Eating Istanbul - Six meals for $60 on the iconic Istiklal street

1/16/2022 3:04:00 PM

Do Turks make the best baklava? Watch the full video of our top must-have eats in Istanbul's Istiklal Caddesi here:

Adana, Baklava

Do Turks make the best baklava? Watch the full video of our top must-have eats in Istanbul 's Istiklal Caddesi here:

We spent the afternoon and evening along Istanbul 's most famous street and had six meals for $60Subscribe: http://trt.w...

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Would be very glad to eat them. Bu günden sonra Turks değil ' Türk ' ve Turkey değil ' Türkiye ' yazınız. Ahmet demek gibi, Mehmet demek gibi özel isimdir. Hatta daha da ötesi, çok özel isimdir. İsimler hangi dilde yazılırsa yazılsın, değişmemelidir. Kunafa is SUBLIME! 🍅🍅🍅x🌪Love!!! Baklava is greek It is better to start your day with a cup of coffee & baklava. A full day of endorphins!!!

I L❤️ve it & Need here in 🇵🇰 too When I was in Gulf than every week on Turkish Restaurant for Meal Delicious Food Lebanese baklava is very good too!

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