Emmy Raver-Lampman Finds a New Kind of Superpower in 'Umbrella Academy' Season 2

Emmy Raver-Lampman Finds a New Kind of Superpower in Umbrella Academy Season 2

8/5/2020 6:53:00 PM

Emmy Raver-Lampman Finds a New Kind of Superpower in Umbrella Academy Season 2

The actress behind Allison Hargreeves on her character's fight for equality and her own Sparrow Academy theory.

, and living in that moment. Because they had cast a Black woman to play Allison, you're going to be throwing her into the segregated South. That was an unavoidable conversation. The Civil Rights Movement is happening during that time, especially in Texas, and Allison’s going to come head-to-head with that. It was made very clear early on that all of us were interested in having her be an active part of that, and not just caught up by her surroundings and circumstances. What does that mean for her, because she is the only Black woman in the family? Her journey through the ‘60s is going to be very different from everybody else's. Is she going to be using her powers?

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Early on, there’s a really striking scene when the police come to the house to take her husband Raymond away, and a cop even points his gun at Allison. Can you take me through filming that?It's not difficult for me to imagine what that would be like. As an American Black woman and as a Black woman in general, I have experienced my fair share of racist remarks, microaggressions, discrimination, and unjust treatment. For my entire life, I have watched police brutality play out on the news and on the internet and especially now in this moment, in the wake of George Floyd. There's not much of a difference between the Civil Rights Movement and the Black Lives Matter movement; the only true difference is the amount of time between the two, but what is being fought is the same thing. A lot of my scenes for this season deal with social injustice and systemic racism, fighting that and dealing with police brutality—and just people fighting for their lives.

I did so much research to have a better understanding of the Civil Rights Movement and the voices and movers and shakers of that time. We are not taught enough in school about our own history. We're not taught enough about the harsh realities of the Black experience and the African-American experience. I wanted to do my due diligence, to really understand what it would have been like to live then, but I also can understand it because we are living with very similar treatment of people of color now.

Did you have any nerves about Allison’s storyline coming under scrutiny because of what’s been going on over the past couple of months?The nerves come from a place of wanting to be respectful, wanting to do right by all of the men and women who put their lives in jeopardy to end oppression and systemic racism. We're fighting this fight every day in brutal conditions and outright violence. The loss of Congressman Lewis a couple weeks ago really brought that home for me. That man dedicated his life’s work to the betterment of Black people and fighting violence. Ruby Bridges, who was the first Black child integrated into an all-white school, is only 65. [The show] is dealing with a time period that a lot of people like to think was a long time ago, but it is so important to understand that those struggles are still a reality.

At the end of the day, Netflix is a massive platform; millions and millions of people are going to watch the show, and that's not just people in this country—that's people all over the world who might not know anything about the Civil Rights Movement. A lot of young people watch the show, so I hope they can walk away with a better and a broader understanding. And maybe it opens up a window for communication with their parents.

It’s always great to see the Hargreeves siblings on a break from saving the world. There’s that one scene where Allison, Klaus (Robert Sheehan), and Vanya (Ellen Page) get a little tipsy while hanging at the hair salon. What was filming like?As a cast, we all [play] off each other so well. For that scene specifically, Robert, Ellen, and I were actually taught a completely choreographed dance number. We were supposed to get tipsy, then the song would come on and we were supposed to dance. We did the scene and were joking around and improvising, [and] we [realized] that to suddenly bust into a choreographed number felt laborious and out of touch. Our director, Tom [Verica] was like, “Let’s scrap it, you guys are having such a good time enjoying each other. Just turn on the music and let’s see what happens.” So that whole scene ended up improvised, with Tom on the other side of the camera yelling out ‘60s dance moves: “Do the twist! Now do the jive!”

CHRISTOS KALOHORIDIS/NETFLIXbig twist at the end of this seasonis that the Umbrella Academy returns to their original timeline but something’s off: There’s the Sparrow Academy instead. In this alternate universe, who do you envision as your counterpart?

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Oh man, I wonder what Sparrow Number Three would be. Allison’s inner struggle is always that she has been encouraged to take the easy way because of her power, and always has. She never really has to work hard for anything. She's a starlet—is that because she’s actually a good actress, or is that because she rumored it to happen? She has all the fame and money, she was the poster child when they were growing up, so what she actually earned is debatable. Allison’s relationship with her power is tricky because it's always a little askew. It's not always permanent and there's this roundabout way of getting to the thing she wants. For her specifically, it'd be really interesting to meet a character who's fully realized and has a full understanding of her power, and is genuinely all those things we question about Allison.

Going back to the ’60s, we get to see Allison’s style switched up. What was that like? Read more: ELLE Magazine (US) »

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'Umbrella Academy': Emmy Raver-Lampman on Season 2's Protest EpisodeActress Emmy Raver-Lampman and director Stephen Surjik break down the episode about a civil rights protest and police brutality.

The Women Of The Umbrella Academy Shine A Light On America's Prejudiced PastFor The UmbrellaAcademy stars EllenPage and emmyraver, Season 2 of their new netflix show was deeply personal– both for their characters and who they are as women EllenPage emmyraver netflix love the show can’t wait for the next season ladies. the ending was crazy 😝 but awesome 👏. stay safe you’ll be missed till we see you on our screen next time. EllenPage emmyraver netflix BLACK_LIVES_MATTER 🙏 LGBTQ+ 🏳️‍🌈 EllenPage emmyraver

'Umbrella Academy': Inside Season 2's Powerful Protest EpisodeActress Emmy Raver-Lampman and director Stephen Surjik break down the episode about a civil rights protest and police brutality. UmbrellaAcad emmyraver UmbrellaAcad emmyraver ZimbabweanLivesMatter Please help us to reach the international community. We need help in our country GerardWayST UmbrellaAcad emmyraver 🖤