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Embattled at Home, Trump Finds Himself Isolated Abroad, Too

After years of snubs and American unilateralism, European allies have stopped looking to the president for leadership, and are turning their backs on him.

6/3/2020 10:20:00 AM

With American cities burning and the coronavirus still raging, killing more people than in any other country, President Trump also has growing problems overseas. He has never before been so isolated and ignored, even mocked.

After years of snubs and American unilateralism, European allies have stopped looking to the president for leadership, and are turning their backs on him.

, in which the two men discussed the virus, trade and “progress toward convening the G7,” the White House said.Mr. Trump invited Mr. Putin to the meeting, according to the Kremlin. But if it happens at all, there are doubts that Mr. Putin would accept being invited solely as a guest, having been kicked out of the club for his annexation of Crimea and support for insurrection in eastern Ukraine.

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Mr. Trump also called President Jair Bolsonaro, the hard-right leader of Brazil, on Monday.ImageA pro-Russian crowd during a rally outside a Ukrainian military base in Crimea in 2014, the year Russia annexed the region.Credit...Sergey Ponomarev for The New York Times

“It all shows just how out of touch Trump is with allies,” said Julianne Smith, a former Obama official now with the German Marshall Fund in Washington. “This is a man isolated at home and abroad. He is trying to find friends in other places, knowing that relations with traditional allies are bad. But there are serious strains even with the authoritarians he admires, like Xi Jinping and even Putin.”

Mr. Trump “continues to believe allies can be abused and mistreated and that he can order them around and at the same time count on them,” Ms. Smith said. “He doesn’t understand that while the U.S. is powerful, it doesn’t always call the shots.”Ms. Merkel’s refusal to come to Washington “says a lot about how fed up multiple leaders are around the world, who have seen how little return they’ve gotten on the investments they made into a relationship with Trump,” she said.

With the virus and the riots, she added, “now there is a sense of America’s weaknesses being exposed, and a feeling that the emperor has no clothes.”The threads unraveled quickly. As late as last Thursday, European and American officials say, Mr. Trump’s plans for a Group of 7 summit meeting in Washington were being negotiated with member countries and looked likely to go ahead. Then, on Friday, Mr. Trump suddenly announced that he was pulling the United States out of the World Health Organization, more than two weeks before his own stated deadline for the decision.

As so often in the past, on issues like unilateral American withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal or the Paris climate accord or the Open Skies treaty or the sudden ban on air travel from Europe, Mr. Trump ignored the views of allies or did not consult them at all.

The W.H.O. decision was a surprise to allies, and Ms. Merkel quickly said that she would not attend the proposed summit meeting.ImageMr. Trump and Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany at the Group of 7 meeting in Biarritz, France last year.Credit...Erin Schaff/The New York Times

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Since then, both Prime Minister Boris Johnson of Britain and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada have come out publicly against bringing Russia back into the Group of 7.“For the British and Canadians to say no publicly is highly unusual,” given their closeness to the United States, said Carl Bildt, the former Swedish prime minister. “They might disagree in private, but I would have thought they’d be the last to take issue publicly with him on something he cares about.”

As for Ms. Merkel, he said, given the lack of preparation, “the Germans suspected it was just a photo op with Trump in the White House.”Despite allied concerns, the Group of 7 matters, and plans for the meeting were going ahead given a general desire to come up with strong positions on Hong Kong and to try to influence Washington’s policies on the virus, said Thomas Wright of the Brookings Institution.

ImageRiot police officers clashing with protesters at Central in Hong Kong last week.Credit...Lam Yik Fei for The New York TimesBut after the W.H.O. announcement, Ms. Merkel decided that “if you’re going unilateral, I’m not going to be there to support you,” Mr. Wright said. “The allies all think he’s all over the place and they’ll try to avoid him.”

Ulrich Speck, a German analyst, said that “Merkel has given up any pretensions that she as a German chancellor has to work with an American president no matter who it is.” Ms. Merkel is a multilateralist in her soul, Mr. Speck said, “and she’s been hurt by him often, they don’t get along and they disagree on many policies,” including open confrontation with China.

Ms. Merkel remains committed to European engagement with Beijing. With Germany taking over the European Union presidency next month, she is trying to strike a European investment deal with China and wants to preserve an E.U.-China summit scheduled for Leipzig in the autumn.

“The G7 is a Trump show, with no negotiation,” Mr. Speck added. “The old G7 is gone. For Trump it’s not multilateral in spirit but unilateral, just a meeting to serve one purpose — his re-election.”President Emmanuel Macron of France has a more traditional French view, especially toward building an improved relationship with Russia, despite Crimea, given its proximity to the European Union, said Thomas Gomart, director of the French Institute of International Relations.

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“In France toward Trump is a mix of sadness and anger,” Mr. Gomart said. “Our main ally refused to exercise leadership during the corona crisis and is every day more provocative toward its allies and is creating divisions that are very actively exploited by China.”

ImagePresident Emmanuel Macron of France and Mr. Trump at the G7 summit in France last year.Credit...Erin Schaff/The New York TimesAfter nearly four years, Mr. Trump has no diplomatic accomplishments, Mr. Gomart said, listing failures on North Korea, the Middle East, a deterioration of relations with China and no improvement of relations with Russia. Instead, Mr. Macron believes that Mr. Trump has damaged European security through his unilateral abandonment of the Iran nuclear deal as well as nearly every arms control agreement with Russia.

“Macron to his credit has at least tried with Trump,” said William Drozdiak, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution who has just publisheda bookon Mr. Macron, based on a series of interviews with him, called “The Last President of Europe.” But he is not trying so hard now.

To have “an American leader rejecting all these international institutions and agreements is outrageous for Europeans like Merkel and Macron who have multilateralism in their DNA,” he said.Ms. Merkel has traditionally avoided trips to the United States after April in presidential election years, Mr. Drozdiak noted. “She knows that any event, Trump will spin as if the others are implicitly endorsing him, and that’s the last thing she wants to do.”

She was so uncomfortable, Mr. Drozdiak said, that she told Mr. Macron, “Be my guest, be the interlocutor, I don’t want to be in the room with the guy.” Read more: The New York Times »

Trump IS.. the problemo..!! International watchers do not fear Trump even tho he is a international bully. He can bully his citizens as long as they allow him to. It is time Americans stand up and be counted en mass against Trump. He can't order the destruction of his own people. Or can he, will he? You, president Donald Trump, are the greatest ever president in the history of USA. All the Vietnamese are praying for you to be re-elected this November. Long-live president Donald Trump!

It's time to vote him out of the office ⌚ Please Vote🙏 Let Your Voices be heard!! VOTE EEM19781 Fantastic article. It truly gives a panoramic view of what the six G7 leaders think of donald trump's divided states. Isn't this the same story the Times prints just about every day? Oh Soon come to suffocating death....... karma is around him.

Trump is an laughable idiot in the world realDonaldTrump IAMCoachPop Twitter Love you President Trump!!! Don't let Satan's people get to you!!! They are all nuts. CherKalleck hated, is the word Me,me,me finds comfort in WH bunker ... Nationalism: identification with one's nation, support for its interests, to the exclusion or detriment of the interests of other nations. You are right Mr President, keep distancing yourself and the country from other nations. Who needs them. There are no friends or allies.

FAKE NEWS God be with you Trump... And this is the news that the times reports Laughable Marginalized. What he has done to others is now coming back on him. Karma RESIGN! The Germans spent decades and decades washing the stench of Nazism from their country. Merkel, and rightly so, wants no part of Trump's budding dictatorship.

The photo. your level of partisan deceit and lies and pathetic biased faux reporting has reached the level worse than your reporting on the Natzi party during WWII. It is more than clear that you are a Machevilian Globalist controlled outlet that has the very worse of intentions!! NYT still pushing Chinese Communist propaganda. Should they register as a foreign agent realDonaldTrump?

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Only by leftists. Real Americans love the President Davidlaz The only person to be blamed for all of these problems is Trump. What will it take to invoke the 25th amendment HouseGOP SenateGOP ? Are you going to remain silent & complicit to Trump as he destroys America? You all have blood on your hands. GOPBetrayedAmerica TrumpIsUnfit

Crazy it only took a plague and a couple cities on fire for more than half to start agreeing. We elected a reality t.v star. What did you think we were going to get besides reality t.v? 'Ya think..? As someone who deals with colleagues from all over the world and has for four administrations, this is without a doubt the worst viewed from outside the US. Bush wasn’t disliked so much as feared, this idiot now is just a laughingstock and seen as a fool. We were admired once.

US deaths: inflated as a precautionary measure, 106K today, out of a population of 330M. NY is dominant with 30K deaths (about 30%) and a pop of 20M. Canada has a much stricter reporting policy, with 7.5K deaths and a pop of 38M. Quebec: 4.7K deaths and pop of 8.5M. Your data... He deserves every last FU

AnandWrites A Russian mafia backed lifelong racist and criminal masquerading as leader of free world is getting his comeuppance and there is no where to hide. Unfortunately, he is taking the world down with him. Hopefully, the otherside of this era will be for better FakeNews US corona deaths are not the highest in the world.

all of that really surprises you..😬😬😬 not me 🤚 ...and he deserves it! This country don’t have president! Why do you spread fear and chaos? Yes we are laughing at him in the UK Even bad publicity is good to him. No one likes a bully. Trump...YOU ARE FIRED!! ....aaaand we’re being played 👇 Santa Claus deals with it every year.

Fish wrap says what? Wait... coronavirus is still raging the country He's looking might beaten in that picture. This president is a cut-and-run character when things get tough & he doesn’t have a fixer: bankruptcies, divorces, tribalism, lawsuits, etc. Now there’s no place to run & hide, just a full frontal of a desperate man.

YouAreFakeNews That clown 🤡 did it to himself He earned it. Do a Nixon and resign. I have never read any other newspaper sooooo bias as NYT, finally I can see why trump hates you Donald and his family will seek asylum in Russia or Saudi Arabia. We all know realDonaldTrump is a junkyard dog — rabid at that. At least there’s been some interest in the junkyard itself. Now, we’re just a boarded up junkyard with a wild infectious beast running amok inside. ‘After nearly four years, he has no diplomatic accomplishments...’

I feel like you publish this story of Trump being isolated and mocked by other countries every six months. More fake news. realDonaldTrump is still your President. I don’t get this fascination with trying to appease world leaders or people oversees. Enemy of the people Righy Mr President ! Trump is despised world wide!!! It's a FACT! realDonaldTrump

TrumpIsNero bunkerbabytrump The entire world is appalled at Trump, especially his use of force on peaceful protesters and teargassing a priest so he could have a photo-op. He's been isolating the US ever since he occupied the Oval Office. He must be REMOVED! Trump is simply an incompetent fool. He is a very stupid man, I mean really very, very stupid!

Cities burned under Obama, people died of flu under Obama, the Middle East descended further into hell under Obama, Americans had tax refunds taken because they didn’t have health care because they couldn’t afford it, all this and more and you hailed Obama, as a great president. People are finally seeing what a hack Trump is. I will never understand what took so long.

GarbageNews Turamp dawn Pitiful excuse for a Man. Subhuman. Mocked by fake news no Americans Rightly so. Poor bunker baby. Brought it all on himself. More fakenews from washingtonpost who gave us fakenews so many times before Trump will pay the price for his words and racism and he is now paying. fucktrump TrumpOut2020 bunkerbabytrump BlackLivesMattter BLACK_LIVES_MATTER GeorgeFloyd protests2020

The world is dumping him It seems like a normal Wednesday. You moron blame him for everything, from a virus that china lied about to .. I forget everything you claimed he did from day one. And that's saying something given your strenuous efforts to do so over the last four years. NotRightNowOrE1 That is your interpretation, Trump is busier than you would imagine

8 days into illegal rioting and 'protests' ignoring all guidance of formerly existing pandemic, NYT now re-engages the narrative of the sky is falling... Good. He needs to be removed Trump should retreat for the good of the USA because every remark will bring resentment to the citizens of the USA..bravo USA..💪💪💪

Aww poor baby. He should judge himself for not having the courage to see himself in a mirror and see how deep in a pit he his. You sure don't ignore him. Thank to Trump Us credibility is as low as never before. Nobody trust a liar and his entourage. It's so sad that Trump could have been one of the best U.S. Presidents of all time if he continued to do the right things. But then, he and his fascist AG, William Barr, start worshiping a d serving corrupt, abusive self-serving police organizations instead of the People. So sad!

Short lived problem. Unless GOP manages to suppress enough votes and have Russia hack machines AGAIN, he'll be out by January. Speaking of isolated and ignored, even mocked; how's fake news today? Avoid the media their whole goal is to create division among us - stay United we are in information warfare folks. Our enemies are using Media outlets to promote issues that divide America- they cannot defeat our military so they attack in other ways- stay united.

Yawn Who cares about what’s going on overseas. They can’t vote him out. No one could have predicted this, except everyone who was smart enough not to vote for him. Now explain this.. Yet there will be a TrumpLandslide2020 Nov 3. Americans are fed up with propaganda under the guise of media. YOUR RATINGS ARE TANKING, YOU HAVE NO CREDIBILITY AND WILL SOON BE FILLING FOR BANKRUPTCY AS A FAILED MEDIA SHIT SHOW!!! AND YOU REALLY THINK PEOPLE GIVE A SHIT ABOUT ANYTHING YOU PRINT!!!

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Oh boohoo. 🎻👌🏼 That is not accurate, he has always been mocked, since day one. I've had some sympathy with Trump's criticism of China. But the Scumbag in Chief is playing right into their hands at the moment AnandWrites When will you be calling for his resignation? Truth is this game is all about toppling trump at the elections ...deep state has been effecting regime change all around the globe and now attempting to practice it at home now ...

By you. And your party. AnandWrites My gut tells me guys like this don’t go down quietly... they go down kicking, screaming, doubling down on lies & rage. I hope I’m wrong ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽✊✊🏻✊🏼 America has lost any standing it once had on a global scale under his presidency. The damage he has done to America’s position in the world is irreparable.

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Well, he’s an idiot, so there’s that... I mean, I don't know, I've been making fun of him for a very long time Il a tout fait pour que cela soit ainsi chris_pamesa Is it me, or is realDonaldTrump the first president in a long time whose public image has gotten worse for being POTUS? Even his voters are beginning to understand that A. He is a huge clown. & B. He is dangerously ignorant and thick headed

All his doing! He’s a LOSER Outside of US he is hated, never mind mocked. Bin laden was hated less. True. Look forward to he is gone so one can put America back on list for Where to go on vacation EricLiptonNYT Good. He deserves this and much worse. Justice is coming for him. White supremacy, bullying don't pay in a globalized world.

Ayyyy... realDonaldTrump POTUS cada vez te pareces más a NapoleónBonaparte , después de que lo recluyeran en la Isla de Santa Elena murió el 5 mayo de 1821. Eso es un hecho historico. Los grandes emperadores también mueren olvidados, tú no serás la excepción Trump has let down all democracies around the world.

Lol.. fake news, hes been mocked internationally for four years Qui sème le vent , récolte la tempête! LMAO!!! What a bullshit headline Whatever happened to MAGA? A man who is supposed to be the 'leader of the free world' aspires to be a dictator of a 'banana republic' instead. What a little, little man.

All just in time before November. Well timed. Loser!!! trump visited a church just after he cleared the streets with tear-gas and rubber bullets and flash grenades to hold a Bible , it must have burned his hand ! This is something to think about and I feel it’s a good idea ! No Person Are Above The Law ! THE DONALD J TRUMP ACT

ZenMaddie TheVillageIdiotPresident Democratic world leaders tried to show Trump respect of his office. Eventually, they realized what a vainglorious fool he was and could no longer maintain the pretense. Autocrats still find him easily manipulated with shameless flattery. EricLiptonNYT The United States has never been so isolated and ignored, even mocked.

Thank God President Trump is handling this instead of Hillary The WORLD knew that this guy was a CON! Now that has been confirmed both internally and internationally! His only buddy is his boss in Moscow and that idiot in India! BunkerBitch Your hate for this President knows no bounds. Disgraceful. He is not alone! There are millions of people with him. You all need to stop your non-sense propaganda... you should be suporting you president instead of trashing him... you people are a shame!

Let's see how much more can he take.!!! Have you know anyone more useless person in the world, let aside he's the president of the more powerful nation. Stupidity knows no boundaries. Black lives matter, in fact all life matters! I applaud all peacefully protesting against racism, elitism and communism! The problem? Corporate run media only follows short cycle sensationalized 'breaking news'. What's the biggest crisis of our lifetime anyone? It's the climate!

This isn’t going to end well for realDonaldTrump He's a joke. A very lame one too. Rioters: Leftist Leader put covid patients into nursing homes: Leftist Leaders keep business closed: Leftist I don't buy it for one second. This is like the bully on the block saying, 'Kids who tell their parents about me are ending up with more bruises than ever.'

