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Elon Musk Gained More Money Than Anyone In The World While Trump Was President

Elon Musk gained more money than anyone in the world while Trump was president by @skleb1234

1/24/2021 3:13:00 PM

Elon Musk gained more money than anyone in the world while Trump was president by skleb1234

The Tesla chief’s fortune increased the most, however, after Joe Biden was elected president.

America’s first billionaire president was kind to America’s billionaires, whose fortunes largely rose as the stock market climbed. No billionaire made out better than Tesla cofounder and CEO Elon Musk. From the time Donald Trump took office on January 20, 2017 to the end of his term on January 19, 2021, Musk’s net worth has skyrocketed by more than $170 billion,

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Forbescalculates. Shares of Musk’s electric vehicle maker, Tesla, have soared by 1,625% over the last four years, far outpacing the broader stock market. (During that time, the S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial Average gained around 70% and 60%, respectively.) 

Musk’s fortune has grown at an unprecedented rate. The day that Trump took office, Musk had a net worth of $12.9 billion. He is now the second-richest person in the world, with a net worth of $184 billion, according toForbes’ estimates. The Tesla billionaire is now just $6 billion behind the current wealthiest person on the planet, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, who is worth $190 billion. The two billionaires have spent much of the last few weeks competing for the title of world’s richest person. Musk first headtopics.com

from Bezos on January 8, 2021, before the Amazon billionaire later reclaimed it,Forbescalculates.Musk and Trump have had a complicated relationship since 2016. Musk initially served on two of Trump’s advisory councils, advocating for environmental sustainability. When Trump announced to the world in 2017 that the United States would withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement, however, Musk decided to quit. “Climate change is real,” he

at the time, adding, “leaving Paris is not good for America or the world.” Read more: Forbes »

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A pandemic of the novel coronavirus has now infected more than 105 million people worldwide and killed over 2.2 million of them.

skleb1234 ....and skleb1234 Happenstance skleb1234 Wow....👏 skleb1234 Chuông chùa vang vọng sớm mai Imagine the right fractions panicking when this man one day runs for office, becomes the president and then pushes everyone to get a chip in their head, promoting technocracy over democracy. 😏 skleb1234 Very undeserving. Can't wait until he's taxed properly.

skleb1234 Yeah —how are those billionaire boys doing it? skleb1234 Yes... while he elonmusk was changing the world for the better! Maybe connect THOSE two thoughts instead! skleb1234 Why? skleb1234 But is the correlation there? skleb1234 🦊👍 skleb1234 An interesting correlation skleb1234 ...according to TDSers, DTrump is responsible for everything that happens. No credit to EMusk and his vision. Tiresome. Period.

skleb1234 The share price of the company has something to do with it as well skleb1234 As well he should considering he was doing with private money what the government hasn't been able to do for the last 50 years. Maintain momentum with the space program. skleb1234 Greart man skleb1234 He earned it.

skleb1234 He will make more in Biden Presidency as Biden is more focus on Renewable Energy, ts about his vision and Future Electronic Market not about quick profit only. skleb1234 What Trump has anything to do with it? Apparently he has product that people are buying. skleb1234 This man should and must support IvankaTrump DonaldJTrumpJr for 2024!

skleb1234 Smart guy. Also works in his factories till he passes out many times. That’s how do. skleb1234 Error: no connection found skleb1234 and his girlfriend got Covid19 and doesn't wear a face mask skleb1234 Good. skleb1234 DON'T BELIEVE the NEGATIVE BITCOIN news that has been coming out! 🙉🙈 The Biden administration looks to be BITCOIN FRIENDLY in the stock exchange. Huge investment companies are manipulating the news to keep the prices low till they can invest; ie Guggenheim, Blackrock, Valkyrie!

skleb1234 Good for him. skleb1234 President Trump as a businessman was great for America's economy. The ' failure' was his popularity. So, it was easy for the Democrats to call him a world criminal. skleb1234 Forbes choosing another to go after. SteveForbesCEO still bitter. skleb1234 👎 skleb1234 yes, and we should allow the genius to play in his new found laboratory, the Universe.

skleb1234 Puppet skleb1234 The two are not necessary related. I got a cat. That also has fuck all to do with Trump skleb1234 Elon has made more profits than anyone because he knows what he is doing. It has nothing to do with Trump's drama. skleb1234 You mean Trump happened to be president while Elon Musk innovated at unprecedented levels. Stop trying to misrepresent correlation with causality, you luddites.

