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Elon Musk Debuts His Hard-Edged Tesla Cybertruck–And It’s Really Not For Everybody

Elon Musk debuted his hard-edged Tesla Cybertruck—but it didn't go exactly as planned


Elon Musk debuted his hard-edged Tesla Cybertruck —but it didn't go exactly as planned

The sci-fi loving billionaire has reinvented the pickup for the 21st century as an austere, hard-edged electric beast. Market reaction isn’t great as Tesla shares drop.

Elon Musk has reinvented the pickup for the 21st century as an austere, hard-edged electric beast. It’s going to look cool in future “Terminator” movies and draw open-mouth gapes rolling through tony neighborhoods in Los Angeles or Silicon Valley. It’s also unlikely to be a volume challenger to full-size trucks from Ford, GM and FiatChrysler in the near term, if ever.

Franz von Holzhaussen, Tesla’s chief designer, demonstrated how tough that exterior was by hitting the front driver door with a sledgehammer that appeared to do no damage. The vehicle also has glass that Musk said was similarly super strong, though a demonstration to prove that didn’t go as well. Von Holzhaussen severely damaged both front and rear passenger windows when he threw a hard steel ball at them.

Market reaction to the debut wasn’t positive. Tesla shares dropped 6.5% to $331.76 in early Nasdaq trading.

The curious vehicle is something the sci-fi loving Musk has wanted Tesla to do for years, and a passion project reflecting his personal vision. “I do zero market research whatsoever,” he told an audience at a

A person places items into the front trunk cargo area of the Rivian R1T electric pickup truck during

that was unveiled a year ago, also in Los Angeles. Its truck will deliver up to 400 miles of driving range per charge, have the ability to haul up to 11,000 pounds and offer clever new types of storage.

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It went exactly as planned. 200K preorders in 5 days. They swapped them windows for the test drives 2 seconds after. Marketing genius. It’s debut was a disaster ....everyone is laughing. Just like the debut of just about every other world changing product or idea in history. It like when Apple says their phone screens are don’t crack...

Tech Looks like a delorian. You can hit the body with a sledge hammer no dent Tech I saw that tesula truck in LA Tech I liked it better when Dynamo did it. Is a horrible design remind me of Mad Max Somebody’s getting fired Does it seem only to me it is a part of their PR? Cybertruck, Eventually, there is no such thing as bad publicity. I guess it'snt tough control for them. Despite this, elonmusk is a perfect example 🚀

Plus zero emissions lol SamRichardson 💩

Tesla debuts futuristic new electric pickup Cybertruck to applause and derisionIt looks a little like a Mars rover, or a stainless steel triangle on wheels. What makes them think that's a truck? Can you just see the Rednecks tooling down the road flying their Confederate in that? not Im guessing a 4 year old designed it? Looks like shit!

This front he guy who said 'you don't have to make EVs ugly'. This thing is ugly. Tech Imagine pulling a classic vintage sailboat or vintage trailer with this. Lol Ugliest vehicle since VW's 'The Thing' This looks like a 10 year old kid's drawing come to life. Smh Understatement! It reminds me of that simpsons episode where Homer designs a car.

projects Wait what 🌚

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Lol fugly

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