He really ought to be mocked. That Clawn deserves it Was Amerika braucht ist ein anderes Wahlsystem.Das jeder sich zur Wahl stellen kann der Verantwortung übernehmen möchte.Der sich bereits lange vorher um seine Mitbürger Verdienste erworben hat,sei es als Bürgermeister , Arzt , Lehrer .Dem zwar viel.d.Geld fehlt aber Geist hat.

For the radical left, very well organized! 🤮🤮 Sitting in the bunker . In perfect isolation, hiding behind the wall. Waiting for the worms to come. All tight lipps and cold feet. People chanting trumpty Numbty. I have no problem in allowing the Democrat governors and mayors in letting their states and cities burn down. America does not need New York or LA.... I say go for it Democrats! Democrats, If you like your riots, you can keep your riots!

Very good. The people of the US have suffered enuff under this administration. Leading world powers need to call out Trump, isolate and place sanction on him. He is dangerous for the Western world. It’s the media’s fault. The riots,Corona and the declining economy. You people supported the communist during the Vietnam War. You are all two faced scum. And the main threat to our freedoms. The communist will put the media against the wall first if they win.

morten All his own doing due to his aggressive and selfish America First stance. Sod him. Mr.realDonaldTrump You ignored my tweets, You didn't respond yet, Now, Whole world is ignoring you, You are being recognised as the destroyer of Democracy ☑️☑️☑️ Who in their right minds want to be on a sinking ship.

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She was right. These past few months have certainly revealed him to us. Definitely mocked. Also despised. He is the production of demorats being produced by Republicans, american foreign policy is sick, let alone internal, both of them flattered mullahs to receive more bribery and blackmail, without considering Mullahs are deceivers of all the seasons, smiling but it is Taqqiah.

Stop brainwashing people with fake news & fake polls. Here’s an index we can follow to see if the majority of Americans approve of their President~~The stock market! It has been steadily going upwards despite all these chaos the opposite parties & China are causing to hurt Trump. President Trump Best President EVER WWG1WGA

Donald Hitler👉🏻Aldolf Trump Maga, yeah... right. Pathetic People protesting in the United States is No Culture. 他的做法很蠢,如果继续一意孤行,他将成为孤家寡人! I thought he would have resigned months ago. I was wrong. Imagine being as big a name in news as the New York Times and believing China reported their numbers accurately.

Take him out ! Wrong Guy Wrong place. He must respect people sentiment rather than dictating Good to know when we go to war with China. We’ll have no allies. This is a good summary, but yesterday’s headline was a disgrace. Can a patriotic board member please fire deanbaquet ? rage [reɪdʒ] 격렬한 분노, 격노, (질병화재 등이) 급속히 번지다 than in any other country 다른 어느나라에서(보다) growing [ˈɡroʊɪŋ](명사앞에만씀)커지는, 성장하는 overseas [ˌəʊvəˈsiːz]해외의,해외로(부) isolated [ˈaɪsəleɪtɪd](건물·장소가) 외떨어진, 외딴,고립된

During this unprecedented times FAKE NEWS continues distributing its paid agenda! The world hates him There's an asshole in Brazil who disagrees with that Brought it all on himself. Vote Nov.3 Man will seine Wiederwahl mit allen Mitteln verhindern. Die Menschen werden es bereuen 🧐 Europe has largely gone into a holding pattern till November where they, like everyone else finds out if they have to put up with him for 4 more years or not.

Trump is a PlasticPresident I guess when you put a reality television personality in charge of a country, you shouldn’t expect much less. he like isolated, so the country is isolated too. He’s an absolute joke. America is the laughing stock of the world. A financially broken and immoral country that should from hereon keep it’s opinions of other’s to itself

Are we supposed to feel sorry for him ? joebiden Make America Grate Less MAGL Reconciliation is the way forward!Let us ask and in the same token be gracious in accepting forgiveness. We have all been victims of history. Let us stand together, reset the past and stand as examples to future generations that we overcame this too.GeorgeFloyd ICantBreathe

Thank God The NY Times is above all that ....... sigh..... Good thing only fools would mistake you for Journalists. Americans don't deserve him. Reagan - Thatcher relationship: beautiful. Obama-Merkel relationship: beautiful. Trump-May relationship: sour. Trump-Merkel relationship: sour. Ds man needs to see a doctor.

