Elton John Parking Lot Attack, New Video Shows Attackers Beating Man Repeatedly

11/23/2022 10:09:00 PM

One man is lucky to be alive after suffering a brutal beatdown in the parking lot after an Elton John show ... and new video from the attack shows just how violent things got.

One man is lucky to be alive after suffering a brutal beatdown in the parking lot after an Elton John show ... and new video from the attack shows just how violent things got.

One man is lucky to be alive after suffering a brutal beatdown in the parking lot after an Elton John show ... and new video from the attack shows just how violent things got.

TMZ.comOne man is lucky to be alive after suffering a brutal beatdown in the parking lot after anElton Johnshow ... and new video from the attack shows just how violent things got.The extended video, obtained by TMZ, shows a man in blue repeatedly beating the victim in the Dodger Stadium parking lot Thursday night -- the victim puts his hands up before getting kicked back down to the ground.

A different attacker wearing black then lands a violent blow on the man's face, seemingly knocking him out. One of the attackers calls the victim a"fat f***ing f*****" a couple of times before they take off.Play video contentFLEEING THE SCENE

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Can’t we all just get along 👀 So sad! You go to concerts to enjoy artists singing your favorite songs, not to get beat up like you’re a UFC fighter. SMH J97009370 Did he die? Can’t judge unless you know what really happened. What I can see is the guy is out cold, out of shape and wearing white socks twiii_

Earn $500 after signing up Exactly! Unbelievable Silly rabbits ! Clearly not real Elton fans Not one black person in sight

Prince Harry Sends Elton John Heartfelt Message About Friendship With 'Mum' DianaMeghan Markle ended the sweet video by blowing a kiss into the camera.

That’s some anger. He definitely deserved it This is fucked up. That’s more than one guy on one, and the dude is in the ground and still getting beat. These guys could’ve killed that man. Nothing is worth it. WTF can a dude do, coming from an EJ concert, that deserves this? What peace’s of shit to big cowards attacking out of shape and elderly people you will get what’s coming to you bet on that

Good because they’re all on camera and I hope the law enforcement gets the and locks them up for a long time 2 or 3 Chads against one dude? Pathetic. There is no need for that. Crazy Damn that last hit is gonna leave severe damage Why does everyone make things about race? It really does get old, and so simple minded!

Elton John Rockets Toward Retirement With a Sparkling Dodger Stadium FinaleForty seven years after he took the stage at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles in a sequined-studded baseball uniform as the world’s biggest pop star, Elton John walked on to the same stage on Sunday night wearing a bedazzled Dodgers bathrobe, a uniform more fitting for a 75-year-old man on the verge of retirement.

Savages. Acting like animals White people bro🤦‍♂️ Is he dead? Imagine being violent after listening to Rocket Man 🚨🚨🚨 Let me find out Bennie and The Jets was a gang Elton John is a concert that is relaxing and enjoyable. Can't understand the craziness in the parking lot. What the heck!!! Definitely don’t see y’all tryna cancel Elton John for this like yall black artists as if it’s their fault 🙃

That's why you pack heat! Wow bunch of animal savages. No backstory needed.

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry Congratulate Elton John During Final ShowMeghan Markle and Prince Harry sent a special message to Elton John during his final show special: 'Thank you for being our friend. Thank you for being a friend to our kids and thank you for entertaining people right around the world.' I’ll miss him saw him 5 times during my life lived every show ! Thank you Elton for decades of true brilliance …. Goodbye yellow back road …🎶

Omg! That's brutal and unnecessary. Clearly that man isn't still a threat to anyone after the first hits, yet multiple people are still assaulting him. Smh The one filming says “are you just gonna leave him there” and walks away leaving him there.🤦🏻‍♀️ “Hey Elton John wouldn’t like that”🤣🤣🤣🤣 You mean to tell me they be getting violent at white concerts too?👀👀👀Elton John and Englebert Humperdinck concerts at that🤣🤣🤣

Big tough guys. Scumbags. What was that all about What are white people going to do about this violence? The American way. violence Sad 😞 watching people act like this Thugs

Couple brutally attacked outside Elton John concert in LAThe incident started when a man got out of his car to question a group of men and women who had forcefully hit his side mirror while walking past the vehicle outside Dodger Stadium. No law and order. It’s going to get worse. city of fallen angels Let's get this straight.... a couple with enough $$$ to go see a hella expensive concert is mad someone leaving a crowded parking lot bumped into their mirror so they jumped out to fight got wrecked over a mirror you could just replace for a few bucks tomorrow?

Hate crime on tape aint nobody give no fuck White trailer trash at its finest!! Who knew and Elton John concert could get people so angry lol must be the lyrics lol At least they not shooting like… well u get the point they kept it hands What a peaceful concert and all the peaceful people. The harmony and unity is overwhelming. Go ‘merica! 🐂💩

Wow, wouldn't have thought Elton John concert goers would be so violent. What's the world coming to, violence at a Simon and Garfunkel concert next? Damn I I worked at an Elton John concert didn't get violent Thugs WTF?!!

Elton John rockets toward retirement at Dodger StadiumThe crowd of more than 50,000 roared at the moment that came in the final minutes of the final North American concert of a tour John says will be his last.

Thugs No excuse for this behavior!!! This is a non-story, hardly worth a spot World Star Hip Hop. eltonofficial We gonna need more context. Someone may have had mental issues. We don’t have all the facts. Wow how sad. We still have to beat each other up. Did they beat him up for being straight? Why they ain’t considered thugs

Look at these hooligans 🤣😭😭 This white on white crime , wherever these people are violence follows

Dua Lipa Shares Sweet Message for ‘My Most Magical Friend’ Elton JohnThe pop star also posted photos with Joni Mitchell, Brandi Carlile, Kiki Dee, Donatella Versace and Stella Maxwell at Dodger Stadium. DUALIPA eltonofficial Rosiola makes better music than Dula DUALIPA eltonofficial She is magical.....💖💖

This thread alone should show you how much they crave outrage. Look at y’all’s tweets! They LOVE to make you mad. Not because they have souls. More clicks, more money, tomorrow they will have a new. If bro died they’d keep Rollin. Where I’m from that’s a fade w that camera out. Absolute trash human beings. Glad they got caught.

Man, I’m so glad that what I read didn’t happen. My dyslexia had Elton John getting violently beat down. I still clicked damn. What are right wing trash bags like them doing at an Elton John concert? “Lions not sheep” ganging up and beating a grandpa who's on the ground! Such a lion!!! They got lit lit after listening to Rocket Man 😂🤣

Pink on pink is a thing There was no logical reason for the violence and hate. Really people? Why did they beat on that guy? This is terrible! Whoever that last guy is that punched him slammed his head into the ground... That wasn't necessary, especially after he was just punched repeatedly by another dude! 😢😭

The guy in a black shirt must real proud of himself. I hope that guy make’s him pay! Truseff7 Not “Elton John wouldn’t like that” 🤣 “THE GHETTO” Hell have no furry like cracker scorned! Maybe that dude was wearing a SF jersey. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Did anyone notice at the end of this video it shows a man dressed in all black videotaping and someone didn’t like it and they came and knocked him down and he

was it saturday night? then it's alright Obviously he would this guy got a royal beat down for snapping a picture of Elton John without his permission 😂😂😂 What not enough testosterone at an Elton John concert! Word 😂 Can we talk about the scumbag that lays that punch while dudes already on the ground? So when we find out that you cracked his skull on the pavement we don’t play all shocked. Scumbag move.

