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Elizabeth Warren says her plan to eliminate student loan debt can bypass Congress

Elizabeth Warren says she can forgive student loan debt without Congress


Elizabeth Warren says she can forgive student loan debt without Congress

The plan, which comes weeks before voting begins in the first primary and caucus states, adds urgency to legislation she introduced over the summer to cancel the bulk of the nation's outstanding student debt.

Presidential contender Sen. Elizabeth Warren said on Tuesday that she would begin to forgive student loan debt on the first day of her administration, using legal tools that would allow her to bypass Congress.

That bill, introduced with Rep. James Clyburn, D-S.C., would forgive up to $50,000 in student debt for individuals with household incomes under $100,000. But Warren wrote in her plan on Tuesday that the U.S. Education Department already has authority to cancel student debt, "and we can't afford to wait for Congress to act."

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Student loan debt is not a problem!! Go to school, pay your debt!! This world owes you nothing! Irresponsible and dangerous political rhetoric. SenWarren SenateDems If Trump said the same thing; Breaking: president trump pledges to bypass congress How much of this “student debt money” was actually used for housing, food, beer, pizza, cell phone bills, gas, Olive Garden, iTunes, etc.? I would think they need to actually add up the costs per credit hour and cap any amount at that.... but they won’t.

The new mrs trump This is all about getting young votes, and tells me she thinks young people are dumb enough to believe it. It will never happen, but may get her a few votes from the gullible. For that ☝🏽 reason...she may get my 🗳 So she will try to be President Trump. She has problems with everything Mr Trump does but will imitate him from at one. They wanted education now pay for it

Yeah.. let’s keep that trend going.. Jesus save us from these people who have no care or interest in governing by the rules that make democracy democracy Does that mean your going to pay back those who were diligent to pay their loans on time! Reward the delinquent, punish the diligent! Is this the new American way!

Elizabeth Warren Says Bernie Sanders Sent Volunteers ‘Out to Trash Me’ Elizabeth Warren said on Sunday she was 'disappointed' that the Bernie Sanders campaign used a volunteer call script that suggested she appealed mainly to highly educated voters and would not be able to expand the Democratic Party coalition Who when where? Give up. Its anyways KAG2020 I have high cheekbones, just like my grand Pappy

I do NOT want my taxes to pay off student debt The aspiring dictator! Here what mattes; don’t talk about anything else The President is a criminal The President is hiding his taxes The President is unfit to serve The President works for the Russians The President is accused of 19 rapes Six of the President closest friend are in prison

No, our country doesn’t need another “benevolent dictator” in the White House. I thought they didn't like dictators tho. Or is that only when it's the other side? Rhetorical question. Sorry, Ms. Warren. I think that you have just spoken your way OUT of the Dem nomination. The US wants a new POTUS and NOT another that believes in being a Dictator. NOT VOTING FOR TRUMP OR YOU!!!! We WANT REPRESENTATION!

Similar to handouts to farmers to buy votes Do it. Another 'pen and phone' POTUS in the making. Who needs The Legislative or Judiciary when Fauxcahontas wants to make her own failures.

Elizabeth Warren Is Starting a Fake Beef with Bernie SandersYou really do hate to see it 😬 everyone is after my guy Bernard. They be scared. This is literally fake news wow Stop this; that's not true. The reporters stand by their stories. She doesn't have anything to do with it.

Good thing she’s not going to be President Congress to be by passed again, why have congress? The Dems are done Are we issuing a magic wand to the next president? Bypass Congress? Maybe she will be the first woman president to be Impeached. Lol what a joke these Dems are. Bribe Plenty of reason to never vote for her

Idiot Using taxpayers money to buy votes. Why not car loans or mortgages etc ewarren don't stop there. Imagine what we could do with the money if your plan would reimburse us for the student loans that we worked hard to pay off....DemDebate studentloan

Bernie Sanders told Elizabeth Warren in private 2018 meeting that a woman can't win, sources saySources say Bernie Sanders told Elizabeth Warren during a 2018 discussion about running for president that a woman can't win ComfortablySmug establishment!! I disagree with him. Does it matter? CNN doesn’t want Bernie to win.

When trump tried it with border security it was wrong.... but now Why stop there? How bout my home loan, car loan and boat loan? Will I receive a payment for doing the right thing and paying off my student loan? 'When the people find they can vote themselves money, that will mark the end of the Republic.' Benjamin Franklin

Joke ! Not sure people want that again. Get rid of Charter schools. Or change the criteria. Many have just taken from public schools. have another beer, lizzie and tell me how ya saved john smith again... Wrong answer. That debt is owed and due. I paid mine. Been reading about Hitler again,haven't you, Fauxchahontas. He had his enabling laws and you have a healthy disrespect for the Constitution.

I guess she plans to move the treasury printing presses into the Oval Office. Helicopter Lizzie at her finest.

Bernie Sanders Told Elizabeth Warren A Woman Couldn't Win, Report SaysSanders denied the alleged 2018 exchange, and Warren has yet to comment. Okay then let’s move on What would we do without the media trying to turn everything into a tabloid shitstorm? Probably get along much better and make a lot more progress. VoteBlueNoMatterWho

she also claimed she took 100,000 selfies when they were all photographs. she also claimed to be a native american she also claimed bernie said a women can't win she also dismissed automation without looking at the data. Dont vote for her because you share the same bodypart. If i can get a refund for mine, then i’m all for it

Would this woman please pack up her wigwam and call it a day. What a dingbat Not unless her plan is to personally pay off everybody's debt, preferably using the piles of money she earned as a college professor, a job she got by lying about her heritage. ewarren Great news. Now I can tell my kids to borrow money and I can get a new Porsche. Anyone who has a brain should instantly switch parties. Moronic. Thanks Liz.

Zero out interest and make it harder to get the loans in future, not everybody needs to go to college How about the government stop using tax payers' money to give 100k loans to 18 yr old snowflakes to go major in gender studies? Why is the govt using my tax dollars to pay for that huh? She sounds just like Trump

And she will give you all free ice cream 🍦every Sunday.. and a lollipop 🍭

Opinion | Elizabeth Warren Is Ready for a FightIn Opinion Elizabeth Warren 'famously has 'a plan for that' and had a (lengthy) answer for nearly every question,' the editorial board writes. 'But a few questions caught her off guard.' We need a president who has plans for things unlike the current president who just lies about having plans for things. She won’t be caught off guard again. Elizabeth Warren now has a PLAN for that. Did you morons ask her what her favorite app is?

What's a constitution? Also why stop at student loan debt? I have some loans, credit cards, and mortgages that need forgiving too. New Year's Resolution 1...Stop paying on my student loans✔️ Then I want my mortgage forgiven What about car loans, credit card debt & mortgages? Why is student loan any different? There is no such thing as free shit-someone somewhere will pay

Trump is only one that said I will and did everybody else on the Democratic side says I have a phone and pen No she can’t. She will NEVER be President. Neither will Bernie or Biden. Thank goodness. Sounds like she must admire the way Trump gets stuff done. Good for you girl. Um, no. No she cant. She cant just wipe peoples debt with a magic wand. Not to mention the financial institutions she would bankrupt which would devastate the economy. Delusional.

Democrats: yes - government caused the student loan crisis and liberal government run universities fleeced the students. Democrats: but trust us - unaccountable government that caused the crisis will for sure fix it - see obamacare for reference of our success.

#RefundWarren trends after Elizabeth Warren accuses Bernie Sanders of saying a woman couldn't beat TrumpUsing the hashtag on Twitter, supporters of the Vermont senator encouraged donors to the Massachusetts senator to request refunds via ActBlue over the dispute. TROLL PROMOTED BERNIE IS NOT FOR DEMOCRATS BUT THE MEDIA KEEPS PUSHING HIM JOE LEADING MOST POLLS, BERNIE IN SECOND BUT THE MEDIA TRASHES JOE. REPUBLICANS ARE PRAISING BERNIE KNOWING DAMN WELLTHEY CAN BEAT HIM. THIS ELECTION IS NOT A POPULAR CONTEST , ITS WHO CAN BEAT TRUMP I hate to agree with Bernie, but...

This woman is a socialist, plain and simple! No socialist can run this country! It would all go to hell in a hand basket!!! I worked my ass off to pay mine off...how about a handout libs? reimburse me. If those kids are getting free college why can't I? Lets be fair - liz needs mindless sheep who think congress will actually just snap their fingers and erase their debt.

So trump is evil dictator when he bypasses congress but she’s the second coming when she wants to do it lol. She’s pathetic. Don’t think so forgiveness creates a taxable event 👹👹👹 “I am your God!” ewarren said “Nothing is outside of my power once elected.” She could also bankrupt the country and put us back into recession and start the path to 3rd world.

Wait... when Trump bypasses Congress you call for him to be removed. Now you want to do it? No, no she can’t. Pandering

Haven't you noticed yet that she says a lot of stuff that simply isn't true or is ultimately impossible? I mean, jeez - her desperation is practically dripping off her tony suburban-mom sweaters. Enough already! Warren pandering to the crowd! Ridiculous promise! This is called bribing people for votes. Vote for me and you debt goes away, poof.

Liz just lost the blue collar vote... (kidding... she never had the blue collar vote.) My question is, what happens to those students that worked hard and saved for years to paid-off their student loans? What lesson did they learn? No accountabilty for actions and choices... Democrat way. 'The President is an authoritarian blowhard who misuses his power and tramples on the Constitution!'--E. Warren Also E. Warren: 'Whaddaya mean I can't spend a trillion dollars without Congressional approval if I'm President? Pffffttt.'

I have forgiven my younger self for taking out my student loans. That is enough for me thanks. Student loan forgiveness 40-60k per person that has debt? Yang Freedom Dividend $720,000 in a lifetime. Maybe you have student loan debt because you’re bad at math. $720,000 for all adults student loan debt forgiveness for just those that have it.

No, I mean, but, you can't, though, so... Don’t need or want the Gov’s help with MY debt or my Wife’s, but if you’re going to force the issue guess I’ll put the loans in forbearance this year and take the family to Hawaii. You’ll cover accrued interest too, right SenWarren...? Trump hasn't used Congress for anything so she certainly forgive student loan debt if nominated and elected. She'll just be following the precedent that he set.

I will not vote for anyone who doesn't understand the three branches of government. This would be giving a blank check to the education institutions to raise tuition since the taxpayer would be on the hook for this. Isn't she a law professor that also wrote a text book on bankruptcy. What I'm saying is, she knows better and is either being disingenuous or purposely trolling.

Bullshit ! I am better for paying my own college tuition I too was shocked to learn that Warren was 1/1024th correct.

So much for the 3 branches of government Hey let’s buy votes by giving away other people’s money. Well, I’m Sure Pocahontas is Once Again Confusing Tribal Law with that Pesky Old Document Of Negative Liberties, You Know “The Constitution” It happens sometimes when you get older! I realize. Gosh, the other day I saw her doing a Ritualistic Indian Dance, with hand signs! 🏹

This is like saying, I am going to write off everyone’s mortgage. Total BS. The debt will not vanish in thin air. The taxpayer will have to pay the loans. She’s slipping in the polls and will promise anything for a vote. What a pos My guess is she has never loaned any students money so they can go to school.

it's not like warren would be dishonest to get elected....lol Meanwhile, in the real world no she cannot. Last week weren’t we just talking about the need to restrict the President’s power now President Warren (shudders 😕) would have unlimited spending authority? Politicians are just the worst, the worst people on the planet.

So if I paid off all my debt or refinanced privately to save interest cost, am I just shit out of luck? How is that fair or right? Instead of squandering the money on toys or other luxury items, I was responsible and paid my debt. WTF ewarren ? This is called buying votes with the taxpayers money

Since student debt is the 1 asset owned by the US government, what does she intend on replacing it with? Serious question. We’ve recently learned that ewarren will say anything to be nominated. Just ask BernieSanders LyinLiz RefundWarren DropOutWarren ForkedTongue My credit card debt, identifies itself as “student loan” debt... it’s identified itself as trans-financial.

I’m taking out loans now while the money is free! Just like a Democrat - ignore the will of the people, attempt to buy votes with promises they’ll never fulfill and provide free stuff in exchange for a vote. Warren, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF HER BRAINWASHED IDEAS, will destroy our economy She has $1.6T of her own money ? You took a loan, now pay it back. Why not also forgive car loans, mortgages, medical bills and boat loans ?

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Wow what a Whackjob TuesdayMotivation TuesdayMorning tuesdayvibes TuesdayTips OANN realDonaldTrump She lies when she breathes, so we are suppose to believe this?

CANCEL ALL DEBT!!!!! What article or amendment gives her that authority? Not sure how that is possible What about gambling debt? Millions of Americans are saddled with gambling debt. She should focus on that as well. But killing a vile terrorist is a no no... Only God Forgives This incoherent and out of this world rumbling is how you know when this campaign is in trouble, hanging by the thread, and in need of urgent attention.

She will have to become queen first. It’s not her debt to forgive. Incentivizing people to make stupid and risky decisions? Yeah what could go wrong? And I'm sure everyone who sacrificed and work hard for their money will be super happy to hear they have to foot the bill for stupid people and their stupid decisions.

I didn't realise she is THAT rich. Doesn’t it seem like the Demorats we elect on worry about their term and not what comes after? 👀Obama-U1 would only keep Iran from nukes during HIS admin 👀Warren-EO to cancel student loans! Leave the fallout to the next incumbent. Open ur eyes people! So do I get back the $20K student loan that I repaid?

Love the idea. Doesn't address the root of the problem. Both her approach and Bernies are a guise to buy a vote. If they really were sincere in this regard why haven't they made it happen before now? You don't need to be the President to get shit done. Lol... well that’s certainly not true. She’s getting desperateeeee.

Goes to show how used to being a parasite she has become. All awareness of needing hosts to feed off has gone. AbolishParasites Good luck with that Love how all the people so afraid of 'dictators' are in love with this. The Angry Nun is mistaken. To be fair, she can only cancel 1/1024th of your student debt.

Warren has just as much power to forgive student loan debt as a candidate as she would as POTUS. Is this before or after the next fib? Or is this the fib? 🤔 No she can't. She essentially offering to give some people thousands of dollars I tax payers money, in return for their vote. She’s imploding and doesn’t what to do, so she’s desperately trying to find something - anything - that will stop the bleeding.

Only govt loans. Loans taken through banks are personal debt and would need to adjudicated in bankruptcy court. Seems like she will be impeached for abuse of power too. I'm 37 and pay student loans like anyone else and I absolutely support the idea of making college affordable, wiping out unnecessary debt, and going after predatory lending practices.

Yeah right! Everything must go through House Dems first!

This is tyrannical This is a classic QuidProQuo She has that much money? Well then by all means. Go for it Narrator: She's lying. She could only forgive 1/1024th of it. which is? Fascism Man, Warren will say anything at this point. Her candidacy is mega-fragile at this point. I bet she'd say she's gonna cure cancer, end all war, make everyone rich and fix the climate if she knew the media would gently play along.

And stick tax payers with the bill. Hell NO! Democrats are claiming Trump has abused power. Now this moron, campaigns on abusing power and authority. Admitting as such, should disqualify her. ewarren SenWarren Pocahontas just flailing now. Yikes

Narrator: She couldn't forgive student loan debt without Congress. Who is paying for the $1T in loans then? Warren is just buying votes... Bernie Sanders can't get it done he has the movement behind it and the plan Tell her to forgive my mortgage and then we’ll talk. I paid my student loans. The “executive order” bullshite didn’t work for Kamala, and it’s not going to work here for Lyin’ Lizzie.

Desperate falsehood being established by a woman on the ropes. Come back to reality. Free stuff. What could go wrong? People gonna be in for a big surprise when the tax man comes calling. StudentDebt

Democrats will say literally anything for a whiff of a vote. Suddenly Democrats are fans of the Imperial Presidency again. This is a disingenuous ploy to get anyone with loan debt to vote for her. Elizabeth Warren is a compulsive liar. Is there anything under the sun ☀️ that this woman doesn’t lie about ? SenWarren

How is someone going to trust Pocahontas? Why no dem asks who made it cost so much?

Elizabeth Warren says she'll shift the burden of student loans off those who signed for them, to those who didn't. There, fixed it for you. And how is she going to do that when she is watching Trump get inaugurated again? Pro tip: No, she can't. Besides, if this were true, POTUS would have as much money as he wanted for a wall, especially considering it is literally for the defense of our country, which is covered by the US Constitution.

Dumb as hell. Only 1 in 3 Americans have even a 4 year degree why would you make all of America pay for their voluntary debts and not provide any sort of alternative to getting back into said debt for the next generation I rate her chances at 1 in 1024 She can't. The House controls the purse pocahonkey is a liar.

She is swinging for the fences as her campaign dies. I believe the student should get a co-signer for the loan( like parent's). That way the parent has a say so in child's education, and to save their child from going into debt for a degree, and doesn't understand you work your way to the top. Start small, grow be steady. Let God

Of course, debt cancellation will be taken from the hides of taxpayers via more and higher taxes and contrary to common belief, mostly low and middle earners.

Just like the president can make a decision regarding a terrorist... got cha! Well, a good start would be for ewarren to give back that $429,981... Indian casinos pay for it? Can she get rid of my mortgage as well? The House has sole authority for appropriations. How will professors get pay & benefits?😂

Add this to the list of lies. How tf you plan to just erase over a trillion in owed funds? You’ll see a global recession for a stunt like that. Why not forgive all debt including the national debt. Problem solved. And no house for u either. Live with ur parents u good for nothing lay abouts Just offer up huge gobs of cash.. Lame Liz

Are you going to give a tax credit to my Son and Daughter who sacrificed and worked hard to pay for their student loans. When these students roll up large mortgage and and credit card debt are you going to bail them out again. What message are you sending She says a lot of bs. What else can she do without congress?

Crazy, what are the guidelines? Many used funds for personal items, cars, etc. What about the ones that dropped out of school. List goes on and on It doesent really matter what she says or thinks , she will not be the front runner of her party , never mind being 46 , never happen Elizabeth Warren also said she was American Indian. She also put a recipe in a book that was plagiarized from someone else. She also said she got fired for having kids. She also said her kid didn't go to private school.

Screw the Constitution!!! - E. Warren These students need to pay for their own debt ..they signed a legal CONTRACT to borrower money and agreed to pay it back-my signature is not on their loan documents.......I have an idea...why dont these students payoff my mortgage-wake up folks-you signed a contract, you pay it

😳 I have a helluva an idea...let's take care of student loan debts by actually expecting people who took out a student loan to pay it back. Simple.

Xristos10818751 She would be impeached Her desperation is profound Oh, is she paying out of her own pocket? Awesome! She’s going to dance in a circle and money will fall from the sky. Nice to know she's following the Trump model, 'I'll do whatever the hell I want regardless of what Congress wants'. Aren't the Dems criticizing him for taking that attitude? Hypocrisy

Um so like Obama she will end run the constitution and law . What a horrible idea. Et tu? Narrator: She could not, in fact, do that. Xristos10818751 Spoiler alert: She needs to drop out.

woah woah woah ... so once again congress isnt needed for critical decisions except when they dont like them ewarren ? This is in fact partisan when the bulk of those who benefit are largely Dem. How about something that benefits all Americans regardless of party for a change? I paid mine off already. Where is my free stuff? I’d like a boat 🚤 please

Thankfully we won’t have to worry about all her pandering insanity. As the imperial Presidency grows. And if you voted don't complain bout bypassing Congress, because rump has been no better. Zigmanfreud I paid off my school debt in 1985 so screw the future generation. They have to suffer like I did.... basically everyone in this thread.

Wow. There is no depth she won’t go to pander. No wonder she’s fighting with Bernie - they’re both the same exact thing. too bad she'll never be president NeverWarren 🙋🏻‍♂️I was told the unchecked expansion of Executive Power was bad.

The lies about EVERYTHING 😧 Muh norms No....she can't No need for panic. It's what leftists do. Horrible idea. This is all about the VOTES...getting the knucklehead kids that got themselves up to their eyeballs in debt to vote to bail them out. FREE STUFF FREE STUFF and your DEBT PAY, too! ewarren so you want to act like Trump realDonaldTrump and not be answerable to the other 2 Branches of Government?

What an enormous slap in the face to those of us that studied while we held difficult, undesirable jobs to defray the cost, worked 70 hours a week in the summer and paid off the loans that were required. Now the POS that drank away the experience should get relief? Ummm, no Reign 👏 in 👏 the 👏 imperial 👏 presidency

And she continues to lie!

'I can spend $1 trillion without congressional approval' - resist fascism Why stop at 50k debt and under 100k household income. If you are going to do that you might as well erase all of it. Don’t leave out people who got master and doctorate degrees. But the president better not take out a known terrorist operating in a foreign state other than his own! Hypocrites

Can magical Elizabeth Warren make my mortgage disappear too? FantasyLand Lyin' Liz,...'CHEIF FULL OF BULL', would bankrupt America in her first 100 days!!! Is she going to pay off everyone's mortgage and car loans also? No rulers. No kings. People should be weary of ANY candidate or president trying to do things without your representatives being involved. This is not how shit is supposed to work. Stop the madness.

Stupidest. Idea. Ever. Zigmanfreud If she personally cuts a check to cover it all, fine. Other wise she can f-off. If you like your constitution you can keep your constitution

Easy payoff in 7 yr studentloan -keep starbucks/ liquor / dining out to a minimum. -No $100+ music shows -Keep cell phone / Apple products for 3+ yrs - Enjoy House dinner parties and camping - brand new car? Start with a 2 or 3 yr old one - check where you live. Trendy = $$$ I guess 9% support must be more powerful than I realized.

Power corrupts absolutely! Even the promise of possible power turns politicians into liars and charlatans. Good grief!! I knew she was rich but didn't think she was 1.5 trillion rich!! Why hasn't she already done it Out of her own pocket? Congress controls the purse. So another thing Liz is wrong about.

Suddenly, Democrats are fans of the Imperial Presidency again... Like with a pen and a phone? What about credit card debt? Credit card companies prey on poor people even more. We need a total credit card debt forgiveness program

Would love to see what courts think about this one. Warren will promise anything to get elected. She's a garbage candidate that shouldn't even be allowed in our government. Narrator: “That, too, turned out to be a lie.” LOL. Nope she cannot. She can make an EO, but without congress to fund it, it's meaningless.

😂🤣😂🤣😂 How about people just learn to pay off there debt like adults. Ta da. Girl bye Warren and Sanders are trying to out Marx each other. Why haven't they looked at the institutions themselves? Tenure? Inflated salaries? Costs? Government subsidies to these places? No one was forced into these loans. Your debt is not my responsibility.

I could go either way on forgiving current debt, but this will likely just escalate the costs of colleges which are more tied to the availability of easy money (in the form of government backed loans) than inflation or any business factor. New campaign slogan: “High cheekbones - low student debt!”

everything is free we don't have to pay back debt. Isn’t rule by executive order a threat to our republic(tm) or just when Trump tries (unsuccessfully) to do it? Wouldn’t wiping out debt be tantamount to a taking without due process? At least from any privately held debt? This alone should disqualify Elizabeth Warren from being POTUS.

So President Trump can’t do his job as Commander in Chief with out notifying Congress but Pocahontas can forgive Student debt with out Congress approval? Let me consult my Constitution. Will I get reparations because I've already paid off my student loan debt? The problems with loan forgiveness are a. students will take on bigger and bigger loans as they do not have to pay back. b. colleges will raise their fees because they are not constrained by students ability to get funding; govt. is paying the bill or rather us taxpayers.

Wait, so is running things by congress NOT good now? Dems gotta choose a stance here. This changes by the hour. The Democrats 2020 platform I knew she was wealthy but had no idea she had that kind of money.

I thought Trump was the fascist Didn't Obama say this too? It never happened Because she carries a purse, she has power of the purse. It’s that easy. How does she figure she can do that? If this is true, then she better also make sure the government stops making and guaranteeing student loans. Lol sinking with a quickness.

lol, no. Does she mean by executive order? Isn't that overstepping her power? The same thing she is accusing President TRUMP is doing, hypocrite This is the one reason why I won’t vote for Warren. If you took the student loans then you pay them off. No exceptions.

then GenX-ers get 'loan reparations' for the money they paid back on schedule? Good luck? There’s another winner for The Democrat Platform... You folks who couldn’t afford to go to college and became plumbers, construction workers, etc.? You get NOTHING. You others, the ones who went to college, partied, slept late and majored in art history? Here’s $100,000.

Ok .. 😂 'debt bondage' 🙄 And then she woke up, and she was still a liar who wasn’t the president. Who needs three branches of government? If a Republican Trump can do it, so can a Democratic Warren, and Republicans can’t do anything about it.

Right. And it will only cost two cents too, I bet. 🙄🙄🙄 Everything she says is a lie. Hopefully the rubes & chumps that support her will wise up. It is time to start taking back the money that the oligarchs stole from the population. Elizabeth Warren would give back the stolen money to American families.

No she can't. PARTIALLY forgive student loan debt. Only Bernie will erase ALL student loan debt. Jesus all this gaslighting is making my head spin. FU CNBC Honestly, Warren can save it. . . and drop out while she's at it. RefundWarren Yeah, by taxing the adults! Warren is a proven liar and she's desperately slinging whatever she can against the wall hoping something will stick.

To little to late Narrator: She can’t.

Shes right, actually Like a dictator? Lol! This is totally none sense ... forgive student load... a trillion dollar... seriously? Does she not know what the definition of a loan is? Just making sure.. No, you cannot. SenWarren As good as that sounds to me who owns student debt, um no thank you. Who will pay for it? Oh I still will through taxes n so will my neighbor who had nothing to do with it. Take your free crap n go somewhere with it.

Another example why we should be teaching civics in the classroom instead of the touchy-feely stuff we do today. Apparently she's never heard of the concept called Separation of Powers. With $70K in student debt left to pay off, I’d rather die before casting a vote for you. Nah... Democrats like to bloviate about “checks and balances” and “power of the purse belongs to Congress”, but they’re the biggest hypocrites of all.

Seig heil baby Wife and I worked extra hours and sacrificed our lifestyle for years in order pay back the loans the WE AGREED to pay back. Liz always has a 'plan' for her freebies and promises, but can never seem to explain the details of how to pay for them. Nothing like an old fashioned voter grab using federal (taxpayer) money

Now do car loans Say it with me: you're accountable for your own debt and daddy government shouldn't be paying it. Push legislation to subsidize the student loan market, not legislation to go to college for free. It should be more affordable. Not free. End of story. Why? Didn’t students make a choice about where they went to school, what degree they earned, where they took a job? I have no understanding why we would pay as taxpayers are a nation for something that was a choice and they received a benefit to them selves for.

And she is only saying this to get VOTES! She doesn’t give a SHIT about these people or their student lisbs. What a POS! Translation: Warren says the Constitution doesn't matter. Your money is hers to spend. Lolol. Put nation in depression. She is an idiot. So free education for young voters, why not everyone that paid for college ever? Oh that is called Communism. No thanks. You want free education, give up FREEDOM and go live in China. cnn

It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you pretend there are no rules. Of course, it requires a lot of others to play along.

But trump can’t build a wall 😂😂 False. '...crack down on for-profit institutions...' Squawked like a true Communist. There's nothing wrong with making a profit, Liz! Did she pay hers back? 2 cents? Curious ewarren What happens to all those folks who DID pay off theirs student loans.... refund? Why should tax payers who never went to college pay for others failure? I guess only deadbeats benefit from your lunacy? Clearly you haven’t thought beyond the pander.

More vote buying with taxpayers money. Be honest! Obama Admin caused student debt problem to help pay for Obamacare & Warren bragged about the revenue earned on backs of students! Now she acts like she wants to fix a problem she helped cause! That's unconstitutional interference with a contractual agreement. No, she can't.

She must be very poor in math because dozens of people say she's wrong. Her candidacy has peaked. No way she makes it as the nominee. She might look good as a VP on a Sanders ticket. This lady’s nuts OK, I know she's rich and all, and it's a nice gesture, but how's she gonna pay all that debt off by herself?

About $100,000 per vote She's lying. She can't do it and she wouldn't if she could. She is crazy.....Just making all these promises to get elected.Who is going to pay for all the free stuff she promises. we the tax payers that’s who,but she won’t even admit to that.All she does is lie about everything.Being fired ,being Native American etc.etc.

This cheater should drop out of the race before she gives away everything under the sun to get elected. I’m pretty sure she can’t How about this idea. People can work for their tuition? We allow people in the military to earn college tuition, which is a GREAT idea. How about community service work, for both college AND trade schools?

So....just need an EO. Awesome. Thought the left was against dictators.

