Each BTS Member Now Has Their Own Instagram & It’s a New Era



12/6/2021 8:49:00 PM


Cackling at Jungkook’s username…

At long last, our prayers have been answered: BTS have individual Instagram accounts, and their handles are better than we’d ever expected.Somewhere between December 5 and 6, all seven members of BTS quietly unveiled their brand new Instagram accounts — all of which are already verified with Instagram’s coveted blue check and boasting over 10 million followers each. (Because lest we forget, this is

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theBTS we are talking about.)All accounts have limited their comments sections, with only the other members being allowed to post on each others’ posts — and you know they are already making good use of that. We are assuming the members will like to keep fan interactions on Weverse and use Instagram more for themselves, so we as fans can relax, sit back, and enjoy the show. A new era indeed. Let's take a trip through BTS's IG handles and their first few posts on the platform.

RM, aka @rkiveFirst up is leader RM, who chose @rkive as his handle, in reference to his producing studio. “Just an archive,” his bio reads, all in lowercase. At the time of writing, RM has posted three pics on his account. The first is a throwback photo showing him chilling on a wooden chair near a cliff, marveling at the ocean views. The second one, this time tagged by RM himself as a throwback, is a snap from SoFi Stadium similar to one he had previously posted on Twitter. However, it is definitely the third one that takes the cake — by a headtopics.com

largemargin. RM’s third post shows himself, back turned to the camera, as he snaps a picture of a cat that’s lounging atop some stairs. “​​Finding yoongi,” he captioned the pic.Instagram contentView on InstagramJin, aka @jinNext is Jin’s account. The member, who just celebrated his 29th birthday, has perhaps the most coveted username: @jin. How he managed to snag that one (or for how much) will always be a mystery to us — and we kinda love it that way. Jin’s account also proudly showcases three posts at the time of writing. The first one is a snap taken during the Permission to Dance concerts in L.A. that shows Jin channeling the doll from

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Squid Gamewith a set of cute pigtails and a PTD merch tee to boot. The second one is a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of the DIY shirt that he used during the music video of his latest release “Super Tuna,” in honor of his birthday. If you haven’t yet watched, what are you doing? Actually, we’ll leave the video here and we can carry on with IG content after you’ve watched it. (It’s only fair!)

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