End-of-life conversations may be helpful to patients and families

End-of-life conversations may be helpful to patients and families

12/5/2021 1:47:00 PM

End-of-life conversations may be helpful to patients and families

Guided conversations with the terminally ill are popular with patients, families and doctors. But researchers are looking beneath the anecdotal appeal.

AdvertisementStory continues below advertisementPositive and negative results also may depend upon how studies measure “success.” Scott Irwin, a psychiatrist at Cedars-Sinai Cancer in Los Angeles, worked at a San Diego hospice thatintroduced dignity therapy

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in 2009.“It was absolutely worthwhile — no question,” Irwin says. “Not only did the patients love it, but the nurses loved it and got to know their patients better. It was sort of a transformative experience for patients and the care team.”Indeed,Wilkie’s literature review

reported “overwhelming acceptability, rare for any medical intervention.”In Portugal, family members of dying individuals have prompted Julião to develop new uses for the therapy. He and Chochinov first adapted the interview to be appropriate for adolescents. More recently, they created a posthumous therapy for surviving friends and family members. In a study of this survivor interview protocol, “we have wonderful, wonderful comments from people saying, ‘It’s like I’m here with him or with her,’ ” Julião says. headtopics.com

For all its appeal, few patients receive dignity therapy. Though the tool is well-known among clinicians and social workers who specialize in caring for seriously ill patients, it is not routinely available in the United States, Doka says.Advertisement

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Story continues below advertisementA primary barrier is time. The therapy is designed to last just one hour, but in Irwin’s experience at the hospice, patients were often too tired or pain-ridden to get through the entire interview in one session. On average, a therapist met with a patient four times. And the interview then had to be edited by someone trained to create a concise narrative that is true to the patient’s perspective and sensitive in dealing with any comments that might be painful for loved ones to read.

Julião says he transcribes each patient’s interview himself and edits it into the legacy document. He says he has enthusiastic responses from clinicians and social workers attending the lectures and workshops he has conducted. “But they don’t do it clinically because it’s hard for clinicians to dedicate so much time to this.”

Dignity therapy is most widely available in Winnipeg, its birthplace, where all clinicians at Cancer Care Manitoba, the organization that provides cancer services in the province, have been trained in the protocol. If a patient expresses interest, or a clinician thinks a patient might be interested, a referral is made to one of the therapists, among them Chochinov. headtopics.com

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AdvertisementStory continues below advertisementA few months ago, he spent about an hour with a dying woman. She told him about her proudest accomplishments and shared some guidance for her loved ones.A few days after he delivered a transcript of the conversation, the woman thanked him by email for their discussion and for the document that “will give my family something to treasure.”

“Dignity therapy is part of the bridge from here to there, from living my life fully to what remains at the end,” she wrote. “Thank you for helping me to tell this story.”

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