Editorial: Revenge recalls are hitting California schools. That's not helping

Editorial: Revenge recalls are hitting California schools. That's not helping (via @latimesopinion)

9/26/2021 3:17:00 PM

Editorial: Revenge recalls are hitting California schools. That's not helping (via latimesopinion)

Most of the 22 recall campaigns against California school boards this year were triggered by slow school reopenings. But the schools have reopened and revenge recalls accomplish very little.

. We were frustrated, too, about how little students were learning via video, with drastically reduced instructional hours, and how politicians were ignoring the science that said students could return to the classroom safely.But school boards also were dealing with dicey situations. They feared liability if students or staff were severely sickened. We were still in learning mode about COVID-19, and in some ways, we still are. In addition, some teachers unions were more intransigent about opening than others. If many of the teachers simply refused to return to the classroom, what was the district supposed to do, fire them all when there was no one to take their places? In the absence of a state mandate to reopen once infection rates had fallen to certain levels, the unions held most of the cards.

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Even if school board members made a wrong decision, that’s simply a wrong decision, not malfeasance. If voters don’t like what their elected board members did, they’re free to vote for someone else next time.Nor would removing board members somehow change the future. The kids are back in school, and this time both officials and teachers unions appear intent on keeping it that way if it’s at all possible. Looking at the success of the Los Angeles Unified School District, which takes extraordinary measures to reduce and contain infections, classrooms should be able to stay open. At this point, recalling school board members over COVID-19 decisions that now are moot is merely vengeful.

Editorial: What critical race theory is — and isn’t — and why it belongs in schoolsCritical race theory is little understood, and it does not have to be divisive. But the uproar over ethnic studies in public schools is clouding the realities.That’s not to say all the current school recall campaigns fall into this category. The proponents of a campaign to oust three board members of the San Francisco Unified School District cite reopening as a source of discontent. But they are also motivated by a ridiculously sloppy headtopics.com

, which included some downright inaccurate information — the sort that no history teacher would tolerate from students.AdvertisementOn top of that, it turned out that one of the three board members targeted, Alison Collins, had postedderogatory, stereotyping tweets

about Asian Americans a few years before she was elected. When those were discovered earlier this year, Collins tried the tired old “comments taken out of context” excuse — though they weren’t taken out of context — instead of issuing a full-throated apology.

Stripped of her vice presidency of the board, Collins then turned around and sued the district and fellow board members, though her suit was quicklythrown outof court.In a school district like San Francisco, where 30% of the students are of Asian descent, it is entirely understandable that many parents would not trust Collins to represent the interests of all students. And Collins’ actions against the school district she’s supposed to be supporting and improving offer evidence that she’s a problematic presence at a time when it’s especially important for the schools to run as smoothly as possible. To her credit, she was trying to act against anti-Latino and anti-Black racism that is, indeed, a problem in the schools, but fighting it with more racism as well as destructive lawsuits is unacceptable.

The allegations in the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District recall campaign fall more into the category of ongoing discontent over key issues that might make for a legitimate effort against the board. It involves claims of ongoing wasteful spending including overspending on administrative offices as well as conducting public business in private in violation of public meeting laws. headtopics.com

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