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Earthquake, Sismo

Earthquake, Magnitude 2.7 - GREATER LOS ANGELES AREA, CALIF. - 2021 September 24, 02:58:47 UTC

M2.7 #earthquake (#sismo) strikes 25 km S of Los Angeles (#California) 12 min ago. Read eyewitnesses' stories & provide yours:

9/24/2021 6:11:00 AM

M2.7 earthquake (sismo) strikes 25 km S of Los Angeles ( California ) 12 min ago. Read eyewitnesses' stories & provide yours:

Magnitude : ML 2.7, Region: GREATER LOS ANGELES AREA, CALIF., Date time: 2021-09-24 02:58:47.2 UTC, Location: 33.82 N ; 118.20 W, Depth: 5 km.

:Coffin, M.F., Gahagan, L.M., and Lawver, L.A., 1998, Present-day Plate Boundary Digital Data Compilation. University of Texas Institute for Geophysics Technical Report No. 174, pp. 5.Maps view:Seismicity from the previous 7 days in the area . 

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Regional instrumental seismicityThis seismicity maps have been generated by concatenating the ISC catalogue (since 1964), the EMSC Euro-Med Bulletin catalogue and the EMSC Real Time catalogue. Therefore, they show the seismicity from 1964 until the earthquake occurrence.

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