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Elsa Pataky, Interceptor

Elsa Pataky, Luke Bracey To Star In Netflix Film ‘Interceptor’ From Director Matthew Reilly

Elsa Pataky, Luke Bracey To Star In Netflix Film ‘Interceptor’ From Director Matthew Reilly

3/5/2021 1:00:00 AM

Elsa Pataky , Luke Bracey To Star In Netflix Film ‘ Interceptor ’ From Director Matthew Reilly

Fast & Furious actress Elsa Pataky and Holidate’s Luke Bracey have signed on to star in Interceptor , an action drama that will be released by Netflix . Matthew Reilly , the Australian actio…

CollateralTomorrow, When the War Beganscreenwriter Stuart Beattie.The film follows an Army lieutenant who must utilize her years of tactical training and military expertise to save humanity when sixteen nuclear missiles are launched at the US, and a violent coordinated attack simultaneously threatens her remote missile interceptor station.

“As those people who have read my novels know, I love telling big action stories that are told at a frenetic pace,” said Reilly. “I wanted to bring that kind of rocket-fast, relentless, high-stakes storytelling to film, and so Interceptor was born. Elsa is just perfect as our lead: a strong, independent and determined woman who, in the face of overwhelming odds, just refuses to give up.”

Beattie is producing the project with Matthew Street and Michael Boughen for Ambience Entertainment. Chris Hemsworth, Kathy Morgan, Christopher Mapp, Robert Slaviero, and Peter D. Graves will serve as executive producers.Production is slated to take place in New South Wales, Australia. headtopics.com

Pataky starred in Netflix’s first Australian original series,Tidelandsand Bracey is set to appear in Baz Luhrmann’sElvis Read more: Deadline Hollywood »

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Elsa be trippin This has me pumped!! Matthew Reilly is a brilliant author with crazy action packed novels. Excited to see how that looks on the big screen (well the TV screen, it is Netflix after all)