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Elizabeth Warren, Social Security

Elizabeth Warren’s Social Security Plan: Raise Benefits by $200 a Month

In her latest proposal to redistribute wealth in the United States, Ms. Warren calls for raising taxes on the rich to expand Social Security benefits.


Elizabeth Warren unveiled a plan to give all recipients of Social Security benefits an extra $200 per month and to pay for it by raising taxes on the rich

In her latest proposal to redistribute wealth in the United States, Ms. Warren calls for raising taxes on the rich to expand Social Security benefits.

Ms. Warren’s proposal would significantly increase government spending on Social Security, which is already the single largest federal program, accounting for about a quarter of the budget. The largest portion of her plan, raising benefits for 64 million recipients by $200 a month, would cost more than $150 billion in its first year.

about its solvency. Attempts to change the program and reduce benefits have long been considered a “third rail” of American politics.

that the cost of Social Security would exceed its income in 2020 for the first time since 1982. The program’s reserve fund is projected to be depleted in 16 years, at which time recipients would get smaller payments than they are scheduled to receive, if Congress does not act.

Social Security recipients get an average of $16,248 a year in benefits, and Ms. Warren is proposing to give them a raise of $2,400 a year. The plan would also overhaul how annual cost-of-living increases are calculated so that benefits increase more rapidly over time. And it would create a new Social Security credit for people who leave the work force to care for family members — a benefit that Ms. Warren says would make the social safety net program more fair for women.

Ms. Warren’s plan to accelerate the cost-of-living increases for Social Security benefits represents a stark shift from a proposal offered by Mr. Obama in 2013 that would have slowed the rate at which benefits increase over time by switching to a different measure of inflation known as the “chained” Consumer Price Index. That idea, which was floated in an effort to reach a budget agreement with Republicans, was ultimately scrapped.

In his analysis, Mr. Zandi noted that Ms. Warren’s fondness for funding new spending by taxing the rich could affect the economy significantly. Ms. Warren, he wrote, “has put forth a number of other economic policy plans, including for affordable housing, student lending, clean energy and child care, that are also financed in large part by substantially greater taxes on high-income and high net worth households.”

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elizabeth , yang offers 1000 $ take your 200$ , shove it up ......... can't tell you , where to can place 200 $ ; twitter might closed down..... but the place , is in the south side of the ...... So you're mentally slow or 62, that's almost your slogans to the voters ? Hidden in the print is a 14.8% Social Security tax? Heck no,Warren! Tired of the politicans with the free stuff. Only way to prosper you and Nation is 4 letter word... EARN

Love love love this idea! We who work pay our own social security what needs to happenis stop raiding the ss as your cash cow That's a good move. $200 is a lot of money especially for those in the lower bracket of income. It will augment many necessecities the family cannot afford before. Elizabeth Warren is rich. She should pay for it

So she thinks she’s robin hood now? Let me be CLEAR...not a good plan to try to BUY old peoples votes. I hope they are too smart for that. Tax raising on the rich ?

Elizabeth Warren proposes sweeping increase in Social Security benefits, financed by wealth taxesSen. Elizabeth Warren proposed an across-the-board increase in Social Security benefits, financed by new taxes on high-income Americans. Socialism She will not be well received by Wall Street she will lose should she get the nomination Free free free

I am very agree with you Haha now she’s getting smart. Pander to all the seniors who actually do the voting. But they took almost 500$ and then gave themselves a 9 grand a month raise. I vote yes 👍 The problem is that it taxes income over $250K by 8% or more and in some states that could be a firefighter and a teacher in their late 40s with kids in college. This is really a dumb move.

SenWarren funny thing about the rich...they’re rich! Which means when you start taxing them, they’ll go elsewhere and you’ll have no one left to tax who has any significant money. So she's going to tax herself, correct! Or just people that work... Where is her plan to force Indian tribes to accept individuals who only 1/2678 Indian?

That’ll show em. What a balloon head.

Social Security Expansion Under Consideration Would Boost Payroll TaxesHouse Democrats are debating whether to advance a significant expansion of Social Security that would extend the program’s solvency and increase benefits by raising taxes on top earners and middle-income workers. F this Sounds good. Sign me up. Enough Socialism!

She could promise me an extra $2200 a month, and I still wouldn’t vote for her. The rich are already taxed to the ying yang. Frankly they are the ones giving employment to this country. Does not make sense. Our government should stop waste and spending. Lifting the cap is simp!e, and correct. We all benefit in retirement.

As she should Of course. Make the rich pay for all the free stuff. But eventually they run out of money. Oh my god What if Congress budgeted a surplus that allowed it to start paying back Social Security what it has borrowed? You know, fiscal responsibility. ewarren I want to support you but such taxes will ensnare middle class in big cities like NYC . Also they can be used to brand you as socialist. Please go slow on taxes . Move to the center. Dammit

She wouldn’t be saying this to get votes, would she?😳😳😳😳 Pandering

Wall Street CEOs Want Elizabeth Warren 'Stopped' Says Mad Money's Jim CramerWall Street CEOs want Elizabeth Warren 'stopped,' says Mad Money's Jim Cramer whyfund Uh huh, that must be why she contacted Hillary. So she could get their blessing by saying that her 'progressiveness' is for show. whyfund Too bad. Allen11Cynthia Which is why she must be elected. She is for the mother f'ing PEOPLE, not the companies raping us.

So she has a “plan” to buy votes for people w student debt and now SS recipients. What’s next, people w mortgages? Has anyone else noticed that SenWarren has lots of plans but no record of legislation emitting from those plans. I love her but where the hell is all this money coming from And who is going to pay for this Litzy Borden

I didn't know Elizabeth Warren went to college off her debate skills until today , makes sense that woman is talented af No, she'd be imposing SocSec taxes not on the rich, but on income that is currently exempt. Every American SHOULD pay in, AND, Congress should make the SS Trust Fund untouchable by Congress!

So original Leave the rich alone they earned their money and deserve to keep it, they pay their fair share of taxes now enough is enough!!! All people should work for themselves and get a paycheck not free handouts!!! 😂😂 Some one buy her an economics textbook

Latest 2020 polls show Elizabeth Warren gaining ground on Joe BidenA Monmouth University poll released in late August showed a virtual three-way tie nationally among Biden, Warren and Sanders. Lady Liberty go miss E. Bernie Sanders is going to make it. And no one cares .americans are off food stamps and social services and working real jobs as pay per hour has increased along with more people working. We do not need marxism as the progressives have dressed it up . All Power to the People

So the rich move to central America...where all the poor claim asylum in the states Very good ! Give,Give,Give,Give. Elizabeth warren has no chance against trump. he will steamroll her. LOL. Does anybody realize that if you keep on attacking the rich, they will sooner or later run out of money or store their money in other country’s. A short term fix , it will never work. How about everyone pay there fair share based on a percentage and no loop holes

And if she raises taxes on the rich it also raises taxes on the poor!!! 1KevHamilton Good idea! Couldn’t they just not tax it again since we already paid taxes on it. Didn’t the government collect all the interest on the money for about 45 years. Shouldn’t the government payback the money they stole from it .

$200 to recipients of Social Security benefits. Not very Universal. The 'rich'

Opinion: There's a reason populists like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are gaining on Joe BidenOpinion: There's a reason populists like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are gaining on Joe Biden (via latimesopinion) opinion populists? them realists opinion I’ll NEVER understand in a country as large as the US that Joe Biden is the best the Democrats can come up with. Where are the potential younger dynamic politicians ( I didn’t say young) opinion Yes, Joe is too old.

My man Andrew Yang gonna give us all $1,000 a month. I am for this as long as it applies to ALL Social Security befits recipients, including Disability. That's it. She's got my vote. Warren wants a wealth tax on the rich as well. Europe has tried this and has failed. First too hard. Second, it causes behavioral changes which includes moving. Also, we have democrats wanting to tax earners for a basic income to go to lower earners.

She's a regular 'Robbing' Hood. The majority of boomers never saved for retirement. They are dependent on SS. Many also do not have a pension as most corporations instead changed to 401k plans. Now Warren wants to tax biz more for those employees making a higher salary. First, not sure government can have a payroll tax on rich different than others, and admit that group would not receive back what was paid in. So they are funding a system they may at some pt also get denied benefits or insufficient benefits.

Trying to buy votes with promise of free money. Typical democrat One can hear the comments now, “why should we be punished and expected to pay for the poor simply because WE were successful?” Greed Just raise the social security tax to unlimited earnings which is fair

RuPaul Spices Up Fashion Week With DragCon, Featuring Whoopi Goldberg, Elizabeth Warren, and Wigs GaloreA safe space for rejecting negativity and letting your fashion freak flag fly high: Inside RuPaulsDragCon. RuPaulsDragCon Yes!!! This is what Vogue needs more and more 💖

So, we are supposed to trust someone that lied for years about being something they weren’t (potentially cheating legitimate people out of benefits) because they say they know better how to spend our $$? 🙄 No thanks. When she is done there will be no more rich. Is there any creativity from any of these politicians other than using racism for every problem and raising the taxes on the rich. Cmon be creative and dedicate our resources to beating cancer

The overwhelming majority of Americans have zero problems with this plan. Let’s do it. No thanks. Bernie2020 BernieSanders2020 BernieBeatsTrump What is the threshold for being rich? Lol until the rich move away. Only 200? Why not 2 thousand? Soak the rich for all they have ..until they take their money and move to a friendlier nation!

I would like to see a plan to include dental coverage for seniors on Medicare. We have been without it because of lobbying, not cost.

Liz is always ready to redistribute wealth!!!!!! MUST cut taxes for the RICH - trickle down So we bribe people for votes. No real change. Just move the shells around. If the gov't would stop using Social Security as a slush fund for unrelated projects, not only would it last longer, but you could increase the disbursements - - without raising taxes.

She is rich, she’ll never tax the rich. What happens when we take all the money from the rich? Hey Liz, how about you just have the IRS not tax SS benefits? Isn’t it more accurate to say “restore taxes on the rich”. We did not have these problems until the rich decided they did not want to pitch in anymore.

Good. Trumps failed policies and their price tag to tax payers! *Trump Tax Cuts- 2 Trillion (not paid for) *Bailout to the Farmers from Trumps failed Trade War- 16 Billion (not paid for) *Trumps Wall- 3.6 Billion (stolen from other projects paid for by tax payers) Until she runs out of Rich people, like Venezuela

She's just stealing plans from Bernie Sanders. Bernie introduced this plan in February.

By 'rich' she of course means everybody. Is there no audience to which this woman won't pander. You forgot to mention the 14.8% tax on Social Security that’s in her plan. Nice idea, but this is real pandering to us seniors. $200 to each one Raise taxes on the rich. Then either they leave with their money, or the same politicians will create a loophole for them to use. A fair flat tax would be better. Example: Federal taxes, 14% state taxes 9% , county/city tax 4%. That for $1 or $100 million

She’s wants to become president so she can receive an extra $200 each month. She is dangerous Hidden in the fine print is a 14.8% Social Security tax. So what happens if Bernie or Warren gets in, and the 1% move to other countries, or at least move their wealth? Who gets taxed then? Socialist/Communist Lie-A-Watha is going to run out of other people's money very quickly. What then? Pssst, do you think she approved this with the Fake Hispanic's billionaire father-in-law? Nah, 'cause he'll be exempt. Just like Congress exempted themselves from ObamaCare.

Saved during my working years so I could supplement my Social Security. So now that I draw on what I saved, my SS gets taxed. No pity for the rich coming from me.

Honestly you don’t need to even add the second part. That’s how she plans on paying for every plan she has Old people on social security don’t barley make enough to buy food and pay rent and she is right we should be making sure our seniors are not eating canned dog food. So they can pay power and water bills.

I don't think ALL taxation is theft (usually...), but how is this proposed tax not theft? Pay back the social security money Congress stole from us! Two trillion dollars!! Stop using our benefits for illegals because you can’t afford them! We paid into SSI and MEDICARE for about 50 years. We should not have to pay a monthly premium for Medicare.

Deport all illegals and make it $700.00 all paid for. She will ruin all our 401K plans. She hates Wall Street. We are all Wall Street. Investments will suffer. She’s pandering again with “free” stuff. Nothing is free. This is a joke. When you become eligible for Medicare, you pay a premium based on income. So the top earners pay more into it, and pay more to reap the same benefit. Government was supposed to invest, not spend our money on anything but us. ewarren can sit on it and spin.

There’s a 14.8% hidden tax in this bill....there’s no gift here, It’s more socialist tax and control. Trying to buy more votes. Liz is pathetic. She “plans.” foolsfakesandfrauds and worse. sellyourvote

This is irrational. She is encouraging economic class warfare by constant wanting to soak the rich. As far as I'm concerned--I don't want to tax the rich. I want to take every last dollar and cent from all of them. All these billionaires break laws, scam on taxes, exploit workers and behave like the filth of the Earth. They don't deserve billions. Give it all back to us.

If u add up all her programs that call on ‘taxing the rich’ it’s looking like they r going to b taxes at 100%, so what happens when there r no more “rich” to tax🤔 No it’s a 14.8% social security tax that everyone who works will pay Does Elizabeth Warren even know that $200 or more is taken out of a persons Social Security each month to pay for Medicare.

SHES LYING!!!! READ THE FINE PRINT!! Yawn Give give give give! Take away the crippling student loan debts. Remove UNNECESSARY funding for military projects and fund tuition reimbursement for students who graduated. Nope!!

And by 'rich' you mean everyone with a job having to pay 14.8% of their wages as a social security tax. K I don’t know about this. Most professional people I know, especially government workers, are better off in retirement than before. Other income/assets need to be evaluated. Someone who wants to help actual people, instead of corporations. For those of you calling it bribery, I refer you to the GOP tax scam that promised an extra $4,000 a year for middle class.

who exactly are qualified for this? Means if we are working in an actual job, we do not qualify? never happen....she is good at promising stuff she KNOWS wont ever happen..... These sad sacks keep trying to bribe their way into votes I hope the rich have enough money to pay for everything that the democrats are going to give everyone!!!!!

What if a chunk of those Social Security recipients have a net worth of over $10 million? Why do they need an extra $200 per month?

There ya go! I’ll quit my job and start to enjoy free SS if Dem wins in the future. Good She’s already paying for free college, free healthcare and an overhaul of our energy sources with taxes from the rich. All the rich people are going to flee leaving the middle and lower class to fund these projects.

Obviously she has never been to New York or California. 250k is not rich here and a 15% tax hike is a big burden. Why our seniors deserve it. Absurd and dangerous b Tax the rich out of existence and watch the system crumble. How about we just get rid of all the loop holes the wealthy have access to. They don’t need to pay more they just need to pay their fair share ewarren

Typical Democrat train of thought. Remember Obama's Cash for Clunkers Economic Stimulus Plan 😂 Never using their brain to build or develop actual working parts. Never working to help Stimulate the economy, promoting actual work or bettering yourself Promisesoffree AskMrMickey Bernie has been calling for this for his entire career, not just when he was running for President

Works for me. Someone please buy this woman a hair brush. Social security it already going insolvent. It was never supposed to be permanent. I’m 34 and will never see the benefits of the system I’ve bought into my entire adult life. We need to privatize it so I can be responsible for my own future. I don’t need the government

“Any govt that robs Peter to pay Paul gets the support of Paul.”(Shaw) Liberals try to get us to believe we are all Pauls but when they get power we find that we are all Peters. Socialism has never worked. Social Security is bankrupt --need to fix in Congress not give away more. We have a $22 T debt already.

👍🏾 There is no time limit

why don't they raise taxes on the politicians or even better make them get 9 to 5 jobs instead of living for free, of hardworking people and making plans how they can steal more of their Wages Simplistic stupidity from a bankruptcy lawyer who became a professor by lying about being Native American. Would you please stop this BULLSHIT!!

We should make anyone making over $1M a year pay 90% in taxes is what we need!! Warren 2020!!🇺🇸👍 Seems silly when social security is going to run out. What’s her plan for that? This is glorified robbery 😂 . Yes, I am not rich but this doesn’t sound healthy. That the way of the Socialist/Communist promise them everything till they end up with nothing.

Universal basic income needed as well. E. Warren and B. Maher sort of look like each other. Guess they’re both Native American. Sorry but I no longer take you seriously ewarren . It’s like every single proposal of yours involves taxing the rich.. “2 cents” .. I like AndrewYang coz he goes way way deeper than that and yes the FD is five times better than what you are saying here

It’s called pandering when the Republicans do it so it must be called pandering when Democrats do it. SMH I thought that tax increase was going to pay for other programs like paying off student debt? the middle class will be spared? Lmao Every single Dem program is “paid for” by some amorphous tax-the-rich plan. It is all just a scam to dupe the middle class who will, with certainty, pay for a lot of the “free stuff” the Dems promise.

She’s making the ghosts of Marx, Lenin, and Mao blush. Sweet🍒 Absurd. Great idea!

Don't forget the government will tax that increase and it will be less than any amount given. First as tragedy then as farce. Charity is the bedrock of all virtue. We love charity. However, taxes and charity are two different things. Taxes are a form of involuntarily wealth redistribution whereby virtue-signaling politicians appear to be charitable using other people’s money.

Is this like 1/5th of what Andrew Yang is offering? You are going to have to do better than that 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️ yanggang ISupportYang socialsecurity FreedomDividend It would be a much better plan to make sure the program is solvent for future recipients & the only way to do that is either raise the retirement age or payroll taxes. The 'Robin Hood' method sounds nice but is not realistic. We need truth not fantasy.

Forget 'trickle down.' Warren is kicking down the door and using a firehose! The rich won't end up paying it. It will be the little guy who gets the brunt of this plan, and will be stuck with paying... Use a FAIR TAX, quit pandering Here comes all the “she’s a socialist! She’s a nut job! She can’t do this!” Blah blah blah. Yeah, she can. And she should.

What a great plan for the economic growth and development.

Still Buying Votes 🤔 We are not ready for the wave of Boomers about to retire. ReadyFor2020 VoteBlue2020 More garbage plans from this loon. And they will pass the cost down to everyone else. Her husband is paid pretty well. He won’t like that! Crazy, socialist Lizzy. Doesn't she know...tricks are for kids?!

The old Robin Hood scheme, eh? she will do anything for a vote ! nice try commie ... the older gen has seen your kind before & heard the lies

Now with all of the free programs and buybacks, those tax increases will have to trickle down from the 1% to the 100%. eat the rich!!! Apparently it's no longer illegal to buy votes.. Ok Plan plans plans and plans I don’t know why she lies like that you don’t have votes for that stop lying to America . rolandsmartin Here is what Elizabeth Warren’s healthcare plan does not promise: • to eliminate premiums • to eliminate copays • to eliminate deductibles • to eliminate private insurance • to be a “single-payer” system Tell me again how this is MedicareForAll.

Warren’s plans and a dime can’t buy a cup of coffee. The Northeast has the highest college debt and her and the hubby are multi millionaires from being college professors. Now that she scammed the system it’s going to be free. Phony! But , poverty didn't leave us Isn't every damn thing Senator Warren is promising based on 'raising taxes on the rich'? What is she going to do when there are no more rich people to raise taxes on? SenWarren ewarren

How many taxing the rich taxes has she proposed in all her plans? I think she forgot you can’t squeeze blood from turnips. That would be awesome!!!👍 We’ve got $200, can somebody make it $400? Kamala? Bernie? Beto? Do I hear a $400? $200 going once...... Another thief The plan is titled Bribes for the Old.

Republican ROBIN HOOD ! The lol factor is this will probably do more for the economy then every single thing Trump has tried to do. SenWarren Let’s make it available earlier too, maybe 50 or 55. Get that and AndrewYang $1000 and SenSanders free healthcare and I’m all in 😉👍 I cannot stand her honestly. Her empathy seems so disingenuous. cringy

She is so desperate she'll promise to destroy the nation to gain power....... Wow! Sounds really great but doubtful if it would EVER pass a GOP Senate So far, tax, tax, tax, tax, control, control, control, control. Liz Warren wants all the money, which she will distribute as she sees fit Lol Communist Love it

Even SHE admits it won’t work:

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