Editorial: Bernie Sanders changed the Democratic Party for the better. Now it's his job to help defeat Trump

Sanders leaves the presidential race with some major accomplishments.

4/9/2020 1:21:00 AM

'It is imperative that Sen. Bernie Sanders do a better job in 2020 leading his supporters to back Joe Biden in November than he did in getting out the vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016.' (via latimesopinion)

Sanders leaves the presidential race with some major accomplishments.

of California, endorsed Biden not because of a conspiracy but because they thought he would be the most formidable opponent for Trump and the most helpful to Democratic candidates further down the ballot. It’s also true that Sanders’ presence in the race probably contributed to the poor showing of other candidates whose views put them to the left of Biden, notably Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts.

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Biden also has his flaws as a candidate. This page has expressed concerns about his sharpness, his gaffes and his ability to stand up to Trump forcefully during a general election campaign, and we fear that his presence in the race cast too great a shadow over a new and less familiar generation of candidates with compelling ideas. But we also believe that it’s vital that voters bring to an end the incompetent and corrupt administration of Donald Trump. It is imperative that Sanders do a better job in 2020 leading his supporters to back Biden in November than he did in getting out the vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016. Because sadly, some in Sanders’ movement continue to flirt with the absurd and dangerous notion that Trump and Biden are interchangeable.

AdvertisementFor his part, Biden must show Sanders’ supporters that he shares their goals for a more just, humane and equitable society, even if he differs on how to achieve them. He hasstarted to do so, telling young Sanders supporters last month that “I hear you. I know what’s at stake. I know what we have to do.” That outreach will be crucial to his ability to form a coalition between mainstream voters and progressive Democrats that’s large enough to beat Trump.

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opinion ghjkkkk opinion Not his job- maybe Biden and his supporters should get off their asses and work to get those mythical suburban Republicans they love so much. Cant rely on the media to carry them now... opinion The primary is not over. Clinton?! Bernie Sanders did 39 campaign events for Clinton. He campaigned more for her than she did. It's independent voters who choose not to vote Democrat that support Sanders. 78% of Sander supporters voted for Clinton.

opinion Nope. It's Biden's job to earn the progressive vote. If Biden can't even earn our votes he doesn't deserve them. opinion Why, so that we can just fall in line like we do every four years? opinion Of course, we could not be dying by the thousands, if he had had been willing to support a woman. Can’t count on Bernie.

opinion opinion We've been telling all of u for Years, we arent in this for Bernie. We arent a cult. Hes not our 'Leader', he was the Only nominee that was pushing for MedicareForAll GreenNewDeal CancelStudentDebt. Those are what we care about. Bernie's just a man that quit on us. NeverBiden opinion LOL! Bernie has to prop up their loser candidate again. Yeah, right.

opinion How dare you!! The burden is on Biden and the DNC to EARN our votes. Bernie doesn’t command us. He represents us!! opinion There's nothing Bernie or anyone else can do to make us vote for Biden. Liberals needed to do a better job at not nominating an unsupportable piece of shit if they didn't want to be responsible for the nominee losing.

opinion opinion No, that's on Biden. And I sincerely hope he gets LESS of Sanders's supporters this time opinion Oh lord...people never learn. opinion Onus on those whose mouths are stuck behind the oligarchs (MSM/centrists) to offer the progressives policies worth voting for or it's BernieOrBust2020 ! No silly platitudes will cut it! Adopt entire Bernie Sanders platform! campaign on it, hire progressives on team. NotMeUs

opinion Young people aren't loyal to the Democratic party, if anything we loathe it for being so ineffective. opinion FuckYou opinion Lick my taint opinion He’s not our guru ... him telling us we have to fall in line will just make us dislike him. opinion We're not sheep to be 'led' anywhere. It's Biden's job to convince progressives to vote for him, not Sanders'. Sorry to break it to the VBNMW crowd, but we can examine his right wing, rapist record, think for ourselves, and vote accordingly. Fuckaroundandfindout

opinion He won’t do it with extortion. opinion nope opinion this is so insulting. im still seeing hit pieces against bernie and it’s just not fair to him nor anyone else for that matter. i urge you to stop it. we’re looking like a third world country and you’re still against the leader we so desperately need.

Can_ada opinion opinion It is imperative that Biden do the work to convince Sander's supporters that a Biden government will work for everyone. opinion opinion It's hilarious that people think the GOP will relinquish power in November. They will not, under any circumstances. The US is now a dictatorship, and if you don't understand that then you're a mark.

opinion Is this a threat? 'What we hope Sanders doesn’t take from his failed candidacy — or communicate to his fervent followers — is a conviction that the process was rigged against him and that a conspiracy of party leaders and the “billionaire class” stymied his campaign.' opinion I think the L.A. Times is trying to tell us how we need to vote. What in the hell ever happened to Democracy. The ElectionRiggedAgainstBernie2020 by BarackObama. Get Over It. ObamaWonTheDemocraticPrimary

opinion opinion Take responsibility. Or just eat shit, you can do that too. opinion Suck my balls opinion n o opinion hahahAHAHAHAHAAHA opinion LOOOOOOL opinion eat my entire ass opinion That’s Biden’s job, not Bernie’s. Own up to something you deflecting cowards. opinion Sounds to me like Joe Biden should be better at earning my vote

opinion 🖕🏾 opinion Earn my vote, how about that? opinion Your opinion is not news, and is all bias. SMH. opinion Horrible! Voters make up their own minds. It's on the nominee to work harder to earn votes. What is Biden doing to win over Bernie voters? Nothing. opinion it’s imperative that you give me ten thousand dollars

opinion it is imperative that you shut the fuck up opinion the bet that biden/hillary voters hedged was that they could coalition build with moderate republicans, they choose not to coalition build with the left flank. so go build your winning coalition, you cant blame people youre not trying to include for yr failures.

opinion Bernie worked harder than any runner up in history to help elect the nominee. He did at least 41 events promoting Hillary at more events than she attended herself during her campaign and she only did 13 events for Obama in 08. Its on candidates to earn votes. Bernie owns no one opinion Isn't that Joe Biden's job?

opinion So Joe doesn't have to earn our votes then.... wow.... fook off. opinion How and why is it Bernie's problem? I am a Sanders supporter--he is NOT empowered to 'lead me' ANYWHERE. I make up my own mind, as do his millions of other supporters. Sanders did over twice as many rallies for Clinton as Clinton did for Obama. This 'imperative' is horse s***.

opinion The burden falls to Biden, not Bernie. You’re just looking for another scapegoat like HRC. opinion But isn't Biden the strongest candidate to face Trump? Isn't that why Biden was the 'most electable'? Why does Biden need Bernie and his supporters if those things are true? 🤔 ......unless they're not 👀

opinion Why the fuck does Bernie owe the Democrats more than any other candidate or even Biden himself? STeampelosi opinion Why depend on someone undependable? This is not sober thinking. opinion opinion No. I think that would be wrong. NoWayNRA1 opinion Bernie Sanders brought up good ideas, no doubt. He had a major positive impact. But he did damage too - he is a major reason from 2016 that we have Trump today.

opinion How about Biden does something to earn our votes opinion Absurd premise not based on any empirical evidence opinion Bernie isn't my master. If Joe wants my vote he'll have to speak a coherent sentence and policy that appeals to voters. opinion F that! It'sup to Biden and his fans to win us over with an actual PLATFORM and to stop lying and to show himself mentally capable. Bernie has done far more for this country than Biden. Bernie doesn't need to do shit. YOU have to do the work. Remember work? That's what it takes.

lilithlaloba opinion If the goal was to beat Trump, then perhaps the BlueNoMatterWho voters should have been encouraged to back Bernie. There is still time.. plenty of states left to vote with Bernie’s name on the ballot. Those voters maybe should reconsider. VoteForUs ✌🏽🇺🇸 NotMeUs opinion Back to this again. A greater % of Berners voted for Clinton in 2016 than Clinton primary voters who voted for Obama in 2008. Google PUMA. Bernie campaigned hard for Clinton. He's not people's manager. If they don't support the nominee, Bernie's not going to change their minds.

opinion Yeah.. Naw opinion We're not sheeple. Unlike the vote blue no matter who folks. opinion So..... how badly does Joe need Bernie? A lot or not at all? If it’s a lot pony up the VP. If it’s not STFU. opinion LOL Bernie could ask me personally. I don't vote for War Criminals. I only vote for people I want in office. MedicareForAll Nuremberg ProsecuteBushCheney NoFracking GreenNewDeal neverTrump NeverBiden

opinion Why is the onus on Bernie to steer his followers and not on Joe Biden to address the policy and personal issues progressives have? If Biden is the nominee, his job is to win over Bernie supporters — he's not inherently entitled to anyone's vote. He's the one being interviewed. opinion 🖕 opinion Corporate media patronizing Bernie Sanders by telling him that he 'changed the Democratic Party' and then telling him to eat shit at the same time. Democratic Party is same rotten hulk that gave us the Clintons. Joe Biden is a Republican in drag.

opinion Jesus Christ, Bernie isn't our dad or king, he won't lead us anywhere we don't want to go. He is just the best candidate we've had in years. His supporters are issues based, Joe Biden needs to start making concessions. opinion We are not baby chicks to be led around in a line to where Momma bird takes us.

opinion Lol I don’t care what he says or does I’m not voting for joe Biden. opinion He did 40 events and got 80% to vote for Hillary, who only did 7 for Obama and 60% of her voters. Then he made her SOS. Every news story and headline bitching abt Bernie is simply going to result in less of us supporting Biden, so kindly F.O.

opinion It is imperative that you eat sh*t. What part of I AM NEVER VOTING FOR JOEBIDEN have you not understood for the last year? Anything BernieSanders has to say about it is irrelevant. opinion You’ve told us what we need to do and what Bernie needs to do. What does BIDEN have to do? Does he have to do anything?

opinion I thought everyone got behind Biden bc he was so “electable”? If that’s really true then he shouldn’t need Bernie supports opinion I know y'all are used to other people doing all the work for you, but you're on your own this time. Better get to work 🤣 opinion Now I am definitely not voting for biden thanks for the heads up

opinion opinion Netflix should do a Tara Reade documentary cause you pencil d*cks cant cover her story! opinion Hi, I’m former LA Times Managing Editor John Arthur’s daughter. Bernie doesn’t owe Biden or the DNC sh*t. They’ll be luckily if most of us don’t unregister as Democrats permanently. The millionaires of the DNC banded together to stop a people’s revolution. They can f*ck off✌🏼❤️

opinion The revisionism of bernie's efforts on behalf of hillary in 2016 shows a deep disdain for your own readers. If Biden loses, it will be nobody's fault but his own and the DNC's. opinion this is you opinion Bernie ain’t running anymore, I’m not listening to shit opinion But they could of just had Bernie and all the supporters that came with him, now it's up to Joe

opinion Still can't get it through their heads that it's about policy, not personality. It's up to Biden to earn votes. If he doesn't adopt progressive policies, that's on him. opinion If I wanted to see Biden's policies enacted I would've already been supporting him. opinion who tf is the moronPropagandist on this one? Just bc Bernie wants to friends w corrupt no-class groping rapist, child-groping liar & plagiarist w republican policies who is senile & UnfitForOffice doesn't mean his supporters are going to drink that dumbazz koolaid themselves

opinion How many million more votes did Hillary get again? Bernie doesn't need to do shit opinion Unlike Democrat vote blue lemmings, most Bernie supporters are supporting his policies. Neither Trump nor Biden have those policies. Therefore… Come on, you can do it… opinion No, that's the Biden people's job now. (Plus quit lying about how much work Bernie put in to try to get Hillary elected).

opinion That is an utterly ridiculous take. His voters voted for Clinton at a much greater rate than Clinton voters voted for Obama. And that's despite all the shenanigans by the DNC. opinion Appealing to the voters is the candidate's job. Stop making preemptive goddamn excuses for the shitty John Kerry 2.0 the Democratic Party picked.

opinion not his problem! opinion If Joe Biden wants our votes, he will have to earn them. That’s on him, NOT Bernie! opinion Bernie Sanders could offer me a gold house and a rocket car, and I STILL wouldn’t vote for Joe Biden. He’s a rapist. opinion Ya mean, by stumping for her across the nation? She returned the favor by putting a stilleto in his back in the, like, one interview she gave during this primary cycle, and refusing to endorse him even if he won the nomination. TakeAllTheSeats

opinion opinion Not Bernies job. That lies at Bidens feet alone. Also Bernie isn't even a real Dem why would you need his help? TheDemocrats say he is the only one to beat Trump so get to it. opinion Bullshit. opinion Cool how it's somehow Bernie's fault that the democratic party keeps nominating people who nobody wants to vote for

opinion Lol 'editorial board', bunch of fucking hedging cowards more like opinion still not voting for Biden, sorry. I adore Zeide Bernie, but he's a figurehead, not a field general. opinion Don’t support alleged sexual predators, sorry. opinion “Bernie why won’t you tell you’re supporters to back Joe”?

opinion He has exactly zero responsibility for selling a piece of garbage like Joe Biden to people who can actually think. The onus is on Joe to make the case for himself. opinion 🖕 opinion Haha! What a joke. ONLY reason I voted for HRC in 2016 BECAUSE of BERNIE! Neolibs refuse/fail to understand is PolicyOverParty & Bernie can tell us Berners to get behind Biden all he wants, it won’t make much difference to many of supporters WeveHadIt NoMiddleGround NoPlanetB

opinion opinion It is Joe Biden's responsibility to attract those voters. Hilary made no effort to attract Bernie supporters. If the roles where reversed and Bernie Sanders was the nominee the first question that the media would ask is what Bernie Sanders is going to do to attract Biden voters. opinion It's not on Sanders to win votes for Biden. It's on Biden. Not sure how someone running on 'Nothing would fundamentally change' and 'I have not empathy' is going to do that, but that's not my problem.

opinion If only Bernie hadn’t made Joe push for social security cuts 4 times, civil asset forfeiture, mass incarceration, write the patriot act, fondle women and children, say he would veto Medicare for all and resist the green new deal I would have voted for Joe. opinion As a Bernie supporter I don’t owe Bernie or Biden anything.

opinion Bullshit Billionaire Crap. Joe Biden need to work on his own campaign. opinion 😂 opinion Pretty sure that's Biden's job. opinion Jesus Christ LATimes. Mute for you. opinion If Joe Biden loses, it will be Joe Biden himself and the Democratic party that failed to inspire enough votes to defeat Trump. Sanders supporters are not voting for Trump if they vote 3rd party. By definition they’ll be voting for a 3rd party candidate.

opinion Outright gaslighting: higher percentage of Sanders supporters voted for Clinton in 2016 than Clinton supporters voted for Obama in 2008. Who writes this trash for the Times? opinion Make me chump opinion I voted for Clinton in 2016. I said I wouldn't vote for a pussygrabber. That was considered good at the time. My position hasn't changed. Now my position is considered bad. Is it really so unreasonable to demand that the Dems to not prop up a pussygrabber?

opinion If Biden wants Bernie supporters votes HE needs to earn their votes. opinion Not for me it isn't. opinion Hillary Clinton didn't campaign in Wisconsin or run ads in Michigan. Dems unwillingness to hold their leaders accountable for miserable failure reveals an authoritarianism on par with any MAGA cultist.

opinion maybe Biden should just offer appealing policies for christ's sake opinion it's not bernie's job to save biden's failing campaign opinion I agree. Come on Bernie supporters. opinion That seems more like Joe’s job tbh opinion And Biden has made it worse. NotMeUs doesn't mean what you think it means. We love Bernie. But we voted for Bernie's platform. But he doesn't lead us. He inspires us. He doesn't have the power to do it. It's his platform, stupid.

opinion it is imperative that the media shut the fuck up about how it's .BernieSanders responsibility to 'lead his followers'. we don't follow. we SUBSCRIBE. and it;s clear: .JoeBiden and .DNC would rather lose to .realDonaldTrump AGAIN, than change. subscription canceled. opinion Yeah sorry also more Hilary '08 supporters voted for McCain than Bernie '16 supporters voted for Trump. So try again.

opinion What's Biden's offer? opinion Garbage opinion guys. Based on no facts my dudes. opinion Maybe Biden should try being even slightly electable opinion Its Bidens job to appeal to us not the other way around with Sanders opinion More Bernie supporters went for Hillary in 16 than Hillary supporters went for Obama in 20. Bernie supporters have shouldered the blame for 4 years anyway, and Biden is less likeable than Hillary. This ship has already sailed.

opinion LeT mE tAlK tO ThE mAnAgEr opinion Absolutely no onus on Hillary or Joe to win voters. They know they have no charisma or ability to earn votes. So they need the work horse to do it. opinion I wanted Bernie's policies. If he begs for me to vote for Biden without negotiation, I'll have to say no. You guys may be married to your party but I care about The People. It's not Bernie's job to convince me. It's Biden's and the DNC. It is what it is.

opinion You know that not everyone has a manager that you can speak to, right? opinion Get bent with this bullshit arguement. You want my vote you can earn it like Bernie did. opinion Remember that whole NotMeUs thing? Well, that implies that one person isn't in charge, and browbeating individual supporters is just about the dumbest thing you can do.

opinion It's actually Biden's job to win our votes, and his statement yesterday indicated that he has no clue how to do that. I think he has some work to do. (Though I dunno if anyone can go back in time and not assault someone) What are we, dogs? Sit, stay, roll over? Fuck this. opinion Absolute malarkey. Its on the DNC and Biden to earn my vote by having sane, rational, forward thinking policies that look after everyone, not just their corporate donors. Bernie has nothing to do with it.

opinion Yeah, you think? 🤔 opinion this reads more like you're seeding the discourse with the imperative to blame Sanders for Biden's upcoming failure than anything. He hit the road hard for Clinton, and Bernie supporters came out in very normal proportions for her. opinion actually it's joe biden's job to win us over

opinion Bernie got me to reluctantly vote for Democratic candidate in 2016. I won't be making the same mistake in 2020. opinion opinion he's not the boss of me, actually opinion opinion Pretty sure it's Biden's job to do this. Afterall, we're not even real democrats, right? opinion Here ya go folks, I’ll help you out with that:

opinion LA Times is less than fish wrap. MGripsgard opinion You write like Sanders is the parent of these voters who are exercising their rightful civic duty how they see fit. Why don't you do your job & convince them why voting 3rd party, while a protest, is not a good idea at this time in history? opinion The editor that allowed this to be published should be ashamed. Maybe this kind of propaganda would work 20 years ago. Now it just dooms your newspaper to a slow deserved bankruptcy.

opinion Nope. The DNC SpeakerPelosi and SenSchumer ALL Created this Undemocratic Democratic Primary. Indie Swing Voter disgusted. Bernie opinion Not going to happen. We’re our. NeverBidenNeverTrump opinion Clinton got 90% of Bernie voters. Biden is not getting that 90%. Time you figure out we aren't a cult of personality. We are a movement based on policy. This isn't on Bernie, it fails on Joe .

opinion opinion Not happening, dude. opinion It’s up to Biden to get Bernie supporters to vote for him, it’s hasn’t suddenly become Bernie’s job to do Biden’s job. opinion It’s imperative the DNC and Tom Perez stop committing felonies via Massive election fraud and voter suppression. Bernie won yet another primary and the DNC outright stole it.

opinion I’m not a Democrat. I participated in the Democratic primary to vote for Bernie. Now that Bernie is out, I’m out. If the DNC wants my vote, let them work for it with policies I can support. Bernie doesn’t own my vote. And you need to grow up … opinion No way. Biden will lose 100%. He can't form complete sentences more than 1/2 the time.

opinion What a bias article. opinion I believe most Bernie supporters are free-thinking individuals that can choose how they want to vote for themselves. Blindly supporting a leader whose ideals are contrary to your personal convictions, is exactly what the GOP is doing with Trump. opinion opinion Just wait and see what happens. The DNC fools chose a morally questionable relic. Why?

opinion The first candidate to embrace medicare for all will get my vote. opinion Y’all are already setting Bernie up as the reason Joe loses in November. Though you pretend you aren’t aware Joe’s not mentally fit for the job. Barack Obama pushed Joe to the top spot. opinion Not going to happen. opinion ....huge capacity of understanding, fast, alert. Must have an excellent memory. Practically gifted, I am not kidding. All in all a “good human being”. AND he is. Perhaps someday we will have a good businesswoman, but not yet. President Trump 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

opinion Lol, one, that's on Biden to earn those votes, and two, why does corporate media always conveniently forget that more Hillary voters went for McCain than Bernie voters went for Trump 🤔 opinion Nah. It’s imperative Joe does his job as the nominee and come up with substantive proposals for the future. Even then I won’t support him, but it’ll be good for Establishment Democrats to work once in a while instead of demanding.

opinion They’ll all vote for Trump. Even Bernie himself, along with sleepy Joe. The only one who can do this job is President Trump! No one else is qualified to handle this volume of work. Only a businessman and he is. In addition, has to be smart, wise, kind, ..... opinion this is a stupid opinion. it’s not Bernie’s job to convince people to vote for Biden, it’s Biden’s job. Period.

opinion Looks like I’m going to burn a copy of the LA Times today. opinion He campaigned at 39 RALLIES for Hillary. YOU KIDDING ME?!!!! And then she turns around and states that no one likes him because she can’t take ownership for her loss. opinion No opinion opinion Screw off opinion Naw 🖕🏽 opinion If Bernie Sanders showed up at my house with $1,000 and asked me to vote for Joe Biden I would say no. F*** your newspaper f*** the Democratic Party. You can burn together.

opinion We're not Sheep. opinion It's not a cult of personality. There is nothing Sanders could say that would persuade me to vote for Biden. A vast majority of Sanders supporters make their decisions based on policy. Sanders WAS my compromise. I will never vote for Biden. NeverBidenNeverTrump opinion That narrative is bunk. Bernie did all he could. People just didn’t like Clinton. And a lot of people don’t like Biden either.

opinion How did it go from 'it's Sanders job to court Warren supporters' to 'it's Sanders job to make his supporters vote for biden' ? opinion Sanders can't force me to vote for Biden no more than I can force the corporate media & Dems from spreading lies, smears, innuendo, and false information about Sanders to benefit Biden and refusing the tell the truth about Biden's MANY issues. NeverBiden LyinBiden DemExit

opinion This is rich. 10% of Sanders voters voted for Trump in 2016. For comparison, 25% of Clinton voters voted for McCain in 2008. Sanders' voters are not the problem. Your chosen candidates are the problem. opinion Not happening gtfoh opinion Can’t wait to choose between two millionaires who represent the billionaire class. All the while they divide us over abortions and guns. No matter who, Biden or Trump, we all lose. nomatterwhowelose

opinion NeverBiden opinion LOL, that is expressly Joe's job to win them over. We are not sheep to be herded over to the Democratic party's anointed candidate. opinion Read as much of the article as I could stomach. More blaming Bernie supporters for 2016. LA Times, suck my nonexistent dick. opinion This is utterly stupid. You talk as if people don't have their own choices. I just switched to GreenParty and will never again vote Democrat. Just because the Dem. establishment hands me a feces sandwich doesn't mean I have to eat it.

opinion It's not Bernie's fault that Joe Biden is a trash politician who is going to eat shit in November opinion If Biden is the 'electable' candidate, HE needs to prove it. If Biden wants to win new voters, he knows what he can do: Medicare 4 All, Green New Deal, cancel student debt, cancel medical debt. Can he move on at least ONE of these issues? Let's see it. That will show he's serious

opinion Wait, he already changed the Ds for the better and you still want him to lead the way to defeat Trump? I thought he dropped out, why are you putting Biden’s work on him? opinion Work on the candidate. The candidate needs to earn those votes. You chose your candidate now make sure he wins jose votes.

opinion Right cause doing 41 events and rallies for Hillary is the reasons she lost Some background info: Hillary did 8 events for Obama in 2008 opinion Not his job. opinion He did 40 events for her in 2016. opinion It’s on Joe to win over the voters. opinion We're not animals that are meant to be herded, idiots.

opinion ICYMI, Bernie's supporters are not livestock to be herded into the Biden corral. If Biden had better policies than Bernie, we would've supported Biden. He doesn't. And why should we compromise OUR values & principles to make you feel comfortable about compromising yours? opinion That is Joe Biden’s job

opinion That sounds like Bidens problem opinion maybe it's actually Joe's responsibility to be able to attract voters. opinion It sure as shit isn’t opinion What is imperative... is that the democrats get over the idea that they don't have to earn peoples' votes. Now that there's just one candidate actively running, maybe it's time to stop punching at progressives because frankly that seems not to change any minds

opinion Bernie doesn't tell me what to do, he had my vote because he promised to do what *I* want He could tongue kiss Biden on MSNBC, I'll never vote for that empty shell opinion Joe Biden? No thank you. I'm not interested in prolonging an abusive relationship. I didn't vote for Hillary. I won't vote for Joe B. No more austerity. No more wage suppression. No more tax cuts for the rich. No more deregulation of the powerful. An on and on.

opinion How is it on Bernie? Take a look at the entire primary season and find one reason for any lefty to vote for thr Democrats. opinion Nah opinion 🤔 Prepping for Biden's loss, I see. opinion Is it not Joe Biden's job to get people to vote for him? Dems, if you wanted that job to be Bernie's, you could've tried not rigging the primaries!

opinion Here for the ratio, is there a newspaper who learned nothing from 2016? opinion FOH as _if_ he didn't absolutely do everything he could Last Time is it Bernies fault Hillary ran an incompetent lackluster campaign. I love how Clintonistas utterly reject any and all responsibility and play the Blame Game 24/7 it's honestly old at this point

opinion opinion Actually not The Onion. Wow opinion Not how it works. We supported the proposals more than the man opinion i thought you and all the other establishment hacks said he wasn't a democrat? why does he owe this to a party that knee capped him at every opportunity? opinion This is the eatablishment media and DNC pre-emptively deflecting blame for rapey, NAFTA, Iraq War, MBNA, dementia Joe's inevitable loss onto Bernie. There were no similar articles about HRC despite twice as many of her 2008 primary voters going Republican in the general.

opinion Bernie doesn't owe you SHIT opinion Unlike the LA Times editorial board, some of us actually observed how hard Sen. Sanders *did* work in 2016. Now the calls immediately commence for him to personally salvage Biden's no-effort effort. Huh. opinion What a load of crap. It is up to Biden to earn our votes. We follow Bernie, because of his policies.

opinion Not his responsibility, we're not listening to him. opinion 'It is imperative that VP JOE BIDEN do a better job in 2020 leading THE LEFT to back THE DEMOCRATS in November than Hillary Clinton did in getting out the vote in 2016.' Fixed that for you, DM me I'll give you my Venmo so you can pay me for doing your job

opinion he has no say over what we did and the LA Times is ludicrous. keep this up we will be less likely to vote for him. that whole thing is a lie opinion Naw... it's up to Biden to work for more supporters. Time for Biden supporters to donate and phonebank! opinion As so-called leader of the Democratic Party, it's Biden's responsibility to earn our votes not Bernie's ('he's not even a Real Democrat™) job to deliver our votes to Biden. Besides, why would Biden even WANT our support. We're toxic, remember?

opinion It's imperative that you stop posting cringe. opinion The Democrats are lost, owned by 1% money and totally disconnected from US workers. opinion You still just don't get it opinion He doesn't owe anybody anything. Media never supported him. PresidentSanders opinion 'How ya gonna keep em down on the farm after they've seen Pairee?' How ya gonna keep em slaves of the Pharm after they've heard Bernee? Ya can't.. LOL! DNC has sealed their own fate. 'All that does not value human life above profit will crumble.' M4A

opinion How is Bernie supposed to do that? opinion You make it sound like Bernie's followers are some kind of 'cult?' Bernie doesn't own his followers. opinion Bernie doesn't get to tell us what to do. We vote based on policy, and those who don't support the policies the working class needs don't get our vote.

opinion Bernie and everyone who voted for him should focus energy on all the other races. Biden is likely to lose if Trump can’t be checked it’s all done. opinion 🤣 what a joke opinion Bernie could come to my home and personally ask me to vote Biden, and I will not. opinion Bernie supporters don’t owe anyone shit! Sincerely, people who saw how Warren’s campaign failed to help the cause. Good luck, seems your strategy was to reach out to potential crossover moderate centrists - have fun energizing them to go against Trump!

opinion He couldn’t lead us to Hillary. U think he’ll lead us to Biden? Who’s writing this? opinion Bernie owes you nothing opinion It honestly blows my mind that it’s 2020 & y’all still think this shit is gonna work. opinion Excuse me!!!!! It’s up to Biden to sway us, not Bernie. Geez. opinion It's Joe Biden's job to earn my vote. It's Joe Biden's responsibility to earn every vote he gets. Just like it was Hillary's job to give us a reason to vote for her. Stop blaming Bernie because we have a weak candidate at the top of the ticket.

opinion Bernie Sanders could show up on my door and personally beg me and I’d still say no. I don’t vote for rapists and I don’t vote for Iraq war boosters. opinion La Times can fuck all the way off with this bullshit opinion Groundhog Day opinion Hillary lost because she ran a bad campaign. Bernie didn’t force her not to go to MI, WI, PA

opinion 'It is imperative that any candidate who doesn't support M4A and a living wage get fucked.' opinion It is imperative that the author kiss my ass forthwith. opinion You must think that Bernie’s supporters are brainless sheep who will do anything he asks them to. You’re mistaken. You’re thinking of tRUmp supporters.

opinion Honestly the harder he tried the less of us will probably vote for Biden. opinion bernie and his followers don't owe you anything opinion Bad opinion with a false premise about 2016 opinion bernie isn’t our manager, we wouldn’t listen to him if he did opinion I know you’re worried sick about the zombie candidate but Senator Sanders has done enough. Let him take a breath and carry out his duties in the Senate.

opinion Bernie Sanders lead 33 campaign rallies for Hillary Clinton!!! Tell the truth!!! Quit Bernie Bashing!!! DNC and the Corporations NEED to quit Rigging Primaries!!! They give us people like slow Joe the finger rapist! opinion What did the ewarren dipshits say? He 'owes you nothing' opinion It will be amusing when Bernie supporters next year are getting their Coronavirus vaccine which most likely will be discovered, developed & produced by the “evil for profit” drug firms that Bernie wants to put out of business! Great photo-op for end of socialism & its hypocrisy!

opinion Allow me to translate for you, so you’ll understand: BERNIE 👏 DOESN’T 👏 OWE 👏 YOU 👏 A 👏 GOD 👏 DAMNED 👏 THING! Best of luck. Better get to work. opinion He campaigned more for her in 2016 than she did for herself. This is a bullshit take, and you should be ashamed of wasting space with it.

opinion Not voting for Biden 🤷‍♀️ opinion Biden is not getting my vote opinion This is some fucked up thinking. He got his supporters with his policies and morals. It is imperative BIDEN get those supporters with the same. Sanders will ask them to consider but he cannot convince people to follow a morally bankrupt candidate with terrible policies.

opinion This tweet is brought to you by the letters “S”, “T”, “F” & “U” opinion Eff that pied piper bullshit. Just because we support his agenda over others does not mean he tells us who to vote for. Never will. opinion It's not Bernie, it's the ideas. It's the 'doing what's right'. For some I guess that might be hard to understand.

opinion 'It is imperative that Joe Biden do a better job in 2020 campaigning for himself in the general election than Hillary Clinton did in 2016'. opinion The desperation of the News Medias is telling. It was never about the individual running but the policies they promised. opinion 👏🏿🤣⤵️☝🏿 opinion It is imperative that Joe Biden understands that most of us value policy over platitudes. He needs to know he’s not just owed our votes because he’s blue. He must earn them. And when Biden loses to Trump, he’s the only one to blame for his loss.

opinion No its not. Its not his responsibility to do ANYTHING. This isn't some stupid game. You don't get to steal an election from a voter base and expect them to support your pile of Sit candidates. Sorry, the DNC must burn to the ground. opinion Bullshit piece. opinion But I thought we were a mindless cult who did whatever our leader asked us to?

opinion Why is it Bernie's job to convince us to vote for Joe? Just like in 16 Bernie gets blamed because the Dem nominee can't figure out how to win progressive voters. Not on Bernie. On the Dem party for sucking. SudarakaA opinion Keeping his delegates, keeping his name on the remaining ballots, intentions of strong arming the party platform: hardly dropping out. Where is his endorsement of Biden? His call for his supporters to vote for Biden? DropOutBernie for real

opinion Lol. LA Times is trolling folks. opinion Baaaaah baaaah we aren’t sheep my dear. We vote policies not people. Give us something to vote for other than a dismal record of not helping the Working Classes. Maybe start there? opinion Let me see if I can clear this up for you: I support Sanders for his policy positions. There's nothing he or anyone else can say to cause me to support Biden for the same reasons: I do not support Biden's policy positions. Hope that clears it up for you...

opinion Ummm no it is not encumbent on Bernie to do anything more. opinion Definitely not the man’s strong suit. opinion This opinion is garbage. If Biden can't win over progressives, workers and young voters, that's on him, not Bernie, not his supporters. opinion He held 39 rallies for Hillary when he didn't have to. 39. Entitled centrist pieces of shit. And what did Hillary do? Bitch and complain about it in her Hulu documentary because she ran a terrible campaign and didn't step foot in the rust belt once.

opinion What part of 'we are loyal to policy, not Bernie' do people not understand? Bernie has 0 say in who we support, and he EARNED our support through policy. Biden can do the same. Or he can not get my vote. opinion Lol y'all dumb Bernie was the compromise we don't follow him opinion opinion “It’s imperative that Joe Biden do a better job in 2020 being a better candidate, running a better campaign than Hillary did in 2016.” Why is it Bernie’sjob to fix bad candidates and horrible campaigning?!

opinion He can't tell us what to do and he never could, we support him for President and no one else opinion Fuck that. We told you we wouldn’t vote for Biden. You should have listened opinion This is Joe Biden’s job, not Bernie’s job opinion To hell with this bullsh*t! Bernie had the policies I and millions of others liked. Even if Bernie himself gets on his knees and begs me to vote for Biden, the answer is F*CK NO!!

opinion Big LOL opinion This is Joe's job. opinion Oh fuck all the way off with this. Bernie could give me $10k and personally drive me to the polls, and I’d thank him then go in and vote green. Your forget a lot of us aren’t democrats, we were willing to vote for certain democratic candidate(s) — Biden not so much

opinion He’s out of the race. He doesn’t have to do anything. This falls on Biden. opinion Horsecrap opinion Hard to believe you get PAID to write this crap. It is BIDEN'S job to earn your votes. opinion That's Joe Biden's job, actually. You know, the guy who has like 15% support with people under 45 y/o in his own party. Sure sounds like he has an electability problem. 🤔

opinion Sanders supporters vote based on policy not what Bernie tells us to do. opinion No lol opinion Next do an article on the millions of Americans who don’t vote at all. Bernie and his supporters owe nothing to establishment. opinion 🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽✌🏽 opinion We are voting green. FO opinion

opinion fuuuuuuuuuuckk off opinion It's not on Bernie anymore assholes it's on Biden and the Dems do who either ignore us or mock us or treat us like shit so good luck in winning us over fuckers opinion That is NOT how it works. We love Bernie but we'll make this decision for ourselves. As for me, I can never vote for Biden because of his policies, his failing brain & a credible RAPE allegation. He's a BlueTrump. Plus DNC in collusion with YOU & MSM rigging it all = DemExit🤬

opinion Unsubscribed opinion A great majority of “his” supporters are only supporting him because of his support for issues these “supporters” care about. Write something about that. opinion This is the Find out stage opinion Shitting on bernie supporters is a good tactic. Enjoy 4 more years of trump opinion Wow, the establishment really despises this man. Too bad, I really think Bernie would've done wonderful things for the American people.

opinion It is imperative the author of this editorial and all others preemptively blaming Sanders for Biden/DNC failuree must eat shit. I haven't seen them do 1 thing to pick up votes. Sanders worked harder for Clinton than she did herself. opinion Joe Biden needs to do his job and earn votes. You were told what Hillary needed to do to win. Nobody listened. You are being told what Biden needs to do to win. Still no one is listening. Lose or listen?

opinion YES! He was asked to endorse JoeBiden and he gave some lame ass excuse...here we go again! opinion Don’t you think it should be on Biden to win voters over? What does Bernie even have to do with this anymore, y’all forced him out. Win my vote over with Medicare for all / saying no to greed, that’s all we ask.

opinion DumbingDown of the media is disturbing. Not BernieSanders job to sell JoeBiden' lame ass platform to Us.A majority of Americans support Medicare4All LivingWages a GreenNewDeal Planet & people are dying NOW. JoeBiden DNC' platform is another nail in our coffin. Evolution opinion Bernie doesn’t owe the DNC or Biden anything. Fuck them both.

opinion Senator Sanders doesn’t owe you shit. Neither do his supporters. opinion Your stupid party had it's chance to win our votes. But it nominated an enemy of ours, instead. opinion Fuck all the way off. opinion The problem seems to be that the Bernie faction was rife with Trump voters from the start.

opinion Oh yeah, because he really tried soooo hard to support Hillary Clinton... opinion Fuck off LA Times. It is/was imperative that the press play a watchdog role instead of an attackdog role is an alleged democracy. It is up to the status quo candidate JoeBiden & the DNC to show they can actually evolve on healthcare, environment.. during a fkng pandemic.

opinion Bernie killed himself campaigning for the ungrateful Clinton and you’re all still complaining about it 4 years later so Bernie doesn’t have to lift a goddamn finger for Joe Biden. opinion That’s not his job. That’s Joe’s job. MaudCronkhite opinion Sanders did 40 campaign events for Clinton. Wtf

opinion A better job What responsibility does the nominee and DNC have to EARN the votes of those voters What policy is this campaign offering to voters to ensure these Independent non-voters come out for your candidate ? opinion Ew gross. No. opinion I like how everyone in a certain circle is preemptively blaming Bernie Sanders and his supporters for his losing in November because they know Joe Biden is a terrible candidate and will most likely lose. This is not how anyone who actually believes in their candidate campaigns.

opinion TerminateDNC opinion It’s always Bernies fault. Maybe Biden sucks and the DNC is just corrupt? Nahh! opinion Everybody getting ready to blame BernieSanders for the corrupt “Democrats” once again trying to force a terrible candidate on the voters & AGAIN electing Trump. TheDemocrats need to realize that to MANY people they are irrelevant & people are disgusted by their corruption.

opinion lol, do they explain in this article how the hell he's supposed to do that? Or how any candidate does that? This entire narrative is so unimaginably stupid it leaves you dumbfounded. As if Bernie says 'vote Joe' and like lemmings we march into a voting booth & do what we're told. opinion We're not a flock of sheep. Get real.

opinion opinion 'Also, Bernie Sanders needs to become a brain surgeon and fix Biden's brain before this coming Wednesday. Imperative!' gruenewald86 opinion I dont think he understands that the loser doesnt get to tell the winner his demands. The American voters sent him a loud & clear message that after a 5 year campaign & 30 years of a career where he accomplished nothing, the message is we dont want you!

opinion Literally nothing Bernie can do or say to make me vote for Biden. It’s not on him. opinion Only way I'm voting Biden is if he picks up at least one of Bernie's policies. opinion Why does the LA Times insult our collective and individual intelligence? Voters will make decisions based on the Biden and Democratic commitment to issues for which we've fought so hard. Oh, and in 2016, the HRC campaign fought platform issues tooth and nail. Demeaning.

opinion It was not BernieSanders’ fault that HillaryClinton was a terrible candidate (& IS a terrible person). Bernie Sanders is not the reason I didn’t vote for Hillary. Hillary is the reason I didn’t vote for Hillary & NEVER would have. Bernie has no obligation to GOTV for Biden. opinion We aren't voting for Joe Biden you guys. That's not how this works.

opinion No it’s imperative that democratic nominee work to bring back voters opinion I don't think you understand who Bernie Supporters are. We're not sheeple who get Brainwashed through media. We're not going to do something simply because Bernie tells us to do something. Did you never really figure out what NotMeUs meant?

opinion his supporters have minds of their own, they chose Bernies policies, not Bernie himself, Trump is gonna shit on Cali for 4 more years, you still haven't released totals from vote 1 1/2 mnths ago, fu opinion Bernie did 40+ campaign events for Clinton in 2016. It’s just not so simple to hand supporters over to another candidate, especially with such a diverse coalition. The onus is on Biden to give Bernie supporters a reason to switch, which he doesn’t seem interested in doing.

opinion He should but he won’t...Bernie is a narcissist like Trump- he even made his speech about dropping out all about him! opinion It’s Passover. Give it a rest. opinion My opinion: First give us MedicareForAll opinion Nah opinion 🖕🏿 opinion It’s not imperative that Bernie Sanders do anything. Joe Biden needs to earn my support.

opinion You propagandists talk about Joe Biden electability and you are the sole responsible party for him losing. opinion The problem is you think Sanders supporters are Democrats. This movement is far bigger than he ever was. What needs to happen is that corporate democratic leadership needs to go. opinion agreed and LOLL to all the triggered and salty ass bros down here 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

opinion In 2008, about 25% of Clinton primary voters voted for McCain in the general. In 2016, about 6-12% of Sanders primary voters voted for Trump in the general. Corporate Dems don’t realize they must earn the progressive vote. Instead, they lay the responsibility/blame on Sanders. opinion All due respect, fuck this wrong-headed nonsense.

LoriSums opinion 15% of Bernie supporters will vote for trump no matter what. Bernie did not get out the vote. He lost. The center of this country is progressive We are not Socialist & not an independent like Bernie. opinion Wrong. opinion Not Bernie's job to get Joe elected!!! It is on Biden to give us a reason to vote for him that is more than I know Obama and I'm not tRump

opinion The DNC cheated and lied again. It's imperative that the LA Times and everyone else realize that a LOT of us Bernie supporters aren't going to listen to Bernie asking us to vote Blue. Won't happen. opinion He'd have to kill himself before these people will be happy. opinion 🤔 that’s not Bernie’s job! That’s Joe Biden’s job to reach out and convince those voters to push him over the finish line. He won the nomination by many defaults, now it’s time for him to do some work now.

opinion I thought Joe won was because he was so much better at building coalitions than Bernie. So, shouldn't coalition Joe take over for what, according to experts like you, Bernie isn't capable of doing? Or does Joe get to sit at home like he's been doing and blame others if he loses? opinion If Joe Biden wants our votes he has to fucking earn them. It’s not Bernie’s responsibility to do Biden’s campaigning for him.

opinion Joe really shouldn't lift a finger for his own presidential race opinion Bullshit like this 👆 is why so many of us will never vote for any member of this disgusting establishment. And Bernie is not a prophet, you nitwits. The fact that I support his policies does not mean he gets to tell me whom to vote for.

opinion HEY!!! Opinion-----WE support Bernie. Bernie ain't the boss of US. WE choose whom we vote FOR. The remaining candidate MUST give US reasons to vote FOR him. Why does the Center have SOOOOO much trouble realizing this? opinion The corporate press supports corporate parties and corporate candidates. The people are tired of the abuse of all of it.

opinion go fuckyourself Lol Bernie owes you nothing opinion Yeah, NO. We are Independents, not sheep. Remember the good old days when candidates had to earn our votes not expect them to be delivered on a silver platter? FuckHillary FuckBiden and most of all FuckTheDNC opinion You don’t lead me to shit! This wasn’t a cult of personality like it is for so many candidates. This is about a movement that Bernie represented. It’s on Joe to earn votes, give people something to vote for. It was also on him not to assault women & we see how that turned out

opinion It is also imperative that JoeBiden do a better job of including BernieSanders people in the campaign and platform than HillaryClinton did in 2016. The problem was the campaign not Bernie opinion Lol opinion Hahahaha yea. Ok. opinion And by the way Blaming bernie or putting it all on bernie's shoulders to pull all of his supporters to biden pushes people like me further away. So you and all the other little snakes from the same head should quit expecting bernie to do bidens job.

opinion FU opinion BULLSHIT: it is imperative that joe biden do a better job in 2020 in getting out the vote than hillary clinton in 2016 opinion IT IS NOT BERNIES JOB. IT IS BIDENS JOB!! opinion It may be imperative but his followers hate Biden and the entire process. Joe Biden is doing a great job of covering up the Tara Reade story.

opinion Really? opinion Really? opinion Chillax he's doing it! opinion 30 rallies for HRC just wasn’t enough, was it. opinion 'HUGE INHALE* NO. IT ISN'T. and also get fucked, nerd. opinion BernieSanders has done all he can to save this country’s democracy from big corporations and special interests but the establishment Dems just want to keep the boat steady! If you ask me JoeBiden needs to raise his game exponentially to win Bernie supporters and that’s that!

opinion Something like 78% of Sanders voters chose HRC in the general, and he's expected to beat that this time around? Good fucking luck, DNC. opinion It's up to Joe Biden to build his coalition. opinion Since the crossover vote was a low in 2016 (esp. compared to 2008), the 'imperative' is doing a lot of work here. You're just preemptively trying deflect blame for Biden's general election loss. Stop it.

opinion Oh fuck off. opinion opinion Crazy idea, but maybe it's actually Joe Biden who has to do a better job of leading young people to Joe Biden. Maybe preemptively blaming Bernie, while ignoring that his supporters are autonomous human beings with their own thought processes, isn't such a great move.

opinion Not off to a great start. opinion Lol. He did more in 2016 than any losing nominee has ever done for the winner. But here's a secret, he isn't our cult leader. I don't give a shit what my compromise candidate tells me to do. He's the furthest right I could go. Joe can blow me. I don't vote conservative.

opinion Bernie doesnt lead me any place. I am not a fod damn sheep. 🖕 opinion Newsflash: he won't opinion Too late for that. The Democrats made it abundantly clear that they dont care about us. You're on your own, just like we are. opinion They vilify him even after he's pulled out of the race, I can see the media blaming Bernie for Bidens defeat in November. I support Bernie but he doesn't decide who I vote for

opinion I’d rather vote for Joe Biden than HC any freaking day!!! This time will be different. opinion How about no? If the Dems wanted leftist votes they'd have nominated someone who shares even a few of our policy positions. They decided wooing Republicans was more important. Good luck with that! They didn't earn our votes and they won't get them.

opinion Yeahhh, go fly a kite . This is you preparing to blame people you disaffected during the primary. Don’t want M4A? Livable wage? Then Don’t expect our vote. Its that simple. opinion This is why I stopped subscribing to the L.A. Times. There we go again. Every newspaper & 90% of the media in bed with the 1% Sure miss the days of real journalism and real news.

opinion Already setting up the blame game for the lack of enthusiasm Biden has? He's not getting the young people drowning in student debt, the unemployed, lack of Healthcare due to unemployment, and virtually no leadership skills shown during a pandemic. That's not on us. That's Biden. opinion Oops. Reckon you guys should have thought of that earlier. Too bad.

opinion Bullshit. The thing WAS rigged, MSM & DNC, & to imply that big $ wasn’t a factor is laughable. A lot of Bernie supporters weren’t D already, & more defections on the way. Their promises are as empty as their praise. Frack ‘em opinion XDDDDDDD opinion What the fuck is this garbage? Earn our votes, Joe. We don’t do what Bernie tells us.

opinion what the fuck would this even look like? our eyes are open, we know who joe biden is. some of us will vote for him and some won't. my feeling is every time we get preemptively scolded like this more people will choose to not vote for biden opinion Oh fuck you guys completely. opinion opinion Lead who? It doesn't work like that.

opinion how about the DNC doesn't rally behind a rapist next time? after four years of handwringing about trump being a rapist and doug jones being a pedophile and how can people vote for them, they've proven that they don't actually give a fuck about any of that. just cynical as hell opinion The old 'All or nothing' approach of Sanders greatly contributed to our overall meltdown under the realDonaldTrump administration! That's lack of vision and underestimating the enemy!

opinion 🖕🖕🖕 opinion Bottom line. Bernie needs to realize that.... wait for it....HE'S NO LONGER IN THE DEMOCRATIC RACE. Chill out with stating his platform over & over and begin to show solidarity with Biden. We need EVERYBODY to run Trump out of 1600 Pa Ave. opinion Shouldn't it be up to joe biden to convince people to vote for joe biden? Assholes.

opinion Don’t even start.... opinion You’ve got this all wrong, we don’t do what Bernie tells us, he is the one who served us. opinion “It is imperative that the Democratic Party do a better job in 2020 than they have ever done with promoting the policies that OVERWHELMINGLY matter to Americans and promoting rather than cheating candidates with integrity.” There. Fixed it for you.

opinion Bernie doesn't owe Joe a fucken thing. opinion bernie2timeescapegot opinion Again, why the hell do you care about our votes when you allege that we are in Russia? opinion Lol fuck right off! opinion Not understanding the issue! See, Bernie was the symbol of a raising movement that Is not even interested in who is the President, but changing the system. Biden like Hillary does not represent that. I had already broken with the Dem Party and I wanted Bernie, else Trump, change!

opinion “It is imperative that when it comes to rapists, the DNC works to make sure one rapist loses to another rapist.” opinion Bernie Sanders and the American people do not owe the D.C. establishment anything, especially not cheerleading for yet another pathological liar, demented rapist and child predator who wrote the Patriot Act and ushered in the totalitarian, Orwellian nightmare we all live in.

opinion This paragraph is so completely devoid of any critical political analysis, you might as well have just wiped your ass on paper and handed it in for your article. opinion This is 100% up to Biden. Nobody else. If he wants the vote of skeptical Bernie supporters, then he best get to work opinion That's why it's imperative that the Dems have a Joe/Bernie ticket. Anything else is dangerous, reckless and incredibly unnecessary if BernieSanders wants to make real change, he could truly begin building from the inside as VPSanders JoeBiden BernieSanders

opinion Or maybe, I don't know, Biden should EARN the votes from those who prefer Bernie? Clinton didn't earn their votes. Biden shouldn't make the same mistake. opinion You picked a guy with no policies and a terrible record because he’s “electable” ...Why are you guys so worried? Lol opinion Wall Street's invisible superpowers have settled with him many millions of dollars for his step back?

opinion Its over. No true Liberal will vote for an alleged sexual predator. Trump is worse for the establishment than he is for us. He destroyed the Republican establishment. Now it's your turn. I will be a registered Independent before the convention. opinion Bernie himself could crawl hands and knees to my front door and beg and I’d still never vote for Biden.

opinion Why is this his responsibility? Why aren’t you imploring Biden and his supporters to win over Bernie’s base? opinion There are 350,000,000 potential voters. My vote matters to me personally and ethically. I am neverbiden NotTrump Asking me and others behind notmeus is unfair. It would be me going against self. Nope They best get2work selling their product somewhere else

opinion Joe better be thinking up some compromises. Bernie is not our daddy or our King. opinion This is absolute horseshit. opinion QuotedReplies opinion This is Joe's job now, not Bernie's. opinion It is not Bernie’s job to get votes for a crap candidate. It’s the crap candidate’s job. And good luck with that. Lying, racist, rapists don’t do much for voter turn out.

opinion Just pls shut yr squawk hole. We don't owe politicians. Its the other way around. opinion For f*cks sake. We warned you Hillary and Joe can’t win. Yet you don’t listen. You tell us we’re spoiled and toxic, and here you are again trying to get Bernie to tame us. We are not voting for your corrupt politicians. We warned you.

opinion Not even if he personally called and asked me to. opinion opinion What happened to the electability argument? Isn’t that why people voted for Biden? I mean you say he can beat Trump so it seems his campaign has it all figured out. opinion NeverBidenNeverTrump ✌️ opinion Uh. opinion I feel for BernieSanders It could not have been an easy decision. I know in my heart that he will do what he can to help elect Joe Biden. We made a vow to Vote Blue no matter who. Had it been reversed know Biden fans would gladly have voted for Bernie. We must vote out Trump

opinion Sanders doing a ridiculous amount of rallies in states that Hillary didn't even bother visiting wasn't enough in 2016? opinion “Bernie is going to have to cure cancer if Biden is to beat trump” opinion Or better yet, why doesn’t Biden court Sanders supporters instead of expecting us to vote for him out of fear or guilt

opinion No, that's the responsibility of the Biden campaign opinion Not every candidate likes to be a Party puppet. opinion When does it become incumbent upon a nominee and the institutions that relentlessly back them to accept personal fault? There are more reasons why papers such as the LAT are failing than just the transition to the digital space. Introspection may help y’all find those.

opinion We are not sheep. Many of us are Dems for 30+ years, calling & canvassing. This time--unlike 2016-- given media & CorruptDNC making coordinated attacks on Bernie2020 & sending people to the polls in a pandemic(!), well now it's DemExit! Don't you dare blame a mensch for it. opinion You aren't getting our votes, no matter what Bernie says or does. Bernie was our compromise candidate. Both Biden and Trump are two pro-corporate rapist stooges who will defend the capitalist system at all costs.

opinion Who's bad opinion is this opinion This isn’t about Bernie. This is about Biden. We won’t vote for a monster. opinion Sorry, but that lie has long been debunked. We know very well that Bernie worked harder for Hillary than she did for herself. opinion Lol again 🤦🏻‍♀️ first he was forced to step down bcuz of HilLIARy and now Joe Biden 🙈Poor guy never had a chance🤔🤭

opinion Making excuses 7 months out is a promising sign. opinion Not going to listen when he endorses Biden, sorry not a cult of personality 💅 opinion Last I checked it is on each candidate to *earn votes* with policies that people will get behind. Do you guys know how representative democracy works? No candidate can either demand votes for themselves or another candidate.

opinion opinion Ya know what? Us progressives have worked our asses off phone banking, canvassing and educating ourselves throughout this primary. We need a rest. It’s now Biden and his supporters turn to get out the vote. Get to it! opinion Remember how Warren “didn’t owe us anything”? We’re going with that option too, k thx

opinion Narrator: he won’t opinion Because as we all know, it’s not incumbent upon the actual candidate to make the case for their candidacy. opinion Fuck that lol opinion Sanders earned his supporters by backing progressive policies that were worth waiting hours in a poll line for. Bernie can scream party unity till he’s blue in the face but it won’t matter if Joe doesn’t make the effort to earn them.

opinion Maybe Biden could try actually campaigning, making policy concessions, and being accountable to someone other than oligarch donors? Nah, that's crazy. opinion Its Biden responsibility to earn those votes. We warned you MSM that he can't. And you know that he can't, hence blaming the Bernie for his L

opinion Jesus christ you guys are terrible. opinion He didn’t change the Dem party “for the better.” Let’s start there. opinion Lol not voting for a conservative opinion Why don't you do your job and actually cover the news like TaraReade? opinion Fuck that noise, LA Times. Bernie owes the corrupt masters of the Dem party NOTHING.

opinion 'It's imperative that former VP Joe Biden do a better job in 2020 getting voters to back him in November than Hillary did in getting out the vote in 2016'. There, fixed it for you. opinion Good luck in November! opinion No it's not! It's imperative that Biden and his supporters give us reasons to vote for him other than Trump. And insulting us and blaming us for losing an election that hasn't even happened yet is not the way to do it.

opinion I'd rather see how badly Trump messes up the country dumb enough to let him be president in the first place. opinion Nonsense. Clinton failed to earn enough voters in the thought places. She failed. Now it's Biden's responsibility as nominee to earn the votes. Bernie can't control his voters, that's a ridiculous ideas

opinion stfu opinion They really believe we’re a cult that worships him and will obey unconditionally lol the projection OOOF opinion That sounds a lot like Joe Biden’s job to me. And let me tell you, he is very, very bad at that job. opinion This is just trolling, and bad trolling at that. should be ashamed, but they're not a serious news outlet, so they're not.

opinion opinion Flip that. opinion Hillary Clinton 2008 Presidential Campaign opinion This is trash opinion does joe biden plan to make a case for himself or opinion Hey maybe policy matters opinion I liked Bernie's policies, he earned my vote, I'm not a fanatic that will fall in line with team blue. opinion Yeah, no. You picked an unelectable candidate. You can’t guilt people into voting for him. You were warned, and you said you didn’t need Bernie voters. Enjoy!

Only4RM opinion People, we are wasting our time going after Bernie and his supporters. They are Not Democrats, and don’t bother to vote. If they didn’t bother to vote for the Messiah, they will definitely not vote for Biden. See Bernie primary results. opinion Bernie is not our daddy and he's not our boss. He did close to 40 events for Hillary and the majority of Bernie supporters voted for Hillary. Step off with this farce you call a newspaper.

opinion uhh maybe the nominee shouldn’t have sung the praises of segregationists, said he has no empathy for the youth (anyone under 45?) or defended his vote for the Iraq war and bankruptcy bill as recently as last year. Good luck opinion 📢HE IS NOT MY FATHER. HE CAN'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO !!! The dems lose because they pick sh*tty candidates no one wants. THEY need to do a better job in 2024. 2020 is lost. No one is showing up for Biden.

opinion Bernie Sanders can't influence us to do anything. We followed him because he shared our values and the progressive fights we are fighting. But he is not our leader. NeverBidenNeverTrump BryanDawsonUSA opinion As a Bernie supporter who did vote for HRC in 2016: I refuse to vote for Joe Biden! The beatings will continue until policy improves. Thank you, and good night!

opinion opinion Yeah, it's obvious you still really don't get it, huh? It might have been Bernie's campaign for the Presidency, but the movement isn't about Bernie - it is about policy taking control away from the 1% and corporations. How is that still not clear to people? opinion Yes, I believe Bernie owes it to the American people that he get his constituents to back Biden. I also believe he will try.

opinion When biden fails it's his own fault. opinion It's imperative Biden show us why we should vote for him. That's his job. If he is unable to do so that is not the fault of Sanders supporters. You consent manufacturing trash pamphlet. opinion No. opinion We are not sheep. It’s not Bernie’s job. It’s Biden’s burden.

opinion Hahaha...why he does not agree also with the democratic party ..hahaha. sleepy Joe its time for you to tap out lol Tump 4 more years availablefergus opinion Don't hold your breath. opinion Bernie will endorse and campaign for Biden. And Biden will lose. And you will blame Bernie instead of Mr Electable. GFY.

opinion Nope. That’s Biden’s job. Unfortunately Biden isn’t trustworthy so I think he’ll have a hard time succeeding. opinion It was imperative for HillaryClinton to convince voters to vote for her in 2016 and she failed spectacularly. Bernie Sanders campaigned for her (unfortunately) harder than she did for herself. MSM is such lying garbage.

opinion 'Biden definitely can't appeal to people so somebody else needs to do his job' is about on par for the New York Times. opinion Hello? Sanders ended his campaign. You wanted Biden and now work hard for him. Good luck🤗 opinion It is JoeBiden ‘s job (and the DNC) to offer us something worth voting for. Bernie can’t make anyone vote for Joe. Only Joe can do that. Come on Joe! SwingLeftJoe

opinion he strongly supported hillary in 2016. you know this. don't try to put this evil on him. opinion opinion 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠

opinion Its on the democratic establishment to win. They got what they wanted. opinion Try giving blame to the one doing the terrible job. Sanders doesnt owe anything to Biden. He doesnt need a political push like the rest of the candidates and maybe tell your candidate that people want policy and not half measures like youve been dishing since teh 90s

opinion weird to publish this when a 2 second google search brings up articles written in 2016 for WSJ, the New Yorker, and ABC News about how hard Bernie was campaigning for Hillary opinion Seems like the candidate who’s running should change his policies to appeal to those voters. opinion No one, not Bernie, not the fucking Ghost of Abraham Lincoln can ever compel me to vote for the more civil Rapist and Warmonger and allow me to feel good about myself. That’s the Democratic Parties problem, not mine. Get fucked.

opinion Lmaoooo opinion So fucking ridiculous. Do the authors of these kinds of articles read anything at all? He did tons of events for Clinton and she thanked him for it opinion Bernie doesn’t owe you ANYTHING -Warren democrats opinion joe biden can: opinion He went hard for Hillary, this race is Biden's to lose. He's abt to get mauled by the right wing media. And nobody seriously thinks he's going to mumble rap his way to a debate win against Trump.

opinion Lol It’s the person who *doesn’t* get the nomination that has to win the election? gtfoh opinion a complete fucking lie opinion His followers loved his policy. We would all admit his speeches were boring but we believe that he had spent his entire life fighting for things that helped common folks like ourselves. You can’t fake that, you can’t ‘referral’ that.

opinion That is pure BS opinion Sorry, we don't work for Bernie. Good luck in November. opinion dumptrump VoteBlueToEndThisNightmare opinion Actually it doesn’t matter what anyone says at this point, I will actively work to keep people home in November, nobody should risk their lives voting for a senile rapist who doesn’t care about their interests and will work against them for the donor class

opinion he's not my manager opinion opinion Why should Biden get Sanders' votes and supporters without any effort from him or his campaign? Why is he not expected to put in the same amount of work that Sanders was to become the 'unity' candidate? opinion Isn’t that the guy who is running for president’s job?

opinion I love Bernie but won’t follow him on this one. It’s either third party or trump for me. I’m not a democrat, and if Biden will veto M4A, the conversation is over before it started. opinion Imperative for whom? The 1% wins either way, just like last time. The 99% will no longer against our own interests.

opinion Biden should do a better job at campaigning than Clinton did in ‘16, actually opinion Bernard Sanders doesn't owe you anything opinion This type of ish, leads to less votes for Biden just so you know. opinion When are you guys gonna figure out that he doesn't lead us, he represents us. When he stops representing us, we stop supporting him. So asking him to do something that doesn't represent us does you no good-- it won't change our minds.

opinion Since when does a candidate control his supporters? We vote our conscience, not somebody elses conscience. opinion Good to know you haven't learned a goddamn thing since 2016! opinion The problem with that is lot of Bernie Sanders supporters are independents. The Democratic Party isn’t entitled to their vote

opinion It ain't Bernie's job to fix your fuckup. opinion His exit speech at least suggested solidarity with ultimate goal. opinion fuck off. ITS NOT ON US opinion 90% of Bernie supporters voted for Hillary in 2016. What is Joe Biden doing to entice that 90% to vote for him? opinion You didn’t even cover his massive rallies in and around LA you shites. You sabotaged Bernie and helped force Biden; now get to work getting him elected and good luck. Try writing editorials about how Biden can appeal to left swing voters instead of Republicans. But you won’t.

opinion Democrats exist to fend off the left to advance the conservative agenda. They've moved so far to the right, they got us a fascist in the WH, they handed trillions to oligarchs, they rubber stamp Trumps fascist judges. Sanders can shove his sheepdogging of neoliberalism. opinion Too bad Biden is doing a pretty shitty job of bringing those voters back. The way you do politics is to 'appeal' to people. To 'persuade'. Not to demand and browbeat. You learn this in your first or second speech class in high school or college.

opinion Sanders could personally show up at my house, get on both knees & beg me to vote for Biden and I still wouldn’t vote for Biden opinion I don't give a shit what Sanders says, I'm not voting Biden opinion It's funny that the same establishment that united to smear our candidate is now shaming us to support theirs. Nope. The Democrats chose 4 more years of Trump.

opinion We are at a stage where it needs to be explained that these are voters, not cult member. If you want their vote, earn it through policy opinion Go talk to Jennifer Rubin over at WaPo about that. She has some cutting edge ideas on the subject. opinion They didn't get it last time, and clearly don't this time. It's not about him, it's about his policies. Give us single payer health care, eliminate cash bail, restore voting rights. Stop treating us like we'll fall in line behind your chosen one because he's raped fewer women.

opinion This is disgusting and slanderous to imply that Bernie didn't do all he could for Hillary, sit down and shut it if you feel he didn't opinion 🙄 opinion You people must have the impression anyone who was willing to vote for Sanders are puppets who will do as they're told. Maybe that's your cohort, but that's not me.

idle_prattle opinion Sanders couldn’t lead a thirsty horse to water... opinion That's like your opinion man. Jesse Ventura 2020. opinion Uhhh. No he doesn’t have to do anything. He doesn’t owe the Democrats a damn thing. opinion Bernie does not own my vote, I am not some brain dead sheep that will do what I'm told. I do not care one bit which corrupt lying warmonger rapist wins, neither has any intention to do anything but continue to make my life hell.

opinion Like I said earlier, Bernie could personally come to my home to tell me to vote for Biden and I would tell him to go fuck himself right to his face. Trying to convince me to vote for Biden just isn't gonna happen. opinion Sanders could come to my house and ask me in person to vote for Joe Biden and I would tell him to get off my property. Biden has a record of lying to people getting caught in the lie just to lie again to another group of people. Joe Biden is the Hillary Clinton of 2020.

opinion Fix your own mistake this time. opinion It’s the candidate’s job to appeal to voters, not the other way around. If Biden loses, it’s on him and his team. Not anyone else. opinion BernieWonCA - Joe needs to take notes opinion That thing you’re trying to do, getting Bernie supporters to back Biden, you’re doing it wrong.

opinion Joe what do you have to say to Sanders supporters? BidenInsultBot opinion It was imperative to run a fair primary. The DNC fucked up. IBelieveTaraReade NeverBidenNeverTrump NeverCuomoNeverTrump DemExit NeverVotingDemocratAgain DemocratsCanKissMyAss 3rdParty GeneralStrike RentStrike VivaRevolt opinion Ass-backwards. The ball is in Biden’s court. What’s he offering millions of ppl who supported not only Bernie but his ideas?

opinion opinion Not how this works. We are not a cult following Dear Leader. We are individuals with our own thoughts, beliefs, values, struggles, and opinions. If Dems want our votes, they're going to have to earn them. Bernie campaigned harder for Clinton than she did, and still got blamed. opinion No one tells us what to do. NeverBiden we don’t worship him like Trump’s supporters worship Trump. Bernie works for us not the other way around. You just don’t get it. You will.

opinion It’s not his responsibility to lead his supporters to Biden. It’s Biden’s responsibility to reach out and woo Bernie supporters. God LA times stop being such a pony faced dog soldier. opinion 78% of Sanders primary supporters voted for HRC in the GE---as he asked us to. Many of us campaigned for her. You couldn't even be bothered to tell the truth about THAT.

opinion Fuck that. How about you ask Biden to offer up some policy toward us. Bernie has no obligation to lead us anywhere. Biden does. opinion Bernie is busy sweetie, he doesn't owe you anything he needs time to mourn and do self-care opinion Thats crazy it’s almost like we’re human beings with agency

opinion I would never vote for Biden, and I mean fucking never. opinion It is imperative that JoeBiden picks ewarren as VP and puts SenSanders policies front and center to fix our nation. Otherwise, the next GOP Trump like tea party is going to make this hellacious four years look like a cake walk. Wake up LaTimes

opinion Eat my entire ass NeverBiden opinion lol, Bernie is old, leave him alone, Bernie owes nobody jack shit. the more pressing issue is white women: 43% of non-South of them actually voted for Trump. opinion Pick your least favorite rapist? opinion unlike most democrats WE are not sheep to be led . Bernie2020 can not convince of anything . and worked like a mutherfukker for hillary . The problem is Bernie supporters are informed and intelligent and think for ouselves .

opinion 'We demand that Bernie clean up the horrible mess we made!' opinion You seem to think that Bernie Sander's supporters were influenced by him to believe what we did. Nope. We believed those things before Sanders came along. He can't influence us to do anything. opinion I seem to recall seeing that losing candidates don't owe anyone anything.

opinion Suddenly Joe Biden isn't electable. opinion delete this horseshit opinion Bernie Sanders doesn't owe the party shit. opinion Interesting enough I was a Bernie supporter in 2016, but ended up voting for Hillary. In 2020 I’m still a Bernie supporter, but not voting for Biden. The Democratic Party doesn’t care about us. They’ll blame “Bernie Bros.” for Biden’s loss if I vote for him or not 🤷‍♂️

opinion Lol knock this shit off. Clinton lost because she was the most unlikable candidate in years, and she forgot Wisconsin existed. opinion should be easy we are a cult, after all opinion It’s not Sanders responsibility to “lead his supporters to vote” for somebody. It’s on the CANDIDATE to do something to earn the progressive vote. Nobody is anointed your vote.

opinion Is this a joke? It's not his job to do anything. Like you all told us after Warren dropped: Bernie 👏doesn't 👏 owe 👏 you 👏anything' opinion You really believed that 'Bernie is a cult' lie didn't you? Sad day for you since that's not remotely true. We think independently and most of us are not going to vote for Biden, no matter what Bernie says.

opinion I thought he was a cult leader whose supporters always take him at his word 🤔 opinion this is disgusting opinion Joe is on his own. He has his babysitter wife of course. opinion good thing about bernie dropping early than convention is that u can't blame bernie for biden's loss like u did with hillary, its up to biden now to get people to vote him in november, its not bernie's job, u can ask amy, harris, beto, booker, pete and bloomberg to campaign tho

opinion Going from 'Joe Biden is clearly the most electable candidate to beat Trump' directly into 'Bernie Sanders must whip his supporters into the voting for a lying racist who hates their guts or he loses' is some real whiplash of a narrative. opinion What an embarrassment. opinion No, it really fucking ain't. You people dug this hole for yourselves. Find your own way out.

opinion Haha, no opinion nope opinion He literally campaigned for her. Stop peddling this bullshit. It’s also not his job. Joe wants the voters, Joe needs to support the causes they care about. Period. opinion Here me out. You don't run a ghoul s a candidate. Thank you, this has been my TED talk. Enjoy your evening.

opinion Maybe Joe Biden could put in the work on his own campaign to earn his own votes like a big boy? opinion Yeah, that’s gonna be a no from me. opinion opinion Nah. If Biden is so electable as MSM keeps telling us, he should do it himself. NeverBidenNeverTrump opinion what if biden simply tried to make an affirmative case for himself

opinion There is nothing Bernie could say to make me support Biden. If I were at an event and Bernie started down that line, I would boo him. opinion So you don’t get any of this, huh? It would be hilarious if it wasn’t so tragic. No Bernie, no Dem vote. NoUnity DemExit it’s imperative the democratic party do a better job period

opinion GTFOH I voted for Hilary. Is this a joke? Done. Nothing Bernie can do. opinion Haaaaa it’s not bernie who just disenfranchised every college student in America during a pandemic. Good luck getting them all back, we’ll try but good luck opinion Bullshit opinion When all you know about politics is online

opinion Bernie's not a god, he can't convince people to pretend joe can complete a thought goodluckdems opinion Who's ready to vote Green Party?! opinion LMAO at this think-pieces that put the onus on Bernie instead of the establishment that still want to shame working-class Bernie supporters. Nah fam it's on Biden to sell us on him. Not the other way around.

opinion You’d think Joe Biden would want to take responsibility for his own campaign. But I guess maybe Biden takes no responsibility at all. That’s going around a lot these days. opinion You cowards won’t even put a by line on the piece. We are not sheep and he is not our shepherd. The Democratic Party told us to fuck off and we listened.

opinion opinion opinion What trash. opinion The Establishment LA Times fundamentally does not understand what motivates Bernie supporters which is policy and principles not idols. The reason why they can’t understand is because the LA Times does not have principles nor do they care about actual policy. opinion Lol that is not Sanders’ job.

opinion Bernie owes you nothing opinion Lolllllll Corporate media told older voters Biden was electible. in fear they voted Biden when Biden loses the blame will be on corporate media for lying about Biden being electible and those voters who decided to listen to corporate media instead of doing there own research-

opinion After all the crooked games DNC played along with the corp-backed media bias against Bernie, you sure have some nerve! Bernie supporters make their own decisions- thank you. As an editorial board, you should push Biden to figure out how to attract Bernie supporters! opinion The editorial board of the LA Times needs to do a better job of cutting my lawn and washing my car.

opinion I think it's largely Biden's job to appeal to Bernie's voters. 'Nothing will fundamentally change' probably won't do it opinion Succ me opinion Lol he doesn’t owe anybody shit opinion Isn't that Biden's job to earn our votes? opinion F* off opinion i see liberals have still learned nothing from 2016 and don't know how campaigning works

BryanDawsonUSA opinion He won’t opinion I held my nose and voted in 2016. I spent the last four years being blamed for Clinton's loss. I'm not doing it again. Let alone for someone like Biden. opinion opinion NO Bernie Supporters will Vote for BIDEN.....instead they will Vote For TRUMP......and that's the Truth.....

opinion Why? We were told Biden is the safe electable choice. opinion why is it on bernie and not biden? opinion fyi, Sanders’ supporters are not lead by Bernie like a cult leader. they vote for the person that has the same *beliefs* as us. not the same *party* as us. if Biden’s platform is basically a fake-progressive version of trump, sanders supporters aren’t interested.

Amanst3r opinion In what reality is it Bernie's responsibility to sell Biden? Biden's a weak candidate and the onus for him getting elected falls on everyone's shoulders who got him here. Go canvass, phone bank, etc. It's the Biden campaign's responsibility to convince voters to vote for him. tgclark56 opinion We can’t progress if we don’t win. Will Puritopians repeat past disasters?

opinion So are we a cult or not, I can’t keep up, it changes by the hour opinion Isn’t it Joe’s job to attract supporters? opinion What an outrageous thing 2 publish when he had a lower rate of people abandoning the nominee than prior primary losing candidates (including HRC). You're incredibly divisive. Over half the US population DID NOT VOTE. & white women voted for trump by 54%. Whose fault is that?

opinion Bernie fought for us, Biden will fight against us. Unlike this paper's wealthy owners, I can't afford four more years of 'nothing will fundamentally change' opinion Like we haven't got a mind of our own. We saw the corruptness of the media complicit with the corporate DNC. Why should we continue to vote for a party that hasn't done diddly squat for the people in half a century. We love Bernie but think for ourselves.

opinion ... voters didn’t vote for Hilary cause she was not a good candidate.... Bernie campaigned his ass off for her. She was her own undoing. Preemptively blaming Biden’s inevitable loss on BernieSanders is so idiotic. People need something to vote FOR, not against. opinion Pre-blaming Bernie already b/c you think Biden's likely to lose in Nov.? It's almost like you get what a shitty candidate Dems have elevated... Give the bullshit story about '16 a rest--Bernie campaigned much harder for Clinton than she did for herself.

opinion Unlike your puppet Joe. We are a movement. We do not take orders. We are the voters. You are the propagandists. opinion Talk about privilege and entitlement. Biden is running and he’s not doing shit. opinion Garbage journalism opinion Here here opinion Sanders doesn't owe the party anything. Sounds like the democrats need to start doing some wooing if they want votes. Better get to licking some left wing boot, or bye bye. Also, retire this hacky, disproved talking point, scumbags

opinion Also imperative Biden sits with Sanders and makes some key concessions to help him bring that support and keep the passionate Democrats energised. opinion Bernie will stump hard for dem nom. He's a person of great character and dems the stupid fvckn rules. We will NOT just fall in line EarnOurVote fuckthednc

opinion Ha ha ha! It is imperative that the JoeBiden campaign take a hard look at their policies and actually give the working class something to vote for! He’s the Nom, it’s up to him to turn out voters opinion The LA Times will fade into obscurity and irrelevance like all the corrupt news media. opinion mattdpearce Can I allocate my subscription so it does NOT go to the editorial board ?

opinion Translation: 'It's Bernie Sanders' job to do Joe Biden's job.' opinion They're already blaming Bernie for Bidens loss. Nice opinion Nope. That is not on Bernie. It is on Biden to earn votes. Don't put this on Bernie to try to prop up BidenIsARapist and the DemocratsAreDestroyingAmerica HellNoJoe NeverBidenNeverTrump DemExit2020

opinion Demexit NeverBiden And Bernie wasn't my first choice ✊ opinion Biden isn't even going to campaign, how can you ask someone else to campaign more than the actual nominee? You made this bed. opinion That’s not Bernie’s job that’s up to Biden. Biden is running not Bernie. He doesn’t have to do a damn thing 😂

opinion Bitch please. He stumped all over for her. People didn't turn out for 'America is already great.' It will be entirely Biden and the DNC's fault when the same thing happens for 'nothing will fundamentally change.' opinion Bernie doesn't owe the mob bosses at the DNC anything! They worked hard since 2015 to smear and cheat one of the best leaders ever! We are insulted that the DNC is trying to ram estab neolib, perverted, dementia Biden down our throats! We owe them NOTHING!

opinion shut up opinion Hahaha. I will never vote for Biden and nothing Bernie Sanders will say can change that. opinion hacks. opinion If Bernie came to my house and begged me to vote for Biden. I would tell him to fuck off. opinion Why didn’t the Ed board issue an endorsement for the CA primary? opinion oops seems you have fucked up!

opinion We think for ourselves. Bernie has no control over us. opinion Imperative you say? opinion Nah. To quote a bunch of warren stans he “doesn’t owe anything to anyone!!!” opinion No it’s imperative that Biden give us a reason to vote. opinion Gee, I thought the actual candidate was responsible for getting votes.

opinion Bernie voters were harassed, shamed, blamed, lied to in 2016, but 88% voted for HRC. The DNC reneged on promises & high-profile Dems kept attacking. This primary has been a clusterf*ck and you expect us to vote for the guy who the powerful used to defeat Bernie? You’re dreaming. CheriJacobus opinion Clinton lost in 2016 becuz of Clinton not Sanders -

opinion You can fuk all the way off. Bernie doesn't dictate my behavior , I supported him as a candidate, that's it. I am not his follower. Bernie can campaign and endorse anyone he wants, it doesn't mean I have to support them too. I think for myself. opinion 🖕 opinion Wouldn't hurt if Biden also tried to get people to vote for him. FYI, this stance isn't helpful

opinion Tell Joe to earn his own votes it’s not Bernie’s job to get Joe elected. opinion Girl bye opinion Demands, demands. Demands. ---- NeverBiden opinion liberals truly believe voters are at the service of politicians and not the other way around... opinion It’s imperative for Biden to earn our support.

opinion Why ? TheTobster111 opinion Join forces, Biden/Bernie opinion LOL GFYS. opinion Good luck. If we were willing to vote for a corrupt, racist, right wing, rapist with dementia we'd already be Trump supporters. Plan b was never to vote for an establishment candidate, plan b is to burn the DNC to the ground. BelieveWomen VoteGreen

opinion The DNC had no use for Bernie but now its imperative for him to root their horn in order for them to win? GTFOH! opinion Oh my goooooooooooooooood opinion While recognizing that Biden has 'flaws as a candidate,' doesn't mention the fact that Biden was recently accused of rape -- and, somehow, uses Biden's 'flaws' to put the onus on Bernie to 'do a better job' electing him.

