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Elton John shares agonising health update that leaves fans in tears

Elton John shares agonising health update that leaves fans in tears

9/16/2021 3:54:00 PM

Elton John shares agonising health update that leaves fans in tears

Elton John shocked fans on Thursday when he revealed an agonising health update that has forced him to cancel his Yellow Brick Road tour in Europe and the UK

The singer shared a heartfelt statement on social media in which he revealed he has been in"considerable pain and discomfort" after a nasty fall left him with a damaged hip.MORE: Elton John shares rare photo of his sons during glamorous summer break

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He said:"It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that I am forced to reschedule the 2021 dates of my Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour in Europe and the UK to 2023."Loading the player... var track=function (evt_name) { dataLayer.push({ 'event': evt_name, 'eventValue': { 'category': 'videos', 'action': evt_name, 'label': 'HELLO - 64xWWHLK', 'videoUrl': '', 'videoTitle': 'Elton John films at £5million luxury home before legendary Oscars party' } }); }; var playerInstance=playerInstance || []; playerInstance['64xWWHLK']=jwplayer('MC44NDU2MjUwMCAxNjMxNzg0NDA1NDMwOTQ='); playerInstance['64xWWHLK'].setup({ sources: [ {file: '', label: '480'}, {file: '', label: '720 HD', default: 'true'}, {file: '', label: '1080 HD'}], primary: 'html5', image:'', related: { file: '', onclick: 'play' }, autostart: false, sharing: {} }); //TODO: convert static variables to dynamic (maxRetries and interval) function getDataPermutive() { return new Promise((resolve, reject)=> { let maxRetries=2; let countRetry=0; let checkingInterval=setInterval( function() { if (countRetry { // Resolve accepts a playlist item, this can be modified // The playlist item that is scheduled to load is // passed in as 'item' // Reject can be used to cancel a scheduled item from being loaded return new Promise((resolve, reject)=> { try { let playerConfig=playerInstance['64xWWHLK'].getConfig(); let tagUrl=playerConfig.advertising.schedule[0].tag; return getDataPermutive().then(_pdfps=> { let playerSegsPerm=encodeURIComponent('&permutive=' + encodeURIComponent(JSON.parse(_pdfps || '[]').slice(0, 250).join(','))); tagUrl=tagUrl.replace(/(cust_params[^&]+)/, '$1' + playerSegsPerm); const updatedAdSchedule={tag: tagUrl, offset: 'pre'}; const updatedPlaylistItem=Object.assign({}, item, {adschedule: [updatedAdSchedule]}); console.log("Permutive added to Pre-roll !!!"); resolve(updatedPlaylistItem); }).catch(()=> { //resolve without modifying the item console.warn("Permutive no data!!!"); resolve(); }); } catch(error) { console.warn(error); resolve(); } }); }); jwplayer().onPlay(function () { track('play'); }); jwplayer().onPause(function () { track('pause'); }); jwplayer().onComplete(function () { track('complete'); }); jwplayer().onSeek(function () { track('seek'); }); WATCH: Elton John films inside luxury £5million home

Explaining his injury, he continued:"At the end of my summer break I fell awkwardly on a hard surface and have been in considerable pain and discomfort in my hip ever since."Despite intensive physio and specialist treatment, the pain has continued to get worse and is leading to increasing difficulties moving.

"I have been advised to have an operation as soon as possible to get me back to full fitness and make sure there are no long-term complications."He added: "I will be undertaking a program of intensive physiotherapy that will ensure a full recovery and a return to full mobility without pain."

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Elton shared the sad news on social mediaCaptioning the post, he simply said:"Important update on my Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour."Fans were devastated by the news, with many leaving crying face emojis in the comment section of his post on Instagram.

Others wished Elton a speedy recovery, with one writing:"Keep well. We will be here." A second said:"Wishing you a speedy recovery," and a third added:"Sending you well wishes, Sir Elton."Elton tearfully left the stage during his concert in Auckland in February 2020

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This isn't the first time Elton's health has affected one of his tours. Last year, he was forced to cut short a concert in New Zealand after being diagnosed with walking pneumonia just hours before going on stage. In February 202, the Rocketman hitmaker had to cancel two of his shows during his Elton Farewell Tour so that he could rest.

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Elton John Postpones 'Farewell Yellow Brick Road' Tour Shows After Hip InjuryThe music icon's dates in Europe and the UK have been pushed back until 2023 so he can undergo surgery. Good luck to ya man! good luck Test subject tastemaker for our special home delivery cocktails of the day service. It's a challenge to come up with 365 exciting narratives, but we are up for it.

Elton John postpones European tour dates due to hip injuryElton John is postponing European tour dates so that he can undergo an operation for his injured hip.

Elton John postpones European shows after hip injuryElton John says he is postponing European dates on his world tour until 2023 so that he can have an operation on an injured hip Wishing him well, but maybe its time to get his own Avatar! Give a call to ABBAVoyage

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