Elites backed by Iran are clinging to power in Iraq

But the protesters are not giving in


Iraq's real power-brokers are the warlords-cum-politicians who want to spread Shia influence across the region. They view protesters as a threat

But the protesters are not giving in

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Installing puppets in foreign countries? I wonder where they learned that from. 😂😂😂 Get I Phone 11 PRO (SOI) Very great offers FjF There can only be change if Ayatollah steps down It may seem goofy but these people were better off when Saddam Hussein was there because they didn't say a damn word Hot take.

'warlords-cum-politicians' Warlords-come-politicians The US created mess

Elites backed by Iran are clinging to power in IraqThe tomb of a dead Shia cleric might seem an odd target for protesters

Iran Is Secretly Moving Missiles Into Iraq, U.S. Officials SayBreaking News: Iran has used the chaos in Iraq to build up a hidden arsenal of missiles there, which could threaten U.S. troops and allies, officials said 150 billion that Obama gave them buys lots of cool weapons Oh really? Which officials? Another distraction?

The US accuses Iran of secretly sending missiles to Iraq. What's at stake?As the Iranian commander Qasem Soleimani reportedly presses for a particular name in choosing a new Iraqi PM, the US says Iran has secretly moved ballistic missiles in the country. Why does it matter for Iraq? Especially is interrested Iraq! Why? Because real reason neither democracy nor freedom! Only oil!

Iran vows to continue missile work, dismisses EU powers' U.N. letterIran on Thursday rejected pressure to shelve its ballistic missile program after... Nuria2407 Like you didn’t see that coming. Trump needs to slap this dude

U.S. says Iran may have killed more than 1,000 in recent protestsIranian security forces may have killed more than 1,000 people since protests ov... C'est pour toi FlyRiderGj This is what they wanted No shit, Sherlock.

US considers sending thousands more troops to Middle East to deter IranThe Pentagon is considering sending thousands more troops to the Middle East to deter Iran, multiple defense officials say I’m confused... why Ya don’t say 'Near the final Hour there will be much killing. The killer will not know why he is killing & the one who was killed will not know why he was killed' - Muhammad Gods Messenger

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