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EA Announces New Revenue Model Just Deleting Everyone’s ‘Anthem’ Characters Unless They Send Company $300 In Next Hour

EA Announces New Revenue Model Just Deleting Everyone’s Anthem Characters Unless They Send Company $300 In Next Hour


EA Announces New Revenue Model Just Deleting Everyone’s Anthem Characters Unless They Send Company $300 In Next Hour

Anthem fans, take notice: Electronic Arts just announced they’re rolling out a new revenue model for the game that involves deleting everyone’s characters unless they send the company $300 in the next hour.

Yikes! If you’re attached to your Ranger, Colossus, Interceptor, or Storm, looks like now might be a good time to pony up.

’s player base, which risks losing all the experience they’ve accumulated if they choose to not pay the fee. Many have already spent dozens of hours grinding strongholds for Legendary loot, which could all be for naught if they don’t provide the money. For those users, paying up seems like a no-brainer.

“Basically, if you don’t want me to take a sledgehammer to every goddamn server in the Electronic Arts basement, then you will fork over the dough in the next 60 minutes,” said Wilson, adding that he did not care how many paying users he took down in the process. “Don’t think you can worm your way out of this, either. My colleagues over at BioWare are monitoring each payment to make sure every last one of you little shits give us what we deserve.”

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OnionGamers nickmon1112 OnionGamers Pay to retain? Sounds like: Pay to port your character from Anthem 1 to Anthem 2 using an intermediate paid DLC. OnionGamers Lol - amazing MrGehab OnionGamers AnthemInsider 🤔🤔🤔 OnionGamers There's nothing remotely intelligent or even clever about this article, no kind of witty satire whatsoever. It's nothing but pandering to people who want to feel good about being complete and utter psychopaths over a video game. Good on you for wanting that audience.

OnionGamers OnionGamers I hope they use the 300$ well Takahata101 OnionGamers So nothing worth $300, got it. Takahata101 OnionGamers This highlights a huge problem with going pure digital. Payed a 60 dollar game played for more then 2 hours which made me illegible for refund and now I have a game in my library that's pure garbage. At least with physical I could trade it. Or shoot it with a shotgun.

TaylorTheDoe OnionGamers Actually, that is probably something EA would do. OnionGamers Backfires when everyone just lets them.

Maker of Sam Adams beer to buy Dogfish Head Brewery for about $300 millionThe Boston Beer Co. Inc. , the maker of Sam Adams-branded beers, has agreed to acquire craft-beer maker Dogfish Head Brewery for about $300 million, the...

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OnionGamers Everyone: “Yeah, that’s fine.” OnionGamers I had an e-mail from a Bastion prince, asking me to hide him from EA executives. All he wanted, was my Playstation ID and the three digit code and expiry date from my bank card, so he could deposit his 300,000 Coin savings in my account, with the promise of epic loot to follow.

OnionGamers It's in the GAMEEEEEE! OnionGamers What about this OnionGamers OGN lmao Doctor_Cupcakes OnionGamers haha I hate you OnionGamers Hmm can I pay in embers? OnionGamers Real shame FSorrentino12 OnionGamers claw1288 OnionGamers Ever hear of Rococo’s Basilisk? Some things just shouldn’t be talked about. Wait... damn.

Exclusive: Impossible Foods raises $300 million with investors eager for bite of meatless burgersImpossible Foods, which makes a meatless plant-based burger and is backed by cel... Yuck! An insult to both plant and meat eaters.

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OnionGamers seems fair tbh Doctor_Cupcakes OnionