Emma Bunton didn't realise this symptom was perimenopause

6/27/2022 7:20:00 PM

'It's been a very weird time'

Emma Bunton didn't realise this symptom was perimenopause

'It's been a very weird time'

Going for Goal podcast back in February, the 47-year-old TV presenter said she found out her hormone levels had dropped dramatically after a doctor requested she take a blood test last year.: Brain fog, mood issues and memory training.cleaning :"When I experience a little bit of chatter, I will do something very uncharacteristic of me—I will organize and clean," Kross explains.back in 2009 and later separated in 2018.

Logan said she hadn't been 'feeling like the best version' of herself for a few months prior to the test – often finding herself falling asleep at 3pm.Ken Jack 'It's such a steady kind of feeling, that you don't notice almost that your energy might have dropped off,' she said, adding: 'I went and had my bloods done for the first time, in terms of hormone checking, and basically, I’m probably never going to have a period again, so I’m almost through that part of my life, because I’d had IVF, she [the doctor] explained the menopause can come earlier, and I also didn’t know that.And when you’re already feeling a bit emotional, this lack of creativity can have a big effect on your mental health.' For information on perimenopause and menopause visit the." In other words: You might not be able to control a negative event in your life, but you can control the clutter in your home.

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