'Egregious conduct': Ohio sheriff's deputy kicked jail inmate in the head with his work boot, video shows

'Video from the Justice Center shows Franklin immediately kicking Ballachino one time in the head,' said Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters.

7/3/2020 7:56:00 AM

The inmate sustained a cut above his left eye that required five stitches. Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters said in a news release the injury was not serious enough for a felony assault charge against the Ohio sheriff's deputy.

'Video from the Justice Center shows Franklin immediately kicking Ballachino one time in the head,' said Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters.

in the head after the man bit his boot.Sgt. Jesse Franklin is charged with one count of misdemeanor assault, which is punishable by up to six months in jail.Franklin has worked for the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office for 14 years.The inmate, Nick Ballachino, was taken to the jail by Cincinnati police June 9 after being arrested on charges of disorderly conduct while intoxicated and obstructing police.

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Ballachino became combative with corrections officers who were trying to process him after he arrived at the jail, according to a news release from Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters.Floyd protests:5 ways to reduce police misconduct, use of force and racial profiling

Several officers quickly subdued Ballachino. He was handcuffed and face down on the floor when, according to Deters, he bit Franklin's left work boot."Video from the Justice Center shows Franklin immediately kicking Ballachino one time in the head," Deters said in the new release.

Ballachino sustained a cut above his left eye that required five stitches. Deters said the injury was not serious enough for a felony assault charge. Both men are white."Not everyone has the temperament to be a police officer," Deters said. "In this case, and as I have throughout my career, when I see criminal violations, I will pursue them according to the law."

Police chiefs:Mounting pressure to alter operations, persistent Covid threat prompts uneaseFranklin has been suspended without pay and his police powers have been stripped, Sheriff Jim Neil said at a press conference Thursday.Franklin was arrested Thursday and booked into the Hamilton County Justice Center, the same location where the incident occurred.

Neil said he ordered a criminal investigation as soon as he became aware of what happened.”I am outraged and shocked by this egregious conduct,” Neil said. “These actions are inconsistent with our training and will not be tolerated under my watch.”Neil said a disciplinary process must be followed due to a collective bargaining agreement between deputies and the county.

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5 stitches, you failed to show the whole story. Hopefully additional charges will be filed against the perpetrator who became combative, and bit the officers foot. Appropriately charge the officer, but follow through and do same for the individual who failed to just submissively comply. a kicknor blow to the head of someone who was on the ground is intent to murder, was not self defence if it was the other way around, that kid would have gotten 15 to 30 years in jail

If it is thailand. It will be accused of overreacting. Real professionals (doctors, social workers, judges, police officers ...) do not have the right to personal revenge in response to the behavior of individuals by using the superiority and advantage of their professional status. it's a power thing, race kinda but that's for smart people

Thats the problem! No one should have to go to the hospital if they are doing their jobs Now that you are seeing it are you getting it yet? idk, 5 stitches sounds serious enough to me, especially considering he’s a cop. should be held to a higher standard. That's it.. Just like in Russia... Well done. Well this is why cops (all) will continue to be hurt

Ok but was he fired? Maybe the criminal has HIV. I wouldn't want him biting me. I'm glad the police officer kicked him in the head Of course that punk didn't do anything to cause the injury like resisting arrest by fighting them?! Those who feel sorry for most criminals are their own worst enemies! Coppers are not helping themselves these days.

Just stay down when asked to stay down. Does USA Today ever report on all the good things the police do? Just can't leave IT Alone, Can YOU ? ! ? Lol. Damn guys. This shit has been going on forever. White, black, Hispanic, Asian. They DGAF. This isn't new. SeattlePD is doing similar stuff to random civilians in Seattle right now too.

If a 'regular person'did this it WOULD be felony assault. Cops are sick in the head. If only that inmate was black, the cop would not only be charged with felony assault but he’d be fired immediately and jailed with bail set at $1 million, minimum. At least one riot would be a direct result of this assault, too.

okay, this is overkill. its a friggin inmate! Lol

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