Doesn't Run Our Company - Cnn

Business, Equinox: Trump Fundraiser Stephen Ross Doesn't Run Our Company - Cnn

Equinox: Trump fundraiser Stephen Ross doesn't run our company

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“At the end of the day, it's difficult to disentangle your life…from people who own businesses that you patronize because you don't like their politics,” LA Times editorial board member Carla Hall says about Equinox investor Stephen Ross' Trump fundraiser

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It's not hard at all.Been boycotting Wal-Mart, chick fil a, home depot.....just to name a few, for years. My life is just fine. No need to boycott Shell because I never used their products anyway. Want change to happen...stop supporting shitty companies. No it isn’t. Its amazing simple, actually. You just have to put morality ahead of instant gratification.

I see this as a form of voter suppression. “If you don’t like/vote/support my point of view then I’m going to try to hurt you economically”. What’s next? Only Republicans can get internet? Only Democrats can get electricity? We are divided enough, everything isn’t about politics. Equinox difficult yes, impossible, no. I vote with my dollars everyday, and I do all I can to make certain I am not supporting any business or person who is supporting a man like DonaldTrump

Hillary cause this hateful divide when she refused to accept results of election and called the winners racist and deplorable. She said if Trump didn't accept results it would divide country and do irreparable damage, thus she knew exactly what she was doing. Hillary's legacy! Cmon latCarlaHall you live in LA. There are thousands of gyms. You can get a new one, easy. Expand your horizons, meet new people AND PROTEST THIS MADNESS!!! This is the simplest thing to do. Hit these people in their pockets.

Boycotting a place who has a different point of view than you is ridiculous You don’t buy a cheeseburger for it’s political views or use an exercise bike only because the owner is a democrat . Grow up and realise all people are allowed different opinions I feel sorry for liberals but it doesn't mean I would boycott their businesses! That would be MEAN! USA!

Not really. How difficult is it not to shop at Home Depot or not eat lunch at Chick Filet or not work out at Eqinox

Equinox gym makes $1 million donation to LGBT, cancer groups after fallout from Trump fundraiserThe luxury gym chain faced boycotts after Stephen Ross, chair of Equinox's parent company, held a high-price fundraiser for President Trump. How much did they give Trump But they still did the Trump fundraiser. Cowards giving into the mob...

Stephen Colbert: We don't know anything about Trump - CNN Video'Every so often...we have to pull over the car of our show, get out and just take a breath and go, 'where are we?'' comedian Stephen Colbert says of the Trump presidency. 'You have to remain shocked. ... You have to remind yourself that this is insane.' Get use to it. We still have 5 more beautiful years left. Just think so far he has sent you back 40 years. Guess what another 5 can do? He's just mad his sister ran in the South and she lost big time. Hi team Fredo!

Stephen Colbert Praises Petition That Trolls Trump TowerOn Thursday night Stephen Colbert started things off with a fun story on The Late Show with a story about a petition to rename the stretch of Fifth Avenue between 56th and 57th streets in New York …

Whoopsie: The “Protester” Trump Called Fat Is Actually a Trump SupporterTrump publicly mocked a supporter for having “a serious weight” problem last night, but the guy still thinks he’s “the best thing that ever happened to this country” TrumpsAnIDIOT TrumpIsDomesticTerrorism TRE45ON Enough Said. Has the man actually seen his own derrière lately? Pots and kettles spring unbidden to mind. Cult members.

Democrats torch Trump failures on rural digital divideSeveral presidential hopefuls are pledging tens of billions of dollars for high-speed internet access in rural America, seeking to seize on discontent among parts of Donald Trump's base. 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣We have our new internet from President Trump!!! SORRY LYING WARREN!!! One thing these folks know how to do is spend taxpayer dollars... In fact they have it down to a science and art form

‘Trump is exporting his bigotry’: AOC blasts Israel for banning Omar and TlaibLawmakers and activists on both sides of aisle blasted the Israeli government’s decision to bar Reps. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., and Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., from entering the country after Trump urged Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to do so. stableford You're a bunch of haters baby. stableford Nope. Israel has probably seen this video. To not ban entry to these woman in light of what this report shows would be the height of stupidity. -VJ stableford HuffPost RepAOC RepRashida Ilhan Those two anti-Semitic, bigots don't deserve to be allowed in Israel.

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