Ridiculous - pay your debts - if you can’t afford to go don’t go. It is called personal responsibility. Does she think the Presidency is a monarchy? Omg get off the loan forgiveness already. It’s a complete bullshit issue And watch the whole banking industry tank as they lose that money. It would crash the stock market and cause another meltdown akin to 2008. Only with MUCH higher govt debt already this time. It would be disastrous. Just more proof that Pocahontas doesn’t understand economics.

besttrousers this is an example of what i meant with 'warren proposed abuses of executive power' She also said she was Native American. That she so fundamentally misunderstands the powers of the Presidency is disqualifying. My loans are private sector as Gov didn't cover all nessasary costs, nor did my parents.

Abuse of power, impeachable offense!! What about the millions of Americans who did the right thing and paid off their student loans? Everyone who takes out a loan to pay for education signs a contract to pay that loan back. Warren is just trying to buy votes and should be called out.

Government pays off non collateral student loan, then at tax time they send you a form 1099 which you throw in trash b/c reduces your return. 5 to 7 years later government says you owe back tax and they take everything you own or will ever inherit. College seems to be useless unless you’re becoming a doctor, lawyer, or architect. Kids need to realize that a bachelor degree in business or menstrual art history only gets you a ‘$15/hour with no benefits’ job. Go to a trade school and get a union job!

This pandering for votes is so pathetic. 'I am going to give you tons of free shit, just trust me and vote for me!' Problem with free shit is it isn't free. BadLegalTakes No she can’t. I'm not opposed to relief but it makes no sense without first cutting the real cost of higher education. It got hyper inflated because the govt removed barriers to funding. Universities took the ball and ran with it. Merely wiping out the aftermath doesn't correct the problem.

Republicans: we will protect you from brown people Democrats: we will give you free stuff Pick your poison Americans! If you think you are supposed to have the power of 2 or more branches as President, you don’t deserve the job. She can buy votes with our money all on her own. Completly false.

So Elizabeth Warren is a tyrant..... ...liberals thinking erasing financial loans is like using an eraser on a chalkboard to erase chalk .....so stupid...always beware a person who lied her entire life to beat the system and who promises you something free that they do not own. If that’s the case can I get a refund?

Then I better get a refund for being responsible and paying of my loans like an adult. If student loan debt is so bad that the debt needs to be erased, why don’t they stop giving out these loans? Warren has a good lie for every situation. She's delusional. I paid off my loans without Elizabeth Warren or Congress. You know. Like an adult! 🙂

Desperado Would love this if it didn’t sound so transparently desperate at this point

That’s the way the Left wants things...rule by decree! Too bad she won’t get a chance. Liz is this your daughter? Next she’s gonna say she can make all credit card debt just disappear. Use actual constitutional commander-in-chief powers to kill terrorist threatening American lives without Congressional approval. Warren protests. Use ? power to forgive student loan debt without Congress. Warren's all over it.

Wow and people call Trump a dictator. Great, can I get a refund for the loan payments I made? I wouldn’t qualify for forgiveness but I’d still support it. Why do they get a free ride? How about helping retired people

Personal responsibility is no longer an American ideal B.S., I’d like to see her try. Can we stop with the bypassing Congress thing, please? Can we forgive Vince Vaughn without Congress too? I must have missed the news conference where Warren declared she was running for God Emperor. Is she paying for it? With her millions of dollars from her Indian casino?

Interesting - isn’t that the kind of actions that the Leftist criticize Trump doing? The Leftist hypocrisy is deafening except their followers are themselves hypocrites. I know she's rich, but damn. Supposedly she was once a lawyer....she doesn't know the law very well at all.

As if indentured servitude isn't their goal. Medicare for all first! Something for everyone not just those fortunate enough for college She could, but shes a calculating liar, so...Grain of salt. Presidents are not dictators..or at least shouldn't be. but she is not forgiving any loan debt. She is just passing that debt to others.

They should use their Native American Heritage to get scholarships. Why don’t you just replace your self befor you bankrupt the country So she thinks its ok when trump avoids congress? They have painted themselves into such small corners they cant say anything without being a hypocrit. Oh, ok. Doubling down now that everyone wants a refund...

Soon she will be forgotten. 👌 How about stories on her spreading the Bernie lie? Why does CNBC kiss up to Warren? why would you forgive loans when it is the penalty you pay for a liberal professor brainwashing you.

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