Editorial: We can't let Trump undermine this election

Editorial: We can't let Trump undermine this election (via @latimesopinion)

10/18/2020 2:33:00 PM

Editorial: We can't let Trump undermine this election (via latimesopinion)

There are numerous scenarios for a democratic meltdown. Congress, the states and the courts can and must prevent them from happening.

(That put Judge Amy Coney Barrett, his nominee to the court, in an impossible position, leaving her no choice but to recuse herself from any election-related case should she be confirmed — though she refused to commit to recusal when pressed by senators during her confirmation hearings last week.)

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It may be necessary for the high court to intervene, but that will be less likely if there is adequate time to fully count ballots and resolve disputes before slates of electors are sent to Congress.To deal with that reality, Sen.Marco Rubio(R-Fla.) has proposed legislation to change two deadlines. The “safe harbor” date would be moved from Dec. 8 to Jan. 1, and the date on which electors would cast their vote would be changed from Dec. 14 to Jan. 2. Rubio’s bill wouldn’t affect either the date on which Congress tallied the electoral votes, which would remain Jan. 6, or the Jan. 20 date of the presidential inauguration, which is set by the Constitution.

Even with this insurance policy, there could be disputes in Congress about electoral votes or even the rejection of some states’ electors. It’s also possible that neither candidate will receive a majority of electoral votes. In that case, the selection of the president would move to the House of Representatives, where —

— each state delegation, regardless of size, would get one vote. (Californians, already enraged over having the same Senate representation as the people of Wyoming, should take note.)AdvertisementIn any election year, there is the possibility of a breakdown in the operation of the electoral college, which is another reason why the Constitution must be amended to provide for the election of the president by a national popular vote.

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opinion You sound so desperate. opinion Undermine the election? You’re pretty good at that yourselfs... opinion Democrats did it by deluging the electorate with mail in ballots. It untested in the majority of states, unsecured. I'm not talking about established absentee voting. It's not the same. opinion Imagine voting for a bombastic “business man” who has run every business he created into bankruptcy. By the end of his term a pandemic he ignored is killing hundreds of thousands, half the country is on 🔥, economy tanked, and you want to vote for him again

opinion You suppose to be un-biased news media opinion Arrest him and his terrorists immediately upon leaving office and put him and them in solitary like he has for so many asylum seekers. Problem solved. opinion LA times is right up there with the NY times as the worst source ofmedia there is in our nation! They are so biased, it's sickening the shit they put out! Nothing but bad news! And fake as well! Now they are lobbying for an election for the Democrats!! Stay in yo lane 'LA crimes'

opinion Your socialist media propaganda continues to misrepresent the people of California by showing pictures of people and polling places that are not in California. Shame on you for your manipulating tactics. opinion Trump undermine CA is voting for truth, to Save our Children and open up our churches. Recall all Democrats including Gavin! Who demands you only can gather n chant outside if you are rioters. Recall Gavin Newsome

opinion Are you guys on drugs? opinion ! Trump2020. You have no idea how much smarter most of us Californians are. I despise your farce of a newspaper. opinion Eat 💩 opinion trump and Guiliani are gullible targets of Russian intelligence. Pathetic. RussianDisinformation BidenHarris2020 opinion opinion opinion Climate is a big issue. But emissions are a small part of problem, according to this team.

opinion opinion Any articles on Hunter coming soon? opinion But it was cool when Obama undermined it. opinion Mail votes will take months to count months, your ignorance common among media and politicians. opinion Sure put your hope in a candidate with a record spanning 47 years of failure. And I won’t even mention that he was part of an administration that shipped our jobs overseas, while he enriched his family with millions from the CCP, RUSSSIA ETC with a racketeering scheme.

opinion You are the ones trying to undermine this election. I truly hope that there are intelligent, informed voters in CA that will use your rag for cleaning windows rather than reading the stupidity you publish. opinion “We can’t let Trump win this election”. There, that’s your real intent, right opinion Trump...4 more years! 👍👍👍

opinion 👍 we need to restore faith in democracy. Start with BidenHarris2020Landslide opinion You want to elect Biden just watch all the jobs vanishing, economic crash, your taxes rising. You will thank Biden and will watch you guys trying to survive. opinion social media tech giants have been doing that... not Trump

opinion It's you medias that undermine this election. opinion Thank goodness Thank you Harris Biden🇨🇳 opinion People of the world. Please help. My child needs urgent surgery. He has a heart defect. If you can help, go to my profile, all the information about my son's condition is there. If you don't have surgery anytime soon, my son will die. Please help save your son

opinion Please we need your in Nigeria our government refuse to EndSARS please help us 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 opinion They’re all Trumpers opinion Trump has tried to convince female voters to support him through a campaign of fear and xenophobia, with claims about the Democratic agenda that plunge deep into the realm of the ridiculous and would be believed only by the most naive, low-information voters.

opinion trump liar

Editorial: Let us count the ways Trump has damaged the 2020 censusPresident Trump has swung a wrecking ball through the 2020 census in hopes of hurting Democrats and helping Republicans. opinion wow opinion Another Trump hit piece - par for the course. Yet not ONE Biden criticism. Fair and balance? Are articles getting censored on social media platforms - NO. That is all you need to know. opinion Only the Republican rich count with Trump!

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