opinion Is this an admission that Joe Biden is incompetent? opinion Hard pass. This is on Jo Biden to address his rape accusations and your job to cover it. opinion It is imperative that the spend less time promoting Joe Biden, a politician who’s corrupt, suffers from dementia & may either be a pedophile and/or rapist. Oh, he’s also going to lose badly. BillionaireMedia MockingbirdMedia Globalists

opinion Oh come the fuck on! A far higher % of Bernie supporters voted for HRC in 2016 than the % of HRC supporters who voted for Obama in 2008. Bernie did 40 rallies for HRC, while she did about 10 for Obama. Democrats nominated a weak candidate. They own this. We won't bail you out. opinion opinion This is such crap, look at the generation breakdown of 2016 election. Hillary won with under 50 voters and lost with the over 50 crowd. She won the popular vote because of Bernie voters.

opinion Good luck with that 😂😂😂 opinion No need we’re going to get Biden elected with or without his help opinion The mantra of the Democratic Party must be 'Anyone but Trump' or we will all lose. opinion When are y’all gonna stop blaming Bernie supporters for the DNC running candidates that people don’t wanna vote for? Do better.

opinion WTF? Bernie campaigned in MI, WI, PA for Hillary more than Hillary campaigned in MI, WI, PA for Hillary in 2016. opinion If you don’t want another 4 years of trump vote for Biden. If you sit out and not vote , don’t complain when trump wins again 4lisaguerrero opinion ...... bernie did 14 events for hillary when she wouldnt even campaign the last 2 months..... it was not bernies fault bernie fans wouldnt vote for hillary

opinion Go on, CheriJacobus opinion False CheriJacobus opinion What a bunch of Bots replying to this opinion Maaaaan opinion It’s Biden’s job to convince people to vote for him, not Bernie’s. And Biden is a rapist so he’ll have to make a very good case. So far he is failing to even try to reach out. opinion Maybe he’s getting 2 houses this time?

opinion It will not happen. Never ever will I vote for that dead-brain Biden. I will slam my vote for Green or Trump whichever will hurt the Democratic Establishment the most. opinion It’s imperative that Joe Biden adopt more of Bernie’s policies if he wants to gain Bernie supporters. durisdeer opinion It may be imperative but he's not going to do it. Bernie is going to Bernie and to expect him to be different is a waste of time. We will win without him and his supporters.

opinion To paraphrase Lincoln: you can convince some of the people some of the time, but you can't convince all the people all of the time. opinion No he doesn't, he's has an actual job to do in Congress. Like guiding us through this disaster, Biden has to do a better job of looking competent before November. He's the one running now, plenty of Biden supporters wouldn't vote for Bernie, try again. Your opinion is shit.

RickPetree opinion Like maybe an endorsement? opinion Okay- if Biden wants the support of Bernie's base, he can enact all the same policies that Bernie was championing, allow an open and transparent police investigation into Tara Reade's rape allegations, and stop opposing Pro-Choice legislation, until then it seems unlikely.

opinion JFC he did 40 rallies for her and showed up in states that she refused to bc she thought beating Trump was a cake walk. This headline is just wrong and appalling. Certified trash opinion no, it is imperative, that Biden win those voters over. This isn't some fucking team sport. Nobody owes you their vote. If Biden wants to make some concessions to appease the Bernie Voters, then maybe he gets some of them. Otherwise, he can lose to Trump.

opinion I'm a free agent. I don't play on Bernie's team. Want me to play for your team, you gotta offer a contract. Pay me. opinion I think Bernie made a deal with Trump to guarantee his re-election. opinion Bernie wasn’t the problem- Hillary was. opinion Joe Biden doesn't want Sanders supporters votes tho...?

opinion That’s funny. Hilary should have been a better candidate. Ditto for Joe. opinion Say what? opinion Pass. Were keeping our AR’s without being criminals and you get to keep Trump. Biden is just more of the old shit that got Trump elected. Why would people vote for him? I’ll take absolute chaos for 100 Alex.

opinion Lol,good luck with that opinion If I was a Bernie supporter, I would do the opposite of anything the DNC asked. Since they were obviously never going to let him win. opinion opinion The Democrat Primary began with: —6 minorities —5 women —3 millennials —1 openly gay man And Democrat voters rejected ALL of them for Joe Biden A straight, white, 77 year old multimillionaire But I thought they were the 'party of diversity & the working

Seeing media influence more votes than the most devoted political activists I've ever seen, why bother. You guys obviously have more sway in the elections. Beat Trump yourself. opinion Maybe Joe Biden should do a better job at earning the support of Sanders supporters than Hillary Clinton did. Word of advice: 'hey, at least he's not Trump' isn't exactly the best campaign slogan. Remember when y'all tried that last time?

opinion It is Biden’s job to get people to vote for him. opinion opinion I think you have that backwards. Joe Biden needs to EARN the votes of Bernie supporters. They will not come without concessions, MedicareForAll GreenNewDeal for starters. opinion already planting the excuses for when Biden loses in November...

opinion no it's not opinion Starting today. opinion Bernie doing to Joe as he did to Hilliary, playing lip service by failing to tell supporters to support Joe & still holding on to his delegates.Even the President made mention of it. Please Bernie & Elizabeth Warren, if you’re serious about defeating Trump endorse Joe Now-:))

opinion Wrong. That's not how this works. As it was for Hillary, it's imperative that Biden shows not just Bernie supporters, but all voters why they should trust him with their vote. The politician is supposed to win over the most voters, not have someone tell voters how to vote. opinion How is this Sanders's job? Such opinion pieces are attempts to assign blame for Biden losing in advance (because, in their hearts, such editorialists already suspect the outcome). [And I would never vote Trump. Ever.]

opinion I am terribly en thu si a s t ic. opinion how come you can't notice that we did vote for her, thought you had researchers and fact checkers. Don't start blaming us or Bernie already. Maybe do your job and investigate a credible sexual assault claim opinion That’s was Hillarys problem, people didn’t like her. Not Bernie’s problem the DNC keeps supporting candidates thay can’t win, maybe you need to look at your choices instead.

opinion 👍👍👍 opinion No. Bernie, keep your delegates!! Biden will lose the general election. I will never vote for Biden. Tired of DNC picking our candidates with their use of Citizens United. Bye bye DNC, doubt you will survive another lost general election. Support Bernie and I will write him in. opinion And equally imperative that JoeBiden do a better job than Hillary Clinton in welcoming & respecting Bernie’s supporters (I think they both will - the 1 one priority, as BernieSanders has said many times, is defeating the most dishonest, corrupt president in American history)

opinion Biden hasn't done anything to earn ANYONE'S vote. He didn't even campaigned as much as other candidates. No outreach to the LGBTQ, Muslim, Latino, native, or Asian communities opinion Imperative!!!? My ⚽️ 🏀 🏈 opinion He didn't even get out the vote for himself this year. opinion ' . . toward the unity the party will need ' Will need more than that. Voting for this guy? When is he to be medically tested mentally?

opinion Yes get out there and support the corporatist, warmonger, touchy touchy and demented Joe Biden. Oh and he’s also friends with war criminals W and Cheney. Go get em..Jesus opinion We’re weeeeellllll beyond that; Joe Biden won’t win in November if 90% of Bernie supporters vote for him. Donald Trump is more coherent than Joe Biden at this point; think about that. CNN, MSNBC, NPR and the networks will have gotten him elected twice. Idiots. Just- ugh. Jesus.

opinion Oh nowwww yall wanna rely on Bernie and his supporters? Fuck you opinion No opinion speaking for myself. dude, I dont give a sh*t about biden. hes gonna get pulverized. sorrycantvotejoe opinion Bernie’s supporters don’t blindly follow him, they make up their own minds. Let’s be honest, Biden is an awful candidate, has been for the 32 years heMs been running. Not going to convince very many when his argument for voting for him is “I’m not Trump”

opinion Did I miss Bernie’s endorsement of Biden? BernieEndorsesBiden opinion Ewww. We just handed the GOP four more years of that thing that’s currently in office. Biden is incompetent and rape allegations? That’s what it’s come down to? Choose between two alleged sexual predators? Thanks citizens united. It’s been great ever since!

opinion opinion JoeBiden needs to do a better job than HillaryClinton to unify the party. Joe must recruit SenWarren! opinion That’s not going to happen. 30-35% of Bernie supporters will be voting President Trump. Another 25-30% will not vote. Bernie was cheated once again opinion How come it's everyone's job but the nominee's to gather votes? Shouldn't Biden be leading Bernie supporters to himself?

opinion LOL opinion biden will be a complete disaster and lose to the most dishonest and incompetent candidate of all time, just like hillary did, good luck with 4 more years of trump opinion Fuck you. Bernie did more events for Hillary than Hillary did for Obama. You have zero standing to tell Bernie what the fuck to do. Eat shit

opinion It’s not about Bernie tho. It’s about the politics. opinion awful opinion there fellas opinion I actually prefer sanders over Biden. Sanders is pragmatic. opinion We don’t support Biden lol he doesn’t just get our vote because Bernie lost opinion With all due respect, LA Times, I disagree. We don't need their misogyny and rape culture taint Joe's campaign.

opinion Bernie doesn’t tell us what to do. We liked him because he was our servant, not our master. opinion Why should he support a system that has not supported him. opinion You can’t simultaneously call us the scum of the Earth whilst also putting the onus on our candidate to carry you across the finish line. Fuck you. Not this time.

opinion You’re an idiot. Bernie tirelessly campaigned for Hillary. Problem was Hillary’s like ability not Bernie doing enough for her opinion No, wrong. We NEED B*den to step the fuck up and EARN his votes. opinion Perfect! But he’ll support JoeBiden

Bernie Sanders suspends his presidential campaignBernie Sanders dropped out of the presidential race, ending a campaign that changed the course of Democratic politics. looks like I'm voting Trump again A chingar a su madre....

Sanders Ends Presidential Bid, Paving Way for BidenBernie Sanders is ending his presidential bid. The progressive was the front-runner until the Democratic establishment consolidated around Joe Biden. The most accurate headline you’re going to see today See ya Bernie Thanks for your help Bernie. Let’s do some real work to bring back our democracy.

Sen. Bernie Sanders Set To Drop Out of Presidential RaceSen. Bernie Sanders is poised to end his quest to secure the Democratic presidential nomination, clearing the path for former Vice President Joe Biden to face off against President Donald Trump in … joe biden i hate u I hope he runs as an Independent as the Democrats shafted him totally.

Bernie Sanders drops out of the 2020 race, clearing Joe Biden's path to the Democratic nominationSen. Bernie Sanders ended his presidential campaign on Wednesday, clearing Joe Biden's path to the Democratic nomination and a showdown with President Donald Trump in November. Lol this guy. KAG. Locked up So he finally learned math? Orange Corona Pandemic

Larry David bashes Trump's coronavirus response, calls for Bernie Sanders to drop out of 2020 raceIn a recent interview, Larry David bashed Donald Trump’s response to the coronavirus and called for 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders to drop out of the race. Fox411 Both Democratic candidates should drop out... Fox411 Fox411 He think he can do it better? 😂😂😂

Bernie Sanders exits Democratic presidential race: reportsSen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont is dropping out of the Democratic presidential race, according to multiple published reports on Wednesday. Sanders revealed... Trump just won the election Democrats subconsciously realize that Trump is good for them and their families. They are throwing the fight by choosing Biden. So Sanders who everyone knew was already out makes it official and the market rallied! Seriously this has to be the dumbest market I’ve ever been through.