Jeffrey Epstein, Vol 55 Issue 28

Jeffrey Epstein, Vol 55 Issue 28

Epstein Attorneys Denounce Accusers For Trying To Ruin Career Of Successful Child Molester

Epstein Attorneys Denounce Accusers For Trying To Ruin Career Of Successful Child Molester


Epstein Attorneys Denounce Accusers For Trying To Ruin Career Of Successful Child Molester

NEW YORK—Saying claims against the billionaire hedge fund manager were a calculated hit job, Jeffrey Epstein ’s defense team declared Thursday that those who have accused him of sexually assaulting underage girls are merely seeking to tarnish the career of a talented child molester. “My client is one of the greatest pedophiles of all time, and these women are trying to take a wrecking ball to his legacy,” said attorney Reid Weingarten, who claimed that the testimonies made against Epstein by dozens of women, many of them underage at the time of their assault, were nothing more than an attempt to undermine the hard-working assailant’s contributions to the craft of child molestation. “Jeffrey built a sterling reputation for himself as a statutory rapist and sex trafficker, always using his connections to a vast network of powerful people to hide his crimes. Now his accusers want to take that away from him. They just can’t stand the fact that he’s up there with [convicted serial rapist Jerry] Sandusky as a true master of child sex abuse.” Weingarten went on to add that the accusers were most likely failed child molesters themselves who were just jealous of Epstein’s world-class achievements as a sexual predator.

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He looks like Anthony Bourdain’s evil pedophile twin. Poor taste There's funny then there's poor taste. Delete your Twitter. Once his legal troubles are over, he has offered to give back to the community by substituting for free at local middle schools. i hope this guy gets a death sentence Common You are stating facts. I expect you to satirize not state facts.

Not funny. Survivor kate_manne So, you've decided to stake a claim in the abandoned field of reporting true things which did happen? God there's a lot of rich and 'famous' creeps

The Jeffrey Epstein Case Was Cold, Until a Miami Herald Reporter Got Accusers to TalkJulie K. Brown, a Miami Herald reporter, explains why she dug in on her investigative reporting of Jeffery Epstein. “Sometimes a story deserves a new look.” She’s a hero! Tweet Tweet I wonder how many 'Journalists' had a Polaroid in Epstein's safe? 🤔

I thought you guys tweeted satire, not actual news? Epstein skipped breakfast this morning. Said he’d grab a little something on the way to work The guys gotta make a living somehow The numbers dont lie. Gotta try to beat that record.

New Jeffrey Epstein accuser: He raped me when I was 15NEW: Jennifer Araoz alleges to SavannahGuthrie that Jeffrey Epstein assaulted her and raped her when she was 15 years old; asserts that she was recruited outside her New York City high school to provide sexual massages to the financier. SavannahGuthrie Now wait can this be true CNN reported that this guy the Soccer star Blowjob Billy Clinton Stormy Daniels and Maxine waters was filming a Interracial porn four-way and that Omerosa has the film to prove it is this true? SavannahGuthrie tRUmpRapeMill SavannahGuthrie She had some very specific details, I suspect there are many more silent victims out there.

Accuser says Jeffrey Epstein raped her when she was 15One of Jeffrey Epstein &39;s accusers says he raped her at his New York home when she was 15. Jennifer Araoz (Uh-ROHS&39;) said Wednesday on NBC&39;s "Today" show she hasn&39;t spoken to authorities about her allegations against the wealthy financier because she feared retribution. Like Our president’s buddy... smh This guy is a scumbag. Luckily he is rich & white so he can continue to commit his crimes.

New Accuser Says Jeffrey Epstein Raped Her When She Was Just 15“I didn’t know if he would get angry or if I didn’t listen what the repercussions would have been,” says Jennifer Araoz. “So I kind of just followed. I was so young, so I didn’t know better.” WRALLena Oh were knew what was going on like the majority of teen's do 15? You know better Did he rape girls from within the community?

New accuser in Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking case says he raped her when she was 15A new accuser in the Jeffrey Epstein sex-trafficking case has come forward, NBC News reports, with 32-year-old Jennifer Araoz saying he raped her when she was 15 years old. Araoz tells NBC that she… ImpeachTrumpNow ImpeachTrumpNow If in any case this claims are true. Let him be convicted. We won't allow any person regardless of their status to assault girls! UN_Women womensmediacntr

New Jeffrey Epstein Accuser Says He Raped Her When She Was 15Jennifer Araoz, now 32, says billionaire Jeffrey Epstein recruited her outside of her Manhattan high school and raped her when she was 15. I believe her.

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