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England to relax quarantine rules for around 50 countries: minister

England to relax quarantine rules for around 50 countries: minister

7/3/2020 10:40:00 AM

England to relax quarantine rules for around 50 countries: minister

Quarantine rules for people arriving in England from around 50 countries will be lifted, transport minister Grant Shapps said on Friday.

Under the existing rules, travellers must self-isolate for 14 days on entering the country.Reporting by Guy Faulconbridge; writing by Costas Pitas; editing by Kate Holton Read more: Reuters Top News »

As Hiroshima bombing turns 75, a look at 6 changes to nuclear arms under Trump

On Aug. 6, 1945, the U.S. dropped an atomic bomb nicknamed 'Little Boy' over Hiroshima, Japan, instantly killing 70,000 people. By 1950, 200,000 died.

Let me understand you properly , granting the arrival in Britain of 50 countries plus the 10 colonies that you are maintaining overseas ? Weren’t you supposed to give up the colonies and just for curiosity does it include ; , the fiscal paradises in the Caribbean? Only works if the countries agree to accept it. The arrogance of it. “Green countries” with much lower R number will not want citizens from U.K. arriving at their airports

Insanity. Well that was a flash in the pan, wasn’t it? If you are going to include USA pls exempt my country if you planned to include us in your list. And you don’t have the list of that 50 counties in this news.... Not US though because we are winning a little toooooo much... Anticipating that the US isn’t on that list... and because the UK aren’t fully out of Europe... I’ll drag this out just one more time...

Didn't know England had the power to relax rules for 50 countries. Good for them. Why is England in charge of 50 countries? And remember guys, Stay control save alert the virus lives! Confirmed Cases, Deaths & Recoveries Great news!

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Cemetery in Iowa vandalized, 50 headstones knocked over'I was just sick to my stomach.' Dozens of headstones were found toppled over, and some destroyed, when staff at an Iowa cemetery arrived at work on Tuesday morning. Somehow cnn will say this is trumps fault! i wonder who could be behind this? N LOL what a joke of a movement BLM is.

Princess Diana's 50 Best Style Moments EverPrincess Diana would have turned 59 today. 💖

The 50 Greatest Bassists of All TimeFrom funk masters to prog prodigies and beyond, we count down the players who have shaped our idea of the low-end theory If McCartney isn’t number 1, hard pass It’s actually a decent list. Could add a few more P-Funk bassists. They were all great.

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