East Bay coyote bites fifth victim, sparking 24-hour predator hunt

East Bay coyote bites fifth victim, sparking 24-hour predator hunt

2/24/2021 8:33:00 PM

East Bay coyote bites fifth victim, sparking 24-hour predator hunt

DNA has linked at least five attacks to a lone coyote in an East Bay suburb. Officials suspect people have been feeding the animal.

MORAGA, Calif. — A coyote that has attacked both grown men and children and eluded traps has spawned a massive, 24-hour search in this East Bay suburb, where jittery residents keep children close and hikers carry noisemakers.The attacks started last summer. In each case, the apparently fearless coyote approached unsuspecting people and bit them before running off. All the victims recovered from their puncture wounds, and DNA has linked the attacks to a single coyote.

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A woman whose 3-year-old daughter was bitten here last week said the animal retreated when she waved a blanket and shouted at it, only to keep drawing near again. The woman was pushing a stroller with her daughter at her side when the coyote approached. It finally fled.

The attacks occurred in a children’s playground, a residential street and a high school running track here and outside commercial stores in neighboring Lafayette.AdvertisementA child-centric community that has attracted former Bay Area city dwellers, the collection of three suburbs known as Lamorinda sits east of the Oakland hills and is woodsy with vast open space. Coyotes, along with deer, bobcats, wild turkeys and the occasional mountain lion, have long moved through the area but predators have limited their hunting to other animals. headtopics.com

Authorities reassured residents on Tuesday that they would catch the elusive coyote.“A detailed survey of the surrounding terrain has taken place, including using game trail cameras and field tracking, to determine the specific areas of coyote activity and patterns,” read an emailed alert from the Moraga Police Department, which announced the latest victim was a man bitten Friday outside a convenience store in Lafayette.

“Multiple trapping lines are in place, and there is a 24-hour effort to remove this animal.” Read more: Los Angeles Times »

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