Them white niggas are crazy

Note to self: Don’t call anyone tiny dancer at an Elton John concert. Out'chea Thuggin' after an Elton John concert eh? I bet the excuses & grace for this behavior will be endless by the same people who would automatically judge an altercation by melanated at an R&B or Hip Hop concert as thuggery. “Are you just gonna leave him there?” Says the person filming and also just leaving him there 🤣🤣

Absolutely horrific to watch these 2 animals attack this guy. That last punch by the 2nd animal definately broke his nose! Heartbreaking to watch! Jeup, jeup.. It's not Hip Hop party so all of the sudden it is important. lame Damn Trump supporters 🤷‍♂️ More white on white violence. These “people” are animals.

Who scraps at an Elton John concert 😂😂 L’s all around. Friggin crazy crackas

Sad 😪 Who are these people ? 💁🏽‍♂️ White people going out of their way to be gutter rats 🤮 Elton john overrated Bloop. These white folks will get to fightin down to any damn place, any damn time. White folks can’t help themselves to find a way to fuck up a vibe Kk no p a a Savages and beast... privileged tho


I wasn't going to respond to this but it looks like a bunch white drunk gang members beating up on one defenseless white drunk citizen. If was a black man he wouldn't had done that cuz we fight back. And the full beards hide how big of a coward they are. Lil Jon and Elton John got a track together This makes my heart hurt.

Elton John wouldn’t like that Look at those Biden loving liberals beating on that poor Trumper. Those meathead left wingers…what is this country coming to? 🤷🏽‍♂️ That’s bad Thats how bad it is in society in the United States after the lockdown over the pandemic. People don't give a crap anymore now of days, and thats sad. How Our Great Country has become now of days; full of hatred.

Those filthy white cockroaches will get theirs someday, karma is a mufucka…. Bunch of gay guys angry over Eltons choices sounds Why were they beating on him

Dodgers The world gone mad🙄👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻 Shoot video in landscape is the biggest take-away The man in blue needs to be put in prison because next month December he's going back to court for beat the hell out of a 14 year old he a violent man What caused this Part 2 for the graphic content? People just watching - doesn’t appear anyone even tried to help. Disgusting what this country is coming to.

how are you this mad at an Elton John concert...what the hell 😭 People do know that this was white people right. I don't even see a black person in view What city was filmed in?

Fucking jerks! Okay- didn’t even realize this was a black person getting beat up before my thought was “what is the back story” Didn’t even realize until I saw the comments.. what happened?! Who fights at an Elton John concert…..I guess they “felt the love tonight” 😂 Lol the Elton John wouldn’t like that comment is what got me 🤣 I’m pretty sure Elton John only cares about what Elton John’s doing unless the media asks his opinion and he has to say what won’t get him in trouble

'Can you feel the love toniiiight'....'Tonight' fight Funny comments full of if it was black people it woulda been this or it's white people so it's this, I'm just tryna know how the fight started Guess he is not 'Still standing'. Is Rocketman low-key 'Knuck If You Buck' and we missed it? Elton John fans are literally the worst 🤦🏼‍♂️

This is so bad!!!!

They need to arrest these cowards! Beating up senior citizens at a concert. Some convict in prison is waiting for them to be his cell mate soon. 🍆💩 bro it’s not even graphic, and nobody gives a shit about elton john lmfao 💀😭 Dang they weren’t taught any home training! Keep the wild animals locked up. Can’t go anywhere without it bein violence displayed right before our eyes!

Is it time to have a conversation about violence within the white community? Is Elton John’s music to blame? An Elton John concert. Hilarious Why show this 🤬 I see a lot of jail time here. Clowns So LGBTQs beating up each other? You know world is bad when people this angry after a Elton John concert! “Elton John wouldn’t like that” needs to be the next viral sound lol

White filth

Soft How is this graphic and violent 😂he got hit like 4 times total and nobody else took any damage whatsoever other than the sloppy chick who couldn’t walk and fell 3 times on her own White maga vs white maga crimes nothing to see here... Do they know they went to a Gay man concerts The only worst part about all of this is the fact they went to an Elton John concert in 2022.

Don’t care..Let the cave dwellers eliminate each other..The world would be a better place! Oh what happen? He called Elton John gay, well deserved. Wasn't the victims in there 60s Elton John? Really? DAMN, it's gettin hard out here for a

There is no excuse or justification for this behavior. Context isn’t relevant here and it doesn’t matter if you are Black or White. Wrong is wrong SMH these thugs are tainting our communities Look at those thugs and gang bangers Weak sauce I can't believe no one called for help and everyone left him there

Fn p ssies Wow this world is out of control. Anywhere you go anymore, some joker who can't handle there alcohol wants to fight. Guarantee alcohol and drugs where involved. Hope these places stop serving alcohol. No more at sporting events either Candle in the Wind messed up your brain, huh? Wtf?!?! Stay away from rock music ya'll. It makes you do evil things! :-)

“These animals , can’t even enjoy a event because of these thugs and this type of behavior”. -Yt People 🤷🏾‍♂️ What did the one guy do ? For 2 guys to beat on him

TinaSmi43212544 He sang ‘Rocketman’…not ‘Rock Box’!! And where’s the police 👮‍♀️ in riot gear agitating the ticket holders? No flashing lights in the parking lot 🚔 huh 🤔? Let’s blame Sir Elton, seems the policy for rappers. What is wrong with people, Im disturbed by the way this country is how sad 😢

Being a BLACK MAN and could help. I wouldn’t get involved. I’d keep walking,why? Based on this racist society how police treat blacks I’m not getting shot and murdered as that black guy who’s helping a victim but to police I’m automatically the criminal. The society you created! News flash!!! Humans fight sometimes! Caught on video! Wtf slow news day?

Disney it's stuff like this that makes me think it's not safe for us to let prince Harry go back and forth from the U.S. to England Don't get it. There is zero context to this. Literally just fight porn. Cool TMZ. Get off my feed. gbroussard05 The last lick from ole boy in the black shirt👀 Let’s move on! This is old news.

Where’s the violence? That Bad

Maybe he deserved it. What’s the context? Gross looking dudes, hope they go to jail Big deal it’s a fight, this world needs to fucking put the panties away and put some boxers back on Hold me closer tiny dancer Drunk asses smh🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ Fucking thugs, hoodlums, gangsters, menaces Omg I can’t even watch. These people are disgusting low life’s and I hope their future is over along with every ignorant cowardly bystander.