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skleb1234 And the stingy Elon did not send one penny to the Incumbent. skleb1234 Well deserved skleb1234 Correlation is not causation. skleb1234 cronyism is well paid off skleb1234 Congratulations 🎉 skleb1234 Interesting, considering President Trump wasn’t a huge proponent of EV. That’s how capitalism is intended to work. I wonder how much he will lose, when the government begins promoting green technology. Tesla EV ParisAgreement Automotive innovation climatechange

skleb1234 Maybe he can give him a free ride to Mars in Space X and he came can tweet into empty space all he wants. skleb1234 GOOD. I'm happy for him. I hope he reinvests it in his companies. He's the only billionaire who seems to have getting off this planet in his thoughts and actions. skleb1234 And?

skleb1234 I thought trump stole money to become richer whiles he was president? Or he gave them to Elon musk skleb1234 Ending Poverty a greater achievement and the new vision for America a quantitative infusion of cash spending to boost growth in the Economy No Budget No Debt No Deficit the Twin Council of Joy and Peace the Second Economy.

skleb1234 He would've gained even more, if someone else would've been president. skleb1234 And he'll under JoeBiden's administration and he'll under whatever the fuck the administration is 🙄 skleb1234 Good, he deserves it. Everyone else is busy hating him for shit they can’t do with their own lives and he’s steadily bringing us into the future. Wtf have any of you done with your life besides ask for free shit and make stupid financial decisions? Ill wait....

skleb1234 I can't say anything nice about him. soulless skleb1234 Because trump thinks electrical cars and environment is bullshit skleb1234 Its for the innovation for future elonmusk in POTUS45 Presendecy Global Peace Ceasefire came it on many ways. As a Business Tycoon as PRESIDENT is not a Business for 4 years but a Change for Future. BeBest

skleb1234 And he's still ugly af. And got screwed by grimes. mpho_pitsi_SA skleb1234 more than Trump himself? skleb1234 Even a fraction of this amount could be useful skleb1234 skleb1234 looks like you messed up the headline. I fixed it. “Elon Musk gained more money as he paved the way to a sustainable green/EV future”. elonmusk

skleb1234 The question is: would it have been different if it were not Trump? skleb1234 AbolishTheBillionaireClass skleb1234 elonmusk is the must successful African American. skleb1234 So at least one African American did well under Trump skleb1234 He sold all his stuff to focus on Mars. skleb1234 Well someone had to. Are you upset it’s not a Dem? If it had been, would you have written about that? Unlikely

skleb1234 My knowledge of finance is pretty minimal. Could someone explain why this company is worth so much money and there are so few of their products out in the world? I genuinely can’t wrap my head around it’s value versus the tangible products you see in use. skleb1234 Musk Results wud have crystallized with anyone as president

skleb1234 Forbes pointing. skleb1234 I hope he gives to charities 👏 skleb1234 That is because he is the beneficiary of silver spoon communism his companies are subsidized by the U.S. government. skleb1234 That's nice dear skleb1234 Are you balming Mr. Musk or praising Mr. Trump? Either way it is really a bad idea.

skleb1234 Jeff bezos too skleb1234 So? skleb1234 Which is why he was donating to fanatic republicans insane amount of money. He took the red pill, did not he? skleb1234 So what. He will be buried without. He creates jobs. skleb1234 Is there any causality here or would it have happened under any administration at that time? Would it have been more with a climate-change-acknowledging admin? Did Trump's climate denial cause ppl to see more value in what Musk is about?

skleb1234 Get ready to pay it back by paying your fair share elonmusk 🙂 skleb1234 Me trying to figure out which was a better knock out 🤔 skleb1234 Next stop mining asteroids . skleb1234 To be fair, this would have occurred regardless. Forward-thinking sustainability is here to stay -- even if big-oil environmental destruction holds the administration.

skleb1234 Good for him. At least unlike the others like Jeff Bezos he didn’t destroy small business and the middle class. He’s the only one who deserves to be where he is. Funny how you all attack him skleb1234 .........and ? skleb1234 I would be also, with 82 federal grants and tax credits. skleb1234 Everyone on the left hates Elon Musk it seems but he's doing more for 'global warming' than any of them combined? Tell me I'm wrong.

skleb1234 Guy is a con artist skleb1234 Good for him! GM could have been the car of the future if they didn't destroy there EV program in the 1990's (I bet they regret that desision). skleb1234 Don't you mean since Jay Powell has been Federal Reserve Chairman? Most of his money printing has gone into Tesla stock and Bitcoin.

skleb1234 I Guess, Trump is the luckiest president for elonmusk skleb1234 Hopefully elonmusk backs Trump on buying CNN skleb1234 This was inevitable, regardless of the administration skleb1234 ~ As expected! skleb1234 thanks skleb1234 Elon must 😏 skleb1234 Cash out king skleb1234 From the time Donald Trump took office on January 20, 2017 to the end of his term on January 19, 2021, Musk’s net worth has skyrocketed by more than $170 billion, Forbes calculates.

skleb1234 grimes impact