The coronavirus is not “raging”, the political hoax is over...the protests are starting to die off/being dealt with, here comes your bullshit narrative again- 🤣😂😂🤣🤣😂😂 LIES He deserves it. Unfortunately he drags the country down with him. You are such a worthless rag trying to be relevant. Is this the news you want it to be because many people prefer him above any Left candidate.

Looks like he's praying for strength, comfort, peace and the will to keep going to save AMERICA to me actually empowering photo ✌️ I thought that article was a little too flattering, they regard him as a joke of a human being, I think pathetic moron is typically the code word. It's not like we didn't predict this from the day he threw his name in the hat in 2014

Mocking Trump is the easiest trigger to go after him with. Media is standing up Nancy Pelosi and leftist democrats who secretly taking our liberties in goverment . Where want vote by proxy of only 20 people forsaking all other states votes. You standing Americans freedom in this matter. He’s not fit to hold any office! TRAITOR TRUMPS BELONG BEHIND BARS!

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you reap what you sow I’m Ugandan. Idi Amin’s times did not make my hair stand so much on end than to imagine living in Donald Trump’s United States today. Corona killing Blacks so overwhelmingly in orchestrated processes and state police too callously murdering them all the way from the 16th century!

Isn’t that what he wanted the whole time? Sure seems that’s what his supporters wanted. But he is a fascist that controls all aspects of our government. What is his next fascist move and what can be done to pre-empt FAKE NEWS!☝🏻️👐🏻 He brought this on himself. Must be tired of “winning”. Media place a heavy burden on the President. President not promoted people go out protest and do it without masks. The President helping encourage Americans to stay healthy to drive this sickness out the country and media keep blaming the President for Coronvairus

Everybody knews this President will be a disaster for America since his election. But we never expected that the his end would be so disastrous Here we know what an idiot he is. Your paper is fake lying has been. Not worth the paper it’s printed on. Liars. The only mocked and ignored is you 🇯🇵“KajibaDorobou”🐌 P.M.Abe too‼️(#`皿´)💢

Builder4Y This is the point in Trump's life where he would divorce us. He tried he tried verbal abuse, he tried bullying and now he tries silencing the masses. But we are not an exwife. Although hopefully soon we will be an ex. Sad. Kakistocracy MAGA VoteBlueNoMatterWho Braai He’s still got Putin, and that’s all realDonaldTrump really cares about.

NashvilleResist Show me a city that's burning. You could have said 'with cops beating peaceful protestors' Is this a real news or a release from an opposition party? What goes around comes around. Get ready for Trump 2n inauguration Keep working that narrative NYT, I think your up to about 10 people that believe your BS now.

To underline Trumps increasing isolation from Democratic countries, it was Vladimir Putin & President Jair Bolsonaro he called on Monday night, both are hard-right leaders. Trump invited Mr. Putin to the G7 meeting! It will soon be a G6 at this rate & America will be the loser. Take your toys and go home already donald. Come back when you've grown up enough for big boy pants.

... according to the New York Times, used to be a good newspaper. NYT I buy you for my dog exclusive use. He loves to use this paper for his needs. Soziale Bildung muss im Kindergarten anfangen auch in Deutschland, muss ein eigenständiges Fach werden und richtungsweisend für jede Klassenstufe.Selbst dann dauert es eine ganze Generation bis es bei jedem ankommt.Und Trump ist der absolute falsche Mann dazu.

Awwwww no one is laughing at bunker boy. The only people mocking President Trump are the corrupt and those who have been successfully indoctrinated to believe and not question whatever is presented them. By the way ... CHRIST IS KING AND HE WILL SAVE HIS CHURCH. Does it bother you that I shout that out? CHRIST IS KING

And we have you (the media) to thank for it .... y'all rather have this ' face off ' b/witch or the $65.000 'hotdog' buying swagger jagger in charge ..... but whyy , whyyy ? Do they pay you , do you use Adrenochrome too You dont care about children ? You love Mao Zedong ? The only people with growing problems is the SAD New York Times!! Disgrace of a newspaper!! Like and RT if you agree!

