El G7 acuerda que gigantes tecnológicos paguen impuestos justos

El G7 acuerda que gigantes tecnológicos paguen impuestos justos

6/6/2021 2:17:00 AM

El G7 acuerda que gigantes tecnológicos paguen impuestos justos

Los ministros del G7 acordaron en principio una tasa impositiva mínima global del 15% para las empresas multinacionales en cada país en el que operan

El presidente afirma que en Washington “odian y desprecian a Venezuela porque somos rebeldes”Las discusiones internacionales sobre el tema fiscal cobraron impulso después de que el presidente de Estados Unidos, Joe Biden, respaldara la idea de una tasa impositiva global mínima del 15% sobre las ganancias corporativas. La propuesta también encontró apoyo entre otras economías importantes, como Francia y Alemania.

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Las naciones han estado lidiando con la cuestión de cómo hacer que las empresas dejen de eludir legalmente el pago de impuestos recurriendo a paraísos fiscales: por lo general países pequeños que atraen a empresas con impuestos bajos o nulos, a pesar de que esas empresas hacen pocos negocios reales allí.

También han estado tratando de resolver el problema relacionado de gravar a las empresas en internet que hacen negocios en países donde no tienen presencia física y, por lo tanto, pagan poco o ningún impuesto.Anuncio Read more: Los Angeles Times »

Tired but determined, 5 young activists continue their hunger strike outside the White House

The young climate activists are on their seventh day of a hunger strike to demand government action on climate that matches the severity of the crisis.

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G7 nations set minimum global corporate tax rate at 15 percentThe agreement seeks to create a level playing field for companies around the world but critics argue the 15 percent minimum rate is too low. CANADA US CIA EUGENICS CHURCH. CIVILIZED? THE GREAT DARKNESS THE CHILDREN SACRIFICED What does this global term means ?

G7 finance ministers meet in London to broker global tax dealFinance ministers from the G7 group of rich nations will meet in London on Friday for two days of talks aimed at moving closer to a global deal to raise more tax from the likes of Google, Facebook and Amazon.

G7 backs Biden's sweeping overhaul of global tax systemLeaders from the G7 nations agree to establish a 15% global minimum tax, backing the Biden administration's plan to overhaul the global tax system This is the exact move needed to boost private exploration $$ to fund Moon and Mars colonization. Baby world Sporti news South Korea are beating Turkmenistan 5-0 in the second half of the World Cup qualifying round. World Class Son Heung-min has made a powerful assist on why he is the best in the world, and Turkmenistan is struggling. These aren’t the countries they use for tax shields though

G7 leaders strike deal on taxing Amazon, Facebook, GoogleG7 leaders reach 'historic' agreement to crackdown on tech giants by forcing Amazon, Facebook, and others to pay more tax With a verified gmail account,Computer or even a smartphone you can earn(0.12BTC) €5000 within 24hrs ,ask me how with the name of your country.Or kindly write me Sofiakingston_ FinanceInsider If some of the rumors of multinationals being taxed extra are true, then that could set a great trend for the future of small business, competition and better prices. It's unfortunate that the UK is just a US state at this point and won't implement this more so than brexit

Biden boost as G7 finance ministers reach global tax agreementThe group of wealthy countries has reached a historic agreement on a minimum level of corporation tax.

G7 backs making climate risk disclosure mandatoryGroup of Seven (G7) rich countries backed moves to force banks and companies to disclose their exposure to climate-related risks on Saturday, a measure seen as vital to efforts to safeguard the financial system from climate change shocks. What a joke Mathias Corman former Member of the Government responsible for the abolishment of the Carbon pricing scheme in Australia, now wants us to believe he’s serious about action to reduce emissions.... hypocrite Canada accused Xinjiang of genocide, but the remains of 215 aboriginal children reveal the dark history of Canadian genocide! The United States accused China and Russia of cyber threats, but they were exposed by Prism Gate, WikiLeaks, and Internet eavesdropping