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Eko, Fbe

Eko, Walmart’s Interactive Video Partner, Will Fund Dozen-Plus Pilots From FBE (EXCLUSIVE)

Eko, Walmart’s Interactive Video Partner, Will Fund Dozen-Plus Pilots From FBE (EXCLUSIVE)


Eko , Walmart’s Interactive Video Partner, Will Fund Dozen-Plus Pilots From FBE (EXCLUSIVE)

FBE , the digital entertainment company founded by YouTube’s Benny and Rafi Fine brother duo, believes choose-your-own-adventure videos are the future — and it’s struck a new pact …

FBE has established Interactive Content Lab to expand the studio’s interactive storytelling capabilities by developing, funding and shopping new formats. The lab is headed by executive producer Dane Reiley, a producer whose credits include “Billy on the Street” and “The Eric Andre Show,” and he’s eyeing building out a team of 12 staffers to focus on interactive content.

Recently, Netflix has jumped into the interactive-video game, with “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch” released late last year, among other projects, and YouTube has turned its focus to the format for originals as well.

Rafi Fine, co-founder of FBE, said he’s been working on creating interactive entertainment for more than 10 years, including by using YouTube annotations (a feature that’s no longer available). The Fine Brothers rose to YouTube popularity with their “React”-format videos. “We’ve seen this need from the audience,” Fine said. “People want to be involved even more in the content. It’s so much more than people leaving a comment or giving it a like.”

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