Oh please how stupid do you think we are, really should learn to report news not make it up. That's why we ❤ President Trump2020🇺🇸! He started all this not one thing at at time but all at the same time. lol - the NYT's - FAKE NEWS Menschen brauchen einen Präsidenten der Verbindet , im Land und weltweit.Der seine Stimme nutzt für soziale Themen Bildung Gleichheit für jeden Amerikaner.Der die 5 Säulen der Sozialversicherungen für jeden installiert und forciert.Der sein Volk liebt und dies zeigen kann.

If the American president is permitted to use the army to destroy Iraq, as happened in 1991 and 2003. And the question: Is it permissible for the American president to use the army against the American people?!. That's because he's an idiot!!! Supporting Trump today equals supporting racism, homophobia, militarism, sexism, anti-intellectualism, cynical populism, self-enrichment to the detriment of everyone/thing else, environmental destruction, and extreme nationalism

Yet his approval ratings are higher today than the day he was elected. The American people get it and the MSM will not carry the Dems to victory. The left is attempting to destroy our country for political power. Won’t work motherfckers!🇺🇸 Yep. He is not trustworthy. He is a liar. He is committing fraud. He is breaking contracts. He is a dealbreker. He is no team-player. And he is just plain stupid. He knows nothing. He can't even speak his only one language while other leaders speak 2, 3 and even more. He is dumb.

Wow what a situation When One cannot differentiate between right or wrong How sad maybe he should RESIGN. Why is Trump surrounded by a bunch of Spaceballs wannabes all the time? Who cares them? Those countries have not managed or done anything for COVID-19 mess. Good thing he’s not the President of over seas.

You will fill as you do Esta gente debe ser paga por Soros, cuanto odio hacia el Presidente... Mute them and ruin their revenue supply. Not that they care, propaganda is more important to them at this point. Modi has got his back 🤫 The two presidents who were impeached (Trump and Clinton) are the ones most mocked overseas.

LMAO In our country we mock the idiots in the media. But his base is still solid? The Man is a Mistake to Americans i so wish they can correct it on their next elections Ofui Trumpet MAGA KAG,lol!🤣🤣🤣 TrumpOut2020 M M mamy mamy mocked Truth died in the US ScumMedia a while ago Es bleibt allen nur ihn per Senat und Gerichts Beschluss abzusetzen bevor er ständig weiteren Schaden an der Bevölkerung anrichtet.Das er nie der Richtige war sah man aber schon bei den Vorwahlen.Amerika hat einfach geschlafen und bekommt nun die Quittung.

What do you expect , this is not a President for the people , this is not behaviour of a President , this is a man who thinks he’s on the apprentice still !🤦🏽‍♀️ DNC Sponsor's Antifa, And Our Channel Breaks It Down To The Servers And Cell Phones Wilson was in the same boat after his first term. WWI made him dangerous and viewed as one the greatest presidents ever. Yet he was a racist, and arrested people whom protest against him. Even had women libbers beaten and tossed in jail naked. Hum? Yet US makes same mistakes.

TRUMP THE STRONGEST PRESIDENT EVER..PUT DOWN CHINA..FAKE NEWS &DEMOCRATS AS NAIVE AS EVER.RELECT TRUMP 2020. realDonaldTrump WhiteHouse DonaldJTrumpJr cnni BBCWorld FakeNews It will be 'interesting' to see his reaction if he gets voted out in November. What are the Vegas odds on a military coup and Argentina style Junta?

Cierren el orto operadores hijos de puta Mocked is right, sadly. The world thinks America has taken leave if its senses and no longer counts for anything, other than pity or contempt. His sins are catching up to him How many leaders of our allies were snubbed and called names by Cry me a River. Is this making “America great again” 2020 has been a sh*t show. realDonaldTrump like Man up, take ownership and fix things properly. BlackLivesMattter COVID

What a chizler. Let him understand this. Let him! Trump is the best president ever in my lifetime. He made all his promises come true. I will definitely vote for him in Nov. He is fundamentally unfit to handle the job. Period. It has been the argument against him from the second he announced he was running. He was a joke then, it was a joke when he won and it's a joke anyone still takes him seriously today.

Lol this is what you get when you tweet nonsense whole day about things that are not constructive for this country ... We need a compassionate leader who listen to the people ...not throw tweeting tantrums when he doesn't know how to deal with reality when people righteously call for justice for George Floyd... lawmakers’ answers cannot be silence. We must answer the call for justice with action. The answer to systemic racism is systemic change. We in Iraq support the American people .. The racists must be brought to trial.

Is America great again yet lmk He should be all these things, but We the People should not. Trump does not represent the American people and the world knows it! Yeah it was about time for another 'Trump Isolated' headline. NYT is openly mocked.... is it a big deal? No people stand with Trump, Stand with Law and Order

Are you interested in earning extra income and get paid within 10-50 minut This platform is to help people to survive during this Pandemic period ( COVID-19) Smart trade academy is reaching out to people about the on going investment opportunity. Posture gets slumpier and slumpier. Fake News. THE GREAT MEDIA OPERETA TO DISCRIBE TRUMP WORLDWIDE !! ANONYMOUS IS PART OF THE DEEP STATE !! IT HURT THEM TO LOSE THE LAST CHOICE TO CAUSE WW3 !! THE Pizzagate burned their Obamagate !! NOW THEY GO FOR THE DIRTY REVENGE

His growing ass and ego Fake News! I live overseas, have for a long time. Burning infrastructure, assaulting ppl, getting on one's knee to apologize for crimes of 240 years ago - yes they're def laughing at us. is a chinese stooge. Instead of blaming china for corona virus started blaming trump and usa. Is realDonaldTrump responsible for killing of GeorgeFlyod ? What about 100,000 killed by CoronaPandemic due to china?

Please stop mocking the CowardinChief aka BunkerBoy. And yet he might be re-elected such a shame for the US 'WHO are you TALKING to?'

Making Home Safe for Kids This SummerWe consulted safety experts about hazards in and around the home and how best to prevent accidents this summer PLEASE INVESTIGATE EIP CARD BANKS AS THEY ARE NOT ALLOWING PEOPLE LOST OR STOLEN REPLACEMENTS. WEBSITE IS A DEAD LINK AND PHONE NUMBER IS INACTIVE!!!!!!! Good to know That picture is creepy as shit!

Lowe's launches virtual tool for home visits to boost pros' business—and its ownThe home improvement retailer is trying to attract more business from homebuilders and other professional contractors as part of a companywide turnaround effort. The market is junk. These guys push zombie companies like a punk. The proof is in the data just look at splunk! US Army and USMC will remember in November. Effing morons. Eco This is a brilliant move by Lowe’s. By making it easier for electricians and plumbers to connect with their customers, they are more likely to shop at Lowes. When companies solve their customers’ problems, they are rewarded by increased sales. Marketing Business Stanford This is a brilliant move by Lowe’s. By making it easier for electricians and plumbers to connect with their customers, they are more likely to shop at Lowe’s. When companies solve their customers’ problems, they are rewarded by increased sales. Marketing Business Stanford

Black tech CEOs explain why the killing of George Floyd hits so close to homeTech CEOs have been vocal in their outrage at the death of George Floyd, but almost none of them are black. Here's what the CEOs of Rocket Lawyer and ShotSpotter have to say. What are there thoughts on this black man beating on old helpless white people?

Tips to SEC Surge as Working From Home Emboldens WhistleblowersThe U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission received about 4,000 tips, complaints and referrals of possible corporate wrongdoings from mid-March to mid-May, 35% more than in the same period last year. Lawyers chalk up the increase to the fact that many would-be tipsters are working from the privacy of their home. The SEC actively promotes and supports Ponzi schemes that are designed to defraud investors. $TSLA $TSLAQ How many did Trump try to squash? SEC is a criminal cover operation run by ex-banksters that they are supposed to regulate.

As police in D.C. pepper-sprayed protesters, Rahul Dubey opened his home to 70 strangersAs police in Washington DC, pepper-sprayed protesters, Rahul Dubey opened his home to 70 strangers 'I don't think there was even a choice in what I did,' Dubey said. 'It’s the same that you would if it's a would have let anyone into your home' COVID is officially over .. last week the media would destroy someone for having a gathering thuu it a week they celebrate it .. was it all a LIE Wow a human.. amongst all these animal policemen A hero at a time when we lack heroes!

Coronavirus Infects Famed Research Lab Working on At-Home TestFor months, researchers at a prestigious biomedical research center in Senegal have been working to produce a low-cost, rapid, at-home test for the coronavirus. Now the virus has infected a cluster of staff members, one of whom has died. Noti Oops !