Eddie Glaude: ‘Donald Trump doesn't give a damn about norms’

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'He want's to be God's strongman,' esglaude says about President Trump's photo-op at St. John's Episcopal Church on Monday night. 'He's wrapping authoritarianism, fascism in the flag and in the bible.' 'We are on a knife's edge as a democracy.'


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esglaude Jesus is with us and guiding the President right now. I have been blessed with spiritual sight and hearing. Can you all see now?

esglaude instead of talking about trump why dont you put a leash on your people and their violence. BTW, the killer cop is in jail. send the memo out asap so these losers stay out of my hood.

esglaude .esglaude msnbc Spare us your race baiting ! Judgemental much ? Biased much ? MAGA2020 KAG2020

esglaude Comrade Trump is delusional and dangerous to Americans and incompetent

esglaude Nope

esglaude I totally agree with you, Eddie. You can't run a democracy when half the people feel that the justice system not only doesn't serve them, but positively harms them. So, we are on the knife's edge. This country may collapse if we don't address their concerns now.

esglaude We must stop this kind of atrocity on US soil! We must stop this kind of killing on US soil! We must stop this kind of murders on US soil! We must stop this domestic terrorism on US soil! We must stop Trump using military against civilians in US and the world!

esglaude That’s the way it’s always sold

esglaude Is it just me or is using tear gas on priest’s a sign of your devotion to the cloth ?

esglaude As Sinclair Lewis warned us. The joke of it is that Trump is neither a patriot or a religious man. Just a fake

esglaude You are not saying anything about the rioters who burned the church in the first place. I would rather have President Trump stand in front of a church holding a bible than to have a rioter burn a church down and stand in front of it taking a selfie. Rioters will burn in hell.

esglaude You’re a race pimp. Move on.

esglaude Nothing’s change with trump since he threw rocks at a baby at age 6

esglaude Question for those who support Trump. When did you lose your dignity and self respect as a person ?

esglaude Make no mistake this guy wants Trump re-elected, he, MSNBC & The MSM count on it Mr Glaude, Trump thanks you for your service


esglaude Another Marxist Obama freak...😑😑

esglaude Oh hey is this the guy that gets paid to shit all over white people all day?

esglaude If only he’d voted for the evil email lady in 2016, and not told others to not vote for her.....

esglaude Democrats brought us rapacious Capitalism and Civil War, while the Republicans shifted right. Citizens are less scared of a deadly airborne viral pandemic than suffering at the hands of violent, terroristic police denying us our human rights. This is full fledged Civil War folks.

esglaude Year 2020 ain't lookin so good Fights all day in our neighborhood. 1/2 the people fight greed & hate 2 bad the other 1/2 don't see it that way. Loddy Da Trump as president, only proves we got no common sense. But he'll be gone 4 too long & everyone who loved him will be movin on.

esglaude ❤️

esglaude 😂😂😂

esglaude Eddie for President!!

esglaude this dude though, lol.

esglaude Remove. Him.


esglaude Trump is the Devil.👹👿

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