Me and 3 friends with 44 magnums would have solved this in 30 seconds. Animals Damn Hopefully he’s still standing

SMH come on man😑 Let’s see their names, punching an unconscious man is such a lowlife move. Couple of years in prison and paying all medical bills related to the brain damage he sustained. Look at these pussies hitting the guy in the back of the head when he falling. Then kick him in the face. Then hit him when he’s already knocked. What goofs. Lock em up!

Beating somebody up at a Elton John concert is crazy… he got some wild fans 😂😂 Nothing stops a good rumble like Elton John wouldn’t like that! Assault on yellow brick road! white on white crime at its fullest call it for what it is ! Thugs. Can we all just agree that this is not ok? With or w/o context once man was on the ground that last punch was not needed! Not about race it’s about being a good person! thisisamerica

Those White ppl are violence thugs!! Stop the white in white crime!!! Not surprising since their ancestors are the most evil & violent of all mankind

This is so wrong on every level I hope that all who were involved gets punished to the fullest extent of the law These animals needs to be stopped. It's quite pathetic that a couple of grown ass men have to act like wanna be thugs like that, their fifteen minutes of fame should be fun for them explaining to everyone that they beat up an old dude in a parking lot 🤡🤡

All are losers! Keep fighting, see where you end up….crying in a cell after you dry out. Good luck with that. White thugs! Cowards who punch someone like that when they were already down . Loser. See folks white people could be animals too 🙃 Sick. Wtf is wrong with people What is wrong with people when they think this acceptable Praying for the people who were injured and praying these derelicts are procecuted to the fullest extent.

This has nothing to do with black or white. This is violence that should not happen to anyone of any race or color. These ass*oles that did this should be convicted and locked up for a long time.

I find it very odd that TMZ be everywhere messy ish goes down with the celebrity puppets or their fans 🤔 Wt punks. Why do I hear “Saturday Saturday Saturday Saturday nights alright!” These meat heads. I read one of them is under investigation for beating a 14 year old. It is so sad what some people have come to today!

Awhh tough guy and his psycho girlfriend - Cold Cold Heart Animals!! Why are they like that?!! 87%ers It’s always 2-3 on 1…absolutely ridiculous ebbi_ONElove I ain’t even know Elton John made crunk music Is he okay? these look like angel fans to me... never a good thing when they get DRUNK

Is he okay? We’re seeing the end of an altercation here. The guy on the ground, hit a woman with his car mirror, then got out, body slammed her to the ground, hitting her head very hard. The guys beating him came to their rescue. People are crazy. Concerts used to be fun. And Elton John. Now things are getting crazy. Heavy Metal concerts are not even like this.

So what really happened, is the guy being beat up, hit someone with his car mirror, when driving through a restricted area, then he got out of the car yelling at the women he hit, picked one of them up by the lower legs, slammed her head into the ground. Was Elton John that bad? It’s the white on white crime for me

Nothing more manly than hitting someone when they’re already laying on the ground. It’s sick and cowardly. Guy in the black shirt needs to go to jail for at least 5-10 bruh tf I guess they feel like a tough guys beating up an old man!! FOH🤬 Lock those thugs in the jail

Damn eltonofficial got ya crowd rowdy and violent as an hip hop concert lol white peoples are super predators Well well well the white holligans are definitely out side tonight raising havoc what the fukkkkk 😂🤣🤣😂… Don’t care 'Elton John wouldn't like that' Hope they got arrested .. cowards beating up an old man when he’s down

Gotta get these thugs off the streets ! I’ll never understand why the need to mass exodus after any event. People need to chill. That man thinks he’s tough hitting a dude that’s already on the ground What is wrong with you people? This is no way another human being. I saw a fight at a Chicago concert once. White ppl be wildin

What did he do Who is Elton John Seriously Dodger stadium needs police and security everywhere ! She shit should not happen to no one! A bunch of thugs Humans🤬 Yo these EJ concerts have gotten out of hand 😂. What did he do to get dog walked like that? He was done and still caught another shot... Animals!!!

How the hell does a fighr happen at an Elton John concert!! White on white violence . It happens more than we want to admit Typical… everyone recording and watching…

Sucker punching pussy Saturday night is alright for fighting? Sheesh eltonofficial ‘s concert… who’d thought that… I wish I was there to help you - the demons flow everywhere and all day ! This is blasphemy these thugs need to be taken off the streets Just wow🤢 How did the two women end up on the ground? Just wondering if bystanders were involved or if they were fighting within their own group?

YT on YT crime! This is ridiculous behavior. Lock up their parents. I guess they couldn't feel the love that night

Looks like the comments are full of racism in mind Thugs Jail, jail, jail regardless of why… Elton doesn't like girls either Those aren't men. Why is this tmz worthy? What’s next, a college fight on a Saturday night in a college town!?! HE WAS A LION NOT A SHEEP Thugs, 😠! Stop the white on white crime Is he knocked out ❗️😂

Man, these people are savage thugs and should be treated like the violent, savage thugs they are. Shouldn't the entirety of white society be held accountable for their behavior bc if they were Black, that sure as hell would be the expectation. Wow just insane As everyone watches and does nothing...... Fn aholes

Lmfao sure are alot of people pretending this is okay because they don't know why lmfao, gotta wonder what they would say if there was some color involved.... White on white violence. Idk why their so violent🤣 This world is so barbaric makes me SICK!!!!! Um so Elton Johns Music is Now Classified as Gangsta Rap!!! Good to Know...eltonjohnconcert Gang feezdapopstar

Animals 😩 When it takes 2 guys to knock a dude unconscious, that's a criminal act. I hope they get prosecuted to the fullest extent.

I hope everyone involved serves hard time So ol’dude whoops someone’s ass then goes to leave. Someone takes a picture of him/his license plat (?) & he gets out to beat his ass So he can dish it but he is to chicken shit to face consequences Freaking scumbags did anyone attempt to stop this or call 911 or did they just stand around and take pictures :(

the guy who knocked that guy put hands on the girl🤬 now i wanna kill him for that too THUGS wild THUGS. I blame this music and their parents. Whew, Chile..The Ghetto This is sickening from anyone!!! Someone is going to jail. Hope it was worth it punks Barbarians

TMZ never had any respectability . Always been trash . Like the scum in the video Crazy🤯🤯🤯 Violence is ridiculous no matter what race. I ask for context any time none is given. The answers are out there but there will never be a good excuse for this, save pedophilia or rape. That's always good Reason for a beatdown.

The white people be doin some fucked up shit but there will be no accountability for their actions Thugs I have no idea what the hell I'm seeing 😱😱😱 Nail a guy in the face that’s already on his back and no threat. LA sucks. Violence is violence no matter the ethnicity or color or sexual orientation,etc. of those involved. Using words like 'us'and 'them' or 'we' and 'they' or 'those people'... using phrases like that will only keep us divided. No clue what happened, just noticing a lot of replies.

WOW Damn homie got fucked up?

I broke the heel on my favorite shoes 🥲 Must be the music, drugs, weed, and bad home environment! That mf knows karate lol that sumummabitch said 'KEEYAH!' with each punch like a gotdamn power ranger 💀 Did he die? 😭 Travis41965507 Bunch of savages rousesky Wow, so sad! Stop the violence SMH…the usual suspects. They need to go back to where they came from 🥴🥴

That is disgusting! They should all go to jail! 😡😡 What happened from the beginning with the disturbance at Elton John Look at these THUGS ! 😡 Why were the police not called ? Just disgusting behavior ! Definition of: the more you fuck around the more you find out Sorry seems the hardest word Wp! “Are you guys gonna just leave him there?” Then proceeds to leaving him there🤨

2on1 it crazy how people can just sit there and watch someone get beat up and do nothing about it.its just sad. “Elton John wouldn’t like that” 😭

These thugs are crazy Damn what was EJ in there putting in y’all drinks ? Oh ur such a big man beating another man on the ground. wow so strong so brave. Humanity is so toxic Easy does it, Boomers. You're setting a bad example for your grandkids. Anger management classes, look into them. I blame alcohol how's that. Obviously the guy punching has anger issues. He thinks he's da man no he's a coward, and a bully! Notice how no one stepped in to help. Is the guy alive or dead? I see no one asked that!

And you wonder why people get shot in America 😂 Stay classy Ole girl got in dudes face like the Texas Rattle Snake I hope these thugs were apprehended and put behind bars like the animals they are 😡😡😡

Yeah the Supreme Court just accepted hearing a case that will remove hundreds of congress members and also the Biden admin. They’ll be doing these false flags for a while and will keep going to distract you. If this were a rap concert, a bunch of people would of been shot 🤷‍♂️ WTH True! But we the violent monsters 🥱🥱 nothing they do surprise me anymore

Glad to know the names... Jessica, Grant & screaming Diva See you in Court! I hope you All Rot in Jail!!! I can’t wait to attend Paul Simon at Dodger Stadium 🥴, classy. Rbroady35 Who’s that Whew this is so ghetto….Where are authorities Woah guys. Have another roid.

God Help Us Why are there so many people standing around with their phones out versus actually trying to help them This white on white violence has to stop. Wow no $hit fu(ked up All Caucasian none of my business Cowards Thugs And they act like they civilized hmmm 🤔 they love ❤️ to say BLK FOLKS are un civilized OK 👍 GREAT LOOK AT YOURSELF FIRST

Lumps of shit What’s the back story? Hate these videos that only show the “beat down” but never show what led to it.

White thugs and hoodlums😂😂😂😭 Bryan Snow all over again White people cutting up at a Elton John concert smh… Ratchet😂😂😂 These people beat up 60 year olds… that is the definition of a coward Look at this Ghetto, Ratchet behaviour. Who does this at an Elton John concert? Get some help if you leave an Elton John concert angry and want to fight.

Who TF fights at an Elton John concert!? What is wrong with you people!? The dude that got beat up was in his car and the other group walked by hitting his side mirror he got out to confront them and got beat up 🤷‍♂️ that's what alcohol does for ya Wtf? Stupid crap 💩 “Elton John wouldn’t like that” 😩

Tough guy hits him while he's down...what a puss

Jesus! Fix It 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 So sad 😞 Remember ppl… people don’t just snap like this for nothing. Disgusting - lock them up Arrest them thugs. All of em. Sad those people are allowed tonroam. Acting like animals. Where are the arrests ? Wow so jumping elderly people is cool? Everyone filming should be ashamed of themselves, step in and help

White thugs. I blame the culture and the music. Where are the parents? “elton john wouldn’t like that”😂

Just Thugs... Doesn't surprise me... They act the same way after Country and Rock shows... The thuggery of it all. I guess they learn from their Rethuglicans politicans... I agree I don’t think Elton would like that It was hard to hear this is Eltons last tour, but stop the violence! The ghetto Sad. Just sad

“Elton John wouldn’t like that” 😂 I went to an Elton John concert and a hockey game broke out. Losers Lol this is normal for those types of concerts let not act surprised A$$holes & alcohol/not race/not gov!!! How about concern for the victims as opposed to an agenda

All I saw was senior abuse. Dag, I missed the whole white or was it Black racism stuff. Thanks guys for pointing it out. What a bunch of cowards. They will get what's coming to them in jail. Lol Ok Brent and Jessica…we know who you are thanks to your smart friend that yelled your names.. They are the biggest below Inmates hear what they did may not make prison life happy for them

Heritage White people are violent , two faced animals. At their core they are evil and think they are better than the next person. Look how they treat everyone else n each other White drunkies. Whew those thugs Weave 💥💥

As usual no cops around no security everybody acting like they’re crazy I’m shocked because it’s gone it’s in the air and a lot of people are freaking out Someone must have got hit with a dildo Bunch of thugs That wasn't that bad ... Pause. ..at an Elton John concert?! Lol Those senior citizens should know better

That violent Elton John music has to stop! Look how ignorant his fans act 😂😂 love how it took 2 guys to beat the one guy? and that cheap shot at the end ? cowards, lol. love to see those 2 goofs for my self Have fun in Jail! BIEEEEEEEE 🤯🤯🤯 wtf is going on They GayBashin 😬😬😬 Horrible

Them damn White Claws being turning Elton John concerts into Hip Hop concerts, lmao Can't be messing around 😳 What the hell is wrong with people!?! This is so ghetto and classless The gays are out of control in this country! Damn Elton John got people wylin like that?!? Wow Oh my such violence So Elton john concerts are gonna be banned due to the risk of violence occurring ?

Sounds like Kris Jenner saying: ''Elton John wouldn't like that''

that was a Elton John concert what did yall expect Horrible what the hell is wrong with people? Not one compassionate person in that crowd. 😂😂😂 I’m sure their actions would be justified because they not black 🤞🏾🤦🏾‍♀️ but that’s nothing new Looks gang related to me Just your typical gym jerks acting tough for no reason

I thought Elton John brought the best out of people…….. Wow this is aweful Here we go.....so predictable.. Is this the same jew outlet that shunned Kanye but was mute about that Jew bastard that was dragging him? What was the reason for it

Sorry seems to be the hardest word…… I’ll get my coat Who tf haves a fight after a ELTON JOHN CONCERT ? WTF 'Elton John wouldn't like that' 🤣🤣 Woman love to escalate things …. Look at these thugs I know posting gratuitous violence without context is your mandate, and I thank you for that. Butwhat I’m especially grateful for though is that you beeped out the ‘bad words’ being tossed about, kinda like the poor chap in the video, WHILST watching said gratuitous violence😉😏.

It's like highschool in the 90s haha. Someone did something they shouldn't have to receive such a beat down. God bless America. I've seen worse 😕 can you feel the love tonite?

Thugs Elton John concert goers can be thugs & a part of degeneration X Blue shirt guy should go to jail O yeah don’t be a bunch of sissies and help the guy getting his head bashed in. Don’t pull out your phones. Like that’s gonna stop the damage. Leave to people to always ruin a show. Hope they get time.

WOW VIOLENCE 😲😲😲 (WHITE ON WHITE VIOLENCE) Who gets into a bar fight leaving and Elton john concert, like where the context at I need more info. Is she saying you just harassed Jessica?... White privilege!... 🤣 Some of y’all have never stuck around after last call and it shows.. Disgusting people!

What the hell did he even do? to deserve to have the living sh beat out of him White on white crime🤣... A sad scene but I definitely need more context, how do you fight after an Elton John concert These Elton John fans are out of control Dirtbags bro. Disgusting human beings. Let's all gang up on one person and show him WE'RE 'MEN'. pathetic people

Did I read this right…. Elton John… I thought eagle fans were bad What would you expect going to an Elton John concert? These people leaving the concert are more concerned pulling out their phones rather than helping someone getting beaten by a crowd of people. To bad no 1 had a gun to kill them people dozens of thuggies on 2/3 people.

Where are the fathers? Its a culture of failure! Its the music.... Stop the white on white crime epidemic. 😂😂😂 Good ole LA liberal city concert Wow wow Look at the punk come over and punch the guy when he is on the ground. I wish I would have been there TaureanReign SMH People act like they're surprised🤷🏿‍♂️

And this is why I don’t go to events EVER It's nothing new 🤷🏿‍♂️ I hope they got the bastards!!!

Hope they all go to jail Wow... TMZ= trash Look at these thugs beating down this man this must be gang related Yall love to try to figure out the whole story when its wyt ppl 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Dont try to 'get the bottom of things.' Wrong is wrong and theyre pu🙀🙀y! How did their women end up on the floor 😒😒 Look at those old wyt thugs!! Lock em up and put them under the jail.

Look at these thugs. This is why I don't like their music concert things, they always turn so violent These thugs are something serious It wasn’t even that violent they all look more drunk then anything, plus blks kick plp in the heads when they are down, and yes I am black Did they just kill the man?! All these 'thugs' need to be locked up.

Thats why I don't attend large gatherings like this. People are drunk and majority of the time where there's alcohol there's violence. js🤷‍♀️ I wanna know what happened tooo , why did they do this? What in the ghetto hell is going on here ? Is this the LA one Wendy81 🤣🤣 sigan haciendo eventos en el cochinero

People can't handle themselves anymore. I'm not pointing fingers. Seems everyone is a bit off YT people are violent fuckin americans Pussy hitting him when he’s already knocked out My only question is why record and not help? What if that was your child or parent. Also your still someone’s child no matter what age you are.

Don’t you just love USA 🇺🇸 any place safe on usa grounds 🤔 If the reports I read are true about the victims being an innocent 60+ year old couple. I’d hang “Attempted Murder” charges on them… WoW would you look at this a BUNCH OF THUGS !!! Look at those filthy animals 🤦🏽‍♀️ they all need to be locked in a cage😬 can’t even attend a concert without getting violent whiteonwhitecrime

It’s a sad sad situation These thugs are out of control At least 2 guys into 1. Really. That's not fair. I don't know what happened But unless he was touching some children or something, I cannot see why this was necessary😡 Neshama HEY ELTON JOHN WOULDNT LIKE THIS!!!! Nobody drives a Ford to an Elton John concert!!!! Beat down was appropriate. Queue the Dodge Ram comercial

Trying to figure out how this became a race issue. People fought and notice how nobody intervened just recorded that’s the real issue today!!! People just stand idly by and let shit happen because it’s entertaining. It is absolutely ridiculous!!! Manly love gone wrong 😑 Nothing but a bunch of hooligans

What the hell are Elton John fans so angry about? Video makes them look worse than before. 6kornel9 rip lt Honestly idc what the beat down was for they all puss for hitting a man that’s already down bozos This is a hate crime!!! Thugs Where is the fake outrage for this white on white crime?

Dang! That’s why I don’t listen to Elton John, great on the piano, sucks on the organ Thugs! “Are you guys just gonna leave him there “ Uhhh Yea 🤣 that’s exactly what you do after a scuffle Whyte on Whyte crime. Thugs at an Elton John concert. Who'd of ever thought? He was blacking out on Ole buddy. Geeze.

When she said Elton John wouldn’t like that perfect example of why you should never leave the house without a gun… so ya don’t get your fuckin ass whooped.🤷🏼‍♂️ lol Only a pussy hits a man when he's down and not able to defend himself Bitch said “Elton John wouldn’t like that”. Ya’ll super sensitive. No artist or person likes this. Depends on how it started. Ya’ll be on some shit 4 real.

What happened

Least NO weapon drawn like is usual in USA Animals! k0vert_ Its a concert..where you are suppose to have fun..no one deserves to be treated that way.. Apparently someone broke the victims side mirror and when got out of the car this happened They call it stupidity People act like they never seen anyone get beat up at a gathering. Ain’t no guessing about who’s narrative this fits. Should we ban cellphone cameras too?

If that was blacks out there fighting it would of been all kind of things said like they can’t go no where with out trouble so what do u call this He should’ve aired out that whole parking lot What a perfect display of insolent vagabonds 🙄🙄🙄

The flashing backdrop is planting subliminal “this is a party/rave” vibes, and discredits the importance of the actual severity of the violence in this video. Fake ass tough guys... gotta love it. Cold cold heart Damn thugs! They should go back to Europe. White on white crime, I love it 😂😂😂 Circle of Life....

There was a casually calm police officer there that let all the perps walk away and go home. You can't make this stuff up. Drugs, alcohol & crowds at night doesn't mix well. Savages drunk fight after a concert, big deal....

What a bunch of degenerate THUGS Play stupid games… Hopefully they get locked up idc they are literally seniors I’m sure they didn’t even harm them the guys punching them made it a big deal and wanted to look hard or something not sure but I would love some context to this tho Jessica gotta learn how to walk in hills

So tired of these thugs. Can't go out in peace. y’all really gotta make a race war of everything😀😀 All these comments on yt on yt crime buy no one is concerned about Jessica. This whole thing is depressing her. that SOB in the black shirt went in for the kill shot on a defenseless dude on the floor, looked like a Russian sledge hammer to the face

Wtf is going on 😮 Animals

Fking hell, if this was a rap / hip hop parking lot altercation the police would have been there with guns, gas & riot gear!!! What tha fk 🤷🏻‍♂️ disgrace EltonJohn Nothing but a bunch of THUGS need to be in JAIL. Animals Wow gays are wilds Dude in the blue shirt said “I didn’t mean to beat him up”🤣 no fuckin way🤣🤣🤣

Is that man black? And they are all white? Yea ok Sometimes you gotta let it go it’s to dangerous nowadays this couple could have lost their life over car mirror if that’s what started the fight But We're The Thugs🙄 Sick And Sad😑 Seems very ghetto What the f*** happened

Only men who haven't lived wild at a young age get beat down like this Thought it was a game until he seen us outside®🔥🚀 Demise Out Now Get Run It Up🚀 Only white people would get so jazzed up after an Elton John show they’d throw hands in the parking lot 😂😂 lbgtq don’t be playing I see but it’s aight fo em to act out

No view on why this person got his ass beat? Sometimes it’s deserved. The last time I threw hands was because I saw a man beating a woman in a parking lot. Hero’s sometimes have to fight back. Though we don’t want too. Hero’s are what keeps the criminals in line… Elton John wouldn’t like that indeed. Reese Hopkins, Chad Reeves-dad owns TryJax Construction where he works, and wife Diana Reeves who started the whole problem

“Elton John wouldn’t like that” 💀💀💀💀💀💀 Why Are these the same people who attacked the Capital? Asking for a friend !

That was awesome 👏 Wow they even pushed the guy the end for recording 😨 At an Elton John concert is probably the best part - seriously . TMZ trash Any context? Savages!! We’re they caught? 😢😢😢 Ghetto ass people

Omg 😳 Regardless of what happened, nothing justifies continually beating a guy when he’s down, then have your buddy jump in too. These aren’t men, these are cowards. 🧐 I think he was singing “Im Still Standing “ but someone took exception. Yall hyping up a guy (Chad) the one punching the elderly guy like aint nothing wrong. This dude's a piece of work. Hell he has court coming up here soon for assaulting a 14 year old kid. He also slammed the elderly guys wife on the concrete before beating him down. Yall sad af!!

Are you guys just gonna leave him there 🤣🤣🤣 What's going on with people? Why so much aggression? When will that change? WTF WTF!!! At an Elton John concert! Ridiculous! Dude punches him while he's on the ground, then proceeds to shove an old man for recording. Weak as fk... And people wonder why I’m strapped with the heater …smh

Savages!!! savage There would be less phones and more guns in this video if it happened in AZ. Shit, mfs would be running over other mfs in this video too ☕ Suprised he ain’t come back with a choppper White on white crime!!! The thuggery! Road Rage in a parking lot! All voted for Biden and want you to wear your mask

I get that same energy after bumping bennie & the jets Beat down? Yep elderly people being beat unconscious? That's why i don't go to Elton John concerts , always too much violence . Coward move to hit a man when he's down.

“Where’s the rest of the video”. I need more video to see if BRUTALLY beating someone was justified. (Sarcasm) That is so messed up‼️ “Freaking Animals”….”always resorting to violence”. “Uncivilized”….. Lol Reece’s Wife says “that was Jessica, you (punched?/shoved?) Jessica!” watch shadows in clip: 1/2=Jess (yellow) walking / Reece (red) shadow. 3=Jess/Reece face e/o 4=Reece squares up (leg/shoulders) 5=Jess goes down, witness notices.Reece leg seen 6=Reece arm / Jess leg in view

Freaking animals…. Who are this people lmfao 😂😂 It's a damn Elton John concert wtf you fighting. I hope both parties go to jail Not at the Elton John🤣 But pooh u know im really shiesty

Look at these thugs 🤦🏾‍♂️ What ever happen to one on one they new genealogy is made up of cowards that have to attack in a group. All those steroids and these dudes still a bunch of cowards !! Big man punching him while he’s down!! I’d love to meet them both! Damn- guess they should ban Elton John Damn thugs

There’s like a million videos of these people assaulting them? How has no one been charged “Elton John would not like that” Hey Elton John wouldn’t like that..😂 You would think only peaceful people would go see Elton John. This is ridiculous. I was expecting to see a bunch of 80 year olds 😅

This is just a DISTRACTION from what’s really going on behind the scenes in the Corrupt government of the US at an elton john concert? Whoa why I’d be very shocked if any news outlet were to label these people as “thugs”, instead of “concert goers” or “fans” or some crap like that. I see the behavior of thugs.

All I know is that “Elton John wouldn’t like that!” & I’m supporting that What in the cracker fuck?! So what led to this?! At a Elton concert too?! wow they are so casual when i comes to someone unconcious.. this is me 🏃🏿💨 Elton John wouldn’t like that😂 Look at those thugs. NO REGARD FOR LIFE. Completely void of any civilization. ANIMALS

I find people who can't control their emotional outbursts facinating and mildly entertaining 😄 it's like watching the devolution of the human race back into barbarians. How u grown and still resort to violence 2 avenge ur bruised ego 🤨 allowing someone to manipulate ur behavior Context , it may help

Karen got what Karen deserved, got mouthy with the wrong white boy , he's probably a librarian Not replying with a meaningless ass video cause u think ur cute These comments are disgusting. Can’t we just enjoy a street fight without bringing race into it? Black, white, brown who cares as long as it’s a good throw down, am I right? I see black street fights all day let me enjoy the rare white one eh? 😜

Goodbye yellow brick to the side of your head as you’re now concussed and needing medical attention Arrest all them CRAXY thug niggahs!!! This is Unacceptable! Elton John loves watching a good street ass kicking His shirt says Lions Not Sheep Since it’s white thugs on video notice how to tone of criticism of the violence is tone down. Just wanted to point that out. Now “they”need context of what happened before they make judgment……

What happens when a man steals another man’s butt plug. And? Maybe he said the n word Does eltonofficial know what happened in a parking lot after his concert to 2 of his fans This is over kill ! Put them under the jail! What is this world 🌎 going to this is so sad 😞 Elton says its ok, as long its Saturday night

Lmfao dude made sure he wasn't going to get that license plate number 😂😂😂 Cowards. The guy was being pummeled while he was down. Then at the end the other guy punches him while being knocked out. Again, a cowardly act regardless oh how it started. tRUMP Voter Behavior! ☝🏿🧐🇺🇸 These god damn hunkys are getting out of hand. They wonder why police always come fast in there neighborhoods

“Are you guys just going to leave him there?” No, they’re going to take him with them now. And they say hip hop concerts have all the fights? 🤐🤐 Somebody going to jail Thugs. I blame the music and bad home environment i thought it was the guns that caused violence NEWSOMS LEGACY TaureanReign Who got beat up? The reason I’m asking is because the w!te guy called him a name that they bleeped out.

YT VIOLENT THUGS that America will never show you in the YT main stream media Savage monkeys

So let me guess some how this is Elton Johns fault 🤦🏻‍♀️ Low life’s. Beating up an old man. How u Fighting at the end of Elton John concert ? 🤣🤣 wtf All This Going On & All Becky Could Think Of To Say Was..”Hey! Elton John Wouldn’t Like That” 🤣🤣🤣🤣😮‍💨 Bye ✌🏾 Elton John really wouldn’t like that!!👎

Daughter on Instagram said the dad has broken leg . They are waiting for the DA. When I grew up after walking to school in a blizzard 2 miles up hill both ways you could get into a fight without someone recording you. I'm assuming by the looks of that blonde drunk bobblehead alcohol was a factor I have something for ya! If you’re wanting an interview!

What he do Grown ass adults, how sad.

Seems like black privilege was involved but TMZ didn't show that part. It's 2022, literally have never seen any black person just randomly beat up for their color these days. Keep pushing that leftist agenda. I'm willing to bet that Elton John, did indeed, like that... Thugs and savages Why post and not explain..you already know we're going to ask

These people are DISGUSTING!! Did Roid Boy really need to hit him when he was already fucked up Context please No way 😉 What day was this? Elton John has a song called Saturday alright for fighting . This is just sad.. this is why I stay away from groups of people. satan and his demons can jump into anyone who have no self control over their emotions

That’s why I don’t like to go to that stadium always something happen!! Specially when is a game and there are children’s around that crazy people. They don't respect children or women.

1: if this was a white man on the ground it wouldn't of made news. And 2: it's a normal beat down but social media/ racial media wants to push a left wing agenda. TajeeSymone Such trash, how are you this angry after an Elton John concert at old people at that?!?! That concert was for them! 😂😂 This is after an Elton John concert? WTF…!?!?!?!?!?!

Why does this person find this so funny, what the hell is wrong with society these days & TMZ really..,😡👎💩 Seriously we live in such a fucked up world now where people just leave a dude that's laid out unconscious and nobody helped him, oh wait, somebody pulled out a camera phone and recorded him instead of helping him SMH

AT AN ELTON JOHN CONCERT BRUH😭😭💀 What in the potato salad with raisins is going on here ? 🧐 2 against 1? Both of these guys are weak as hell. Elton says 'Saturday night's alright for fighting, get a little action in'. So they did. Savages. This is why their community is as violent as it is. No accountability. Look how they treat each other. No respect for human life. These aren't men. Men fight 1 on 1. This is what these people are want for America. Total violence and chaos. Arrest all of them now!!

“Hey Elton John wouldn’t like that” lmao 🤣 I’ve seen way worse What has left come to bro people need to calm down Thugs 🥷🏼🥷🏼🤬 Freaking animals!! I'm so hard right now. Where Bro you went to see Elton Fucking John, how tf did it end in someone getting whaled on. So, have those white trash criminals been arrested

If something like this happened outside a playboi carti show, y’all would be demanding answers from the ARTIST, not to mention the aggressors, here y’all need context tho. ok

Sending thoughts and prayers Is he alive? Omg Everyone should be charged this is disgraceful wouldn’t happen in our Country. Body guards were cowards. They could have helped that young man not leave him there. They aren’t bodyguards/Security DISGUSTING! What in the white trash is going on here? These thugs are ruthless and ghetto! Omg. They left him on the ground!

Why has no one been arrested LAPD? FORGOT TO MENTION THEY ARE ELDERLY THEY BEAT UP AN ELDERLY COUPLE Who the fucc flights at an Elton John concert 🥴 California haha The pits at an Elton concert are wild as fuck also.

Omg look at these thugs and gang bangers and ppl are just standing around recording All those cowards won't even help the man incapacitated. Shame. This is disgusting! Why no one did not stop them and break them ! Instead, everyone is watching and holding their phones!! This is absolutely pathetic All 4 attackers should be prosecuted, lose their jobs, jailed and sued for millions. They took no mercy on the older couple.

Glad to see it was caught on camera! Policemen will be knocking on doors soon. its not saturday night is it? Violent leftist This is freaking vile She said are you guys gonna leave him there? Then proceeded to leave him there 😂😂 Sucker punching a man when he's on the ground alrighty knocked out.........Oh that's a real man......F$! P%$

I thought LGBT concert was safe?! Bro... What is wrong with people So, without context, what if before the camera started rolling homeboy got mouthy bcuz he was drunk, took the first swing, missed the dude, hit his wife instead and the other dude was that chicks brother and he caught the beat down he deserved? 🤷

People at any concert just wanna start fights for the dumbest reasons That's just wrong. Only fairy men would go to a Elton John covert 🙄 'Elton John wouldn't like that'😭 That guy in the black shirt needs to go to jail.. Look at those thugs 🤦🏽‍♂️ After an Elton John concert wtf

Elton John wouldn’t like that Shouldn't hit women that's what he gets old people need to learn their place. Human beings are getting more violent and savage! Sad. Must have been a Bad Crowd. Lol It’s sick! That’s what it is! A bunch of grown ass adults being kids probably over something so stupid! Learn to not let people get to you and walk away! Now it’s all over the Internet and it could ruin their lives! Sucks to be them!

Barbaric af. Sadistic af. It’s this kinda violence or shooting people every other week. Smh Look at these thugs Damn im gonna be careful around Elton John fans in future Looks like a good night at the disco All of this white on white crime... These thugs are out of control... Deport them back to Europe

Someone should called the cops Ghetto Put his ass in jail Hoodlums Who cares Look at those thugs they should be ashamed of themselves that’s so ghetto Another Dodger Stadium beating..... So wait… Bennie and the Jets got into a fight? Our world is in chaos. It’s sad that people are finding things to laugh at about this.

Hey mom!…….I beat up a 60 year old man tonight!……..son….I’m so proud of you!

Why do we all act like animals? Jesus 😒 At a Elton John Concert.. Really Who’s the woman in white tank? She looked like she was trying to block then stumbled away? Was that the wife of victim too? Bitch shot from a thot boy Oh no They all big Billy badasses until I bring out a glock fuckingentitlemorons!

Savages 🤭 Just a bunch of animals 😏 Thugs

Who new listening to Elton John’s music could lead to thuggery? White on white crime does exist 😏 Trash Look at these thugs 😏 I guess that's why they call it the blues All I see is thugs 😩 Imagine going to a Elton John concert listing to I'm still standing and then getting knocked the fuck out she said ' Elton john wouldn't like that ' lol

Over a fender bender ? Like people are seriously that on edge ? Wow! Y'all have never witnessed real violence have you

TMZ loves posting things without context. TMZ also loves siding with the wrong people because drama = ratings. You lost all credibility a long time ago. Why haven’t their names been plastered all over social media? ‘Murica! As long as mom 👩 is ok Avery ting is OK 👌 Can anyone post their ‘s we have products that can help with the healing

White on white crime again?!? This gotta stop WhiteLivesMatter No Elton would not like that. That woman is 100% right spread love not hate! Just a bunch of thugs Savages and thugs! Animals. Just ruin everything. 😏

ConwayShow Hope these guys have that same energy when they are avoiding prison gang rape. Why...over what? how tf ppl so violent after seeing elton If it happened in Chicago they would be on a whole different frequency...grown ppl do stupid shit everywhere... A lady made a video about this on tiktok she said her parents were jumped and she is looking for the people who did it. Her mom got punched in the face too!!

Suck punch … you a real man, What in the “Mole Hair Suit” is going on in this video? Elton John be getting his fans turnt up huh lmao...i don't see how in any way this could happen after one of his concerts 😂😂😂 they we're probably arguing about what color pink he was wearing 🤷‍♂️ . .. . L . . . . . Things are getting crazy out there. I need a hug. Hold me closer tiny dancer.🤪

Looks like a couple of MAGA tards owning a lib. Cool Saturday nights alright for fighting Straight thugs It turns out that thugs come in all colors and ethnicities. 🌈LGBT IS DANGEROUS White on White Crime 😳🤷🏾‍♂️ Monsters, I'm glad the internet is helping this poor old couple

I pray that this also would happen to their parents! 😡 Not some rapper’s concert but an Elton John concert. Wow 😂 WhitePeopleBehavingBadlyToo If this was a hip-hop artist most if y'all would be on a whole other frequency with your comments. 'I need more context', 'cant judge before you know both sides'. Keep that same energy for these hooligans you keep for the others

So the drunk guys beat up the elderly couple for yelling at them for breaking their window that pathetic It's the lyrics. So violent. Hidden messages in Elton John songs when you play them backwards. What did he even do? All I see is people beating a guy... why? I'd be letting off rounds, and dropping these thugs left and right

The last punch by the big guy could be bad for him. 10 years in San Quentin for that shit. Hope it’s worth it. Where is this graphical? looks normal to me Guy still didn’t deserve that kind of beat down. Then everyone wants to walk away when he’s unconscious. Do them the same way in other race

OMG that scary 'Hey Elton John wouldn't like that!' LOL WTF? They’ll have hundreds of cops Dodgers game for us POC, but none for the these white demons. Goes to show what the stadium thinks of us. Elton John Gangsta Crips are at it again! Every concert they show up ready to rumble! Wtf? Oh no ! This can't be true...NOT the good white folks !🤦🏾‍♀️

Are yall really blind to how it is in the regular world? 'You gonna leave him there'? Like wtf do you expect? You want them to help the mf they whooped? Looking like a gangsta rap concert lol. Elton John wouldn’t like that.

So sad and to think these are are adults. WHAT OUR COUNTRY HAS CONTINUALLY BE ABOUT VIOLENCE!! Is that gay bashing? Wtf is fighting after an Elton John concert ConwayShow Thugs. Don’t know how to act in public. Disgusting. Stop the white on white violence. I need more context before I judge always 2 side to a story

It’s that music it tell ya! Dam… At a Elton John Concert… nothin about his music is violent so why are concert goers riled up like this afterwards.. if you can’t be safe at a Elton John concert then we are really fucked up as a society i thought it got rough at rap concerts

Very clearly, we need more education and family values in the white community. Who stands around to watch and video this behavior? Disgusting 🤢 I hope their lives are completely ruined by this. I can’t tell if I’m seeing this correctly. In the beginning was the woman holding the man down to receive blows to the head?

Only a pathetic coward would sucker punch someone while they’re laid out on the ground defenseless. tmz you post something 4x a day, once is enough!!! WTAF Disney staff beating up Bob Chapek. R.I.P. parking lot guy How does a Elton John concert get violent.. fuck wrong with these dudes that’s crazy and see white peoples be hood too

I only wish others would have made him really answer for this Put their bitchasses in prison. Elton John can fight? 'Elton John wouldn't like that ' It’s not Saturday night yet. More Homophobic GQP NaziKlan Trash Sycophants? Imagine getting beer muscles after listening to candle in the wind? So the blonde lady trips over the other lady who is on the ground, that is how her head hit the concrete.

'ELTON JOHN WOULDNT LIKE THAT' you tell em Barbara 😂😂😂 its sad, so sad. its a sad sad situation. and its getting more & more absurd.

Elton John 😂 violent thugs at it again How you get the fighting at an Elton John concert? Not white on white violence at an Elton John concert Was he a tiny dancer How the hell are you going to attend an Elton John concert, beat someone up outside, then call them a gay slur. Sick ass people these days. He must be a republican

GeorgeGascon lapd dodgerstadium Pieces of sh!t. Can’t wait to hear about the criminal charges and then the eventual civil charges. I hope they own a home, don’t have umbrella insurance and this family that was assaulted takes them for everything they own. They have been identified...at least all over social media.

They going to prison😂 There is 2 sides to every story Punch of pussies Not to be political but this is what happens when you speak hate, people bottle it up and explode when they see fit. Are you not going to a concert to have fun?

HORRIFIC ATTACK TMZ.By.Woman Convicted of Storming Nancy Pelosi's Office in Jan.shared a special message.

com One man is lucky to be alive after suffering a brutal beatdown in the parking lot after an Elton John show ... He could then be seen on a giant video screen walking down a yellow brick road into the distance. and new video from the attack shows just how violent things got. The extended video, obtained by TMZ, shows a man in blue repeatedly beating the victim in the Dodger Stadium parking lot Thursday night -- the victim puts his hands up before getting kicked back down to the ground..

A different attacker wearing black then lands a violent blow on the man's face, seemingly knocking him out.” “In 1975 , this woman was here with me, and we sang this song,” John said as he brought out Dee. One of the attackers calls the victim a"fat f***ing f*****" a couple of times before they take off. Play video content FLEEING THE SCENE The man in black was so eager to get his licks in, he can be seen violently pushing a female friend out of the way and to the ground. You also see him charge a bystander filming, appearing to snatch the phone out of his hand and shove him. John played “Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me” in tribute to the four bandmates who have died during his career, and after the first verse brought on another guest, shouting, “ladies and gentleman, Brandi Carlile!” The moment was an unspoken tribute to another late collaborator, George Michael, who dueted with John in the same way on the song in 1991. As we reported, 1 arrest has been made so far in the gruesome attack ."Thank you for being the friend that you were for my mom.

.. A drum machine pounded as Dua Lipa, in a black dress that contrasted with the sparkles on everyone else, came out for the first of the encores, “Cold Heart,” her 2021 hit with John. although the suspect hasn't been identified. LAPD told us it all stemmed from a fender bender between 2 different parties .. “And this was my very first hit, 52 years ago.  Over the years, Elton has shown his ongoing friendship with Diana's younger son, including as a guest at their wedding in 2018 and while speaking out in their defense in 2019 after they vacationed together in France.

. which escalated into the violent beatdown seen in the most recent video. . About two hours earlier, after taking the stage in a tuxedo with sequins that flared into a flame design and opening the concert with “Benny and the Jets,” he explained the significance of the city to his music.