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Emboldened, Trump defends right to interfere in criminal cases

U.S. President Donald Trump on Friday said he has 'the legal right' to...


President Trump said he has ‘the legal right’ to interfere in criminal cases, a day after the Attorney General William Barr rebuked him

U.S. President Donald Trump on Friday said he has 'the legal right' to...

Mark Hosenball 6 Min Read WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump on Friday said he has “the legal right” to interfere in criminal cases, capping a tumultuous week that raised questions about whether he is eroding the independence of the U.S. legal system. FILE PHOTO: U.S. President Donald Trump listens to questions while meeting with Ecuador's President Lenin Moreno in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, U.S., February 12, 2020. REUTERS/Tom Brenner/File Photo Trump’s criticism of the judge, jury and prosecutors in the criminal case of his longtime adviser Roger Stone prompted an unusual rebuke from Attorney General William Barr, his top law enforcement official and has spurred new demands for investigation from the Democrats who unsuccessfully tried to remove the Republican president from office. It is the latest in a string of aggressive actions by Trump since the Republican-controlled Senate acquitted him of impeachment charges last week. Trump has transferred or fired government officials who testified about his efforts to pressure Ukraine to investigate a potential political rival in November’s presidential election. He also dropped his nomination of former U.S. Attorney Jessie Liu, who oversaw the Stone case, for another government post in the Treasury Department. Sources close to the president said Trump has a greater sense of freedom in the wake of his Senate acquittal. “You have to remember, he’s not ‘of’ government. He gets frustrated when people tell him something can’t get done. He’s like: ‘Just get it done,’” said one administration official who spoke on condition of anonymity. Barr said on Thursday that Trump’s attacks made it “impossible” for him to do his job leading the Justice Department, telling ABC News in an interview: “It’s time to stop the tweeting.” Trump “has never asked me to do anything in a criminal case,” Barr added. The president responded on Friday morning. “This doesn’t mean that I do not have, as President, the legal right to do so, I do, but I have so far chosen not to!” he wrote on Twitter. Administration officials said Barr did not clear his remarks with Trump. They said Trump shrugged them off when told about them by aides. ‘FARTHER THAN NIXON’ Trump’s insistence that he has the right to interfere in criminal cases runs counter to the practice of previous U.S. presidents, who have generally kept an arms-length distance from the Justice Department since the Watergate scandal of the 1970s that led then-President Richard Nixon to resign from office. “Trump goes farther than Nixon, though. He’s proud to openly corrupt the justice system and use it to target his enemies and protect his friends,” Democratic Senator Ron Wyden said in a prepared statement. Trump’s running commentary on the Stone case calls into question whether Barr can oversee U.S. law enforcement in an independent manner, said Bruce Green, a former federal prosecutor who now teaches at Fordham School of Law. “Given the sequence of events, it’s doubtful that Barr’s effort to distance himself from the President’s tweets will be enough of a cure. He’ll have to keep working to rebuild public confidence,” Green told Reuters. Barr has been an outspoken defender of the president and has aggressively sought to implement his agenda, frequently drawing charges from Democrats and former Justice Department officials that he is politicizing the rule of law. The Justice Department on Tuesday asked for a lighter sentence for Stone, scaling back prosecutors’ initial request that he serve 7 to 9 years after being found guilty of lying to Congress, obstruction and witness tampering. That prompted all four prosecutors to resign from the case in apparent protest. Barr has also ordered an investigation into the Obama administration’s activities in 2016 as it examined possible ties between Moscow and the Trump campaign, and has gone after states and cities that have defied his hard-line immigration policies. Barr’s Justice Department sought to quash the whistleblower complaint about Trump’s effort to pressure Ukraine to investigate former Democratic Vice President Joe Biden, which led to the president’s impeachment. He confirmed earlier this week that the department is taking evidence from Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, who has been seeking information in Ukraine about Biden. Democrats who control the House of Representatives called for Barr to testify next month over the matter and asked the department’s watchdog to investigate but have little other recourse. Like Barr, Trump’s Republican allies in Congress have said they wish he would be less outspoken on Twitter, even as they have consistently defended his actions. The Senate on Thursday sought to impose some restrictions on Trump, voting to limit his ability to wage war with Iran and questioning whether one of his nominees is qualified to serve on the board of the Federal Reserve. Meanwhile, the president has moved to rebuild his staff with those he sees as loyalists, including former communication director Hope Hicks, who worked closely with Trump in his business before serving as his 2016 campaign press secretary. He also rehired his former personal assistant Johnny McEntee to lead his personnel office, who sources say will be tasked with ensuring that new hires are loyal to the president. Trump is about to launch a week of re-election activities, starting with a fundraising dinner on Saturday at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida. On Sunday, he will seek to appeal to blue-collar voters by attending the Daytona 500 NASCAR race, where he will be named the grand marshal, the first president to have that distinction. On Tuesday he goes on a three-day swing through California, Nevada, Arizona and Colorado. Additional reporting by Susan Heavey and Sarah N. Lynch; Editing by Andy Sullivan and Alistair Bell Our Standards: Read more: Reuters Top News

AG’s job i as not to rig the courts. Barr should be impeached. FreeGeneralFlynn Can't be guilty for something that never actually happened. Russiagate now a proven hoax. Could they make themselves look any more blatantly corrupt? This guy is as criminal as they come. Obama warned trump. That's why all this fuss to make it appear that he's being unjustly punished. Are we corrupt enough yet?

lock him up Why St. Louis? Is there something unique about this person? Barr is the ultimate tool. Such a pathetic man. DBChirpy there are already people in place who do that. Sounds like Barr is looking to serve Dictator Don not USA. Who is this “top federal prosecutor”? Who appointed or hired? An unbiased special prosecutor would provide assurance of objectivity & truthfulness. Based on behaviors in this administration, it’s another suspicious “yes man”

Dems struggle to counter an emboldened TrumpDuh. The Democratic establishment is feckless and incapable of dealing with Trump. Of course. 😒 We have to think of how to navigate these next several months until the election

This is political corruption of the justice system. All these traitors need a good court martial And why does the Flynn case need to be reviewed? What other cases are being reviewed at Mr. Barr's request? Barr has to be removed. He's a Criminal running the Justice Dept. Corrupt! Why? They can’t stop. They just can’t stop the political interference in judicial prosecutions. If Obama did this, Republicans would have gone supernova.

Trump is always going around claiming witch hunts. He seems to have a knack for 'em too! Banana Republicans.

An emboldened Trump is 'unleashed and furious' after impeachment.AshleyRParker says following his acquittal in the impeachment trial, President Trump 'feels vindicated. He's told associates he's emboldened, he is unleashed, he is furious, but he is also impeached.' AshleyRParker AshleyRParker .....and winning! AshleyRParker Still impeached.

Glad to see the Federal Government has so much extra time on their hands. CorruptGOP Mob lawyer to do mafiaso things Nothing to see here folks. Just Bill Barr helping one of Trump!s thugs avoid justice. The importance of high democratic voter turnout for the 2020 election CANNOT be overstated! Thank you.

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Wtf Every former person attached to trump is in trouble Why Attorney General Cardinal Wolsey. Things are going to work out about as well for Bill Barr as they did for the butcher’s son.

Donald Trump loosens America’s restrictions on landminesThe Pentagon says it will only produce and use landmines which can self-destruct, but experts are sceptical only produce and use landmines which can self-destruct Is that not what a fucking landmine already is? Land mines are unethical. Kills and maims the innocent long after the wars have ended. Disgusting to even consider it. Self-destruction is not guaranteed. Dead kids in the future are with land mines. Once upon a time we developed weapons to win wars, not avoid offending the sensibilities of the Whole Foods crowd. You have to kill people to win wars.

Another day of crimeing in the US Wouldn't it be funny if the prosecutor then comes back, after a time, and recommends that unnamed Individual 1 should also be charged... Reviewing a guilty plea, seems a bit pointless but then ..,. Pled guilty. What's to review? Trump should have the guts to pardon his buddy.

Does anyone think Eric Holder worked independently from Obama In fact, even Holder stated he wore “ Two hats”! More hypocrisy from the Dems. Pelosi stop whining. Who was JFK’s. AG? Yep, his brother Bobby. Does anyone think Bobby didn’t work for his brother and coordinated Dems biggest hypocrites. It’s laughable

Trump is right. He CAN and he MIGHT. Presidents are the Chief Executives and under the US Constitution have that right and many have done it. Dems are hypocrites. I.e., FDR ordered DOJ execute saboteurs .... Of coursssssssseeeeeee!!!! How emboldened and untouchable he must feel with 0, zip, zilch checks and balances on his criminal activity!!!!

President Trump Isn't Going to Like Axl Rose's First Tweet of the YearAxl Rose broke his Twitter silence for the first time this year and something tells us President Trump isn't going to be thrilled about it. On Tuesday (Feb. 11), the Guns N' Roses frontman tweeted out a caption-less photo of a man wearing a blue hat enscribed with 'MAKE THE WHITE HOUSE GREAT AGAIN.' Tell Axl get in the studio, and Trump will KeepAmericaGreat2020 AXL who He probably cares as much as we do.😁😉🙃

Nice play on words but you are mixing things up. He has a right to manage the Executive, which has a bunch of creepy people imbedded and acting like political hacks. You try to use the word “interfere” to create what narrative? And for who? You are hacks and can fuck off. So, SpeakerPelosi does not care if a law is being disregarded or that an unjust manhunt occurred. Just throw the Constitution and personal civil rights out the window.

will someone just ask pelosi if she’d be the better president? or ask her go on record to say pence is better fit. shut up already. it’s sanders versus trump in 2020. hillary isn’t there to screw this up! davidfrum One of the detrimental effects of crack is ED (Ethical Dysfunction). The US Constitution provides a remedy for this ailment by the checks of congressional and judicial branches of government. Congressional oversite and judicial independence can be the ‘blue’ pill therapy.

Nancy is nothing but a slug TheBaxterBean 'love' the disrespect he shows in how he waits, and then does some shoddy salute... this man is unworthy of the believers....but it takes being a believer in order to tolerate this boorish, country destroying fool. Whe a politician’s don’t like what they are seeing they are commonly used the word abuse but the reality is a king of a nation must also exercise his or her power like every body else so to my view he or she must exercise their Power otherwise he or she is not a LEADER of any

Pelosi is increasingly showing mental problems, any psychiatrist should be able to make a diagnosis just by watching and hearing her on TV. A stark raving lunatic. Or she could have been bitten by a rabid animal.

Carlyle's David Rubenstein says Bernie Sanders isn't a strong enough threat to unseat Donald Trump'The history of New Hampshire picking people who go on to be president of the United States, at least for the last half-century, hasn't been wonderful,' David Rubenstein told CNBC. No shit? Bernie will lose in the biggest landslide since McGovern.

Your AGENDA is Showing! POTUS is the Chief Law Enforsement Officer..... He can & may speak to any justice issue ! davidfrum And In other news: The Justice Dept. announces the arrest of every American who voted for Hillary Clinton for voter fraud. Yawn. Impeach him again. Trump has over stepped the mark!

Why not try to impeach him then, SpeakerPelosi? LOL Left..................vs................right Pelosi is toast! TDS is real! Another wasteful impeachment is imminent. Pelosi needs serious help for her TDS.

Iran does not care whether Donald Trump wins the 2020 election'We are not naive,' an Iranian official told Newsweek, expressing skepticism that even a Democratic victory over President Donald Trump would ease tensions between Washington and Tehran. Oh it should. Everyone should.

This is the same lady who pushed the Mueller investigation? Go get'em SpeakerPelosi Blah Blah Blah with the senate at his back hes gonna get away with everything. If politicians in this country really cared at this point they would do EVERYTHING in their power to make sure it doesn't happen again. So at this point we will see.

Nancy does not get tired of talking shit, The president has the right as a citizen to give his opinion, If it is so important for her not to interfere because they have been inventing crimes for three years to try to change the decision of the people, That is true interference davidfrum First Roger Stone. Now Mike Flynn. Next it will be Paul Manafort. Just you wait. TrumpCrimeSyndicate BillBarrIsCorrupt

Reuters: Has she forgot about bogus Russian Investigation how she threatened The UK with a no-trade deal or how the Democrats have been bad-mouthing President, and have done all they can to undermine him also letting Hillary Clinton off, others ' prosecuted Jesus Christ Nancy, Barr has already said Trump asked him nothing. Just like Zelensky said trump asked him nothing. Get over your TDS, please!

davidfrum Barr is telling Trump that what he's doing is impeachable. 'Chief Law Enforcement Officer' apparently doesn't make your headline either. This type of reporting only fuels ignorance. Please stop!

“This is more hyperbole from our Gov officials, who again have no facts,just assumptions and guesses they will continue to use to play politics, who should really be getting back to work”. Didn’t know that freedom of speech was intended for Democrats only. davidfrum No one cares anymore what Cruella aka SpeakerPelosi 's opionion is. She has already shown her true colors to the world.

Cannot trust trump!!! The speaker is a “racist” ...when language is that strong on your own team? You may want to calm your rhetoric, and use legal means. The good thing about the president is it’s not A secret! Here we go again! He never really paused . But he keeps getting away with it. Except for the Impeachment but that was only one of hundreds.

The president sees injustice and does something about it. That’s a good thing she’s not wrong Can we impeach twice?

Yeah, what you gonna do about it? Yeah.... no one really gives two shits about what she says. The headline is really bad. Anyone with any sense knows that “the president doesn’t actually talk to cabinet members”’s all done through subordinates and electronic messages...but the message gets transmitted...slight of hand, under the table, a wink and a nod...

This potus needs to be quiet for awhile. Totally dilusional Donnie fats GOPlies GOPComplicitTraitors GOPCorruption GOPCorruptionOverCountry GOPCowards to him, legal right = cant be held accountable says the man that knows NO laws

Fascist He has no such right and he should be removed from office just for saying he does ! What we're witnessing the behavior character and actions of the making of a Tyrant. Sad to say. Americans have a wannabe dictator as their leader, and their system can't do anything about. Tell me again how 'America is the greatest democracy in the world'

does realDonaldTrump have or have not any legal rights to interfere in the USA legal system? Checks and balances are applied primarily in constitutional governments. They are of fundamental importance in tripartite governments. No matter what anyone thinks, we do need Checks and balances. Keep America Great!!!

Notice to ALL!!!!! FACT: Tump Impeachment 2.0 is just around the corner... Corrupt, dirty Democrats continue non-stop making legal & political mountains out of mole hills in a uniformly partisan, seditious, bad faith effort to undermine our election politics & AmericansFirst Rule of Law. Everything this defunct Dem Party & apparatchiks say & do is EVIL

trump id way overstepping his bounds and bordering on treansonory actions as usual will be glad when he is no longer the president of the us WAKEUPAMERICATRUMPNEEDSTOGO Just saying Of course he does...he can shoot someone in the middle of Broadway if he wanted. He's the President he has a legal right to anything. Thanks senatemajldr you are doing a great job!

VOTEBLUE Get this bag of wind out of the WH. How the hell would he know? He neither knows nor cares about the law. Or for that matter, rights. What will it take for the Senate to defend the Constitution? Interfering in the courts is not a presidential power nor executive right. CarnivalBarkerClown He doesn't need to interfere. He can let the case go all the way, and then pardon Stone if he wants to. Fake news.

Fake misleading news. As usual. Losers. They cover each other. HouseGOP See the monster you created. Boris Johnson has cancelled his planned trip to the White House after Trump slammed the phone down on him in a moment of 'apoplectic' fury Rt Hon Boris Johnson is wise to cancel his visit to President Donald Trump as he tried to bully Boris. Keep away!

chemdocmommy Not if the purpose is corrupt. To obstruct investigations into his inner circle or to aid himself politically. Which, FWIW, is all he is interested in doing. This isn’t hard. JackiePressley2 And we have the legal right to send him packing! Vote blue! childish fantasies... ImpeachTrumpAgainAndRemove ImpeachBarr VoteBlueNoMatterWho2020 VoteBlueToSaveAmerica

Might as well spit on the Constitution with every 'salute'. Dear Donald, no, you don’t. Please resign. impeached4life

Mans an idiot Rich people helping rich people; and the rest of us suffer. The SenateGOP traitors lead by senatemajldr have created a despot out of realDonaldTrump. The tweet in question here doesn't even surprise me: 'When the president does it, that means that it is not illegal.' How much longer before this tinpot dictator declares that he is the state?

There was no 'rebuke'! You're killing me, ! Justice is not blind in the USA

Trump is a measure of how far we’ve fallen, and it can definitely get worse I can only imagine what he says behind close doors... Trump is a disgrace!! Syria Si, pero no lo hecho.... porque no titula completo? Lol, i mean at this point the law doesn't matter, so he can basically do whatever the fuck he wants. Americans 100% own this. Apathetic cowards.

Doesn’t really matter if he has the ‘legal right’ or not. If he does it with corrupt intent (which in this case is rather obvious; also valid for the Ukraine ‘quid pro quo’), it’s abuse of power. And that in turn is impeachable. So there’s that. He's the president he can do what ever he wants. For anyone that likes truth and facts, he literally did NOT say what this headline says.

It's a bit more complex than that. Bill OReilly explained it really well on his youtube channel. Smart man.

Uh, who’s gonna tell him? Certainly won’t be the GOP KyleSGibson Lol, i mean at this point the law doesn't matter, so he can basically do whatever the fuck he wants. American's 100% own this. Apathetic cowards. I would love to make some kind of snarky comment to Trump's idiocy... But I just can't anymore... I'm too stunned.

He's the chief executive of the country and the DOJ falls under his jurisdiction. He's right. trump is a thug and a fake successful businessman. Such disdain with that salute. He respects no one. FakeNews 🚨 Alert Fascism tRumpIsGuilty Coverup . . Throw These Bums, OUT!!!... . ‘Make America Great Again’ - . VOTE BLUE. . .


Rico e retardado, ninguém segura sua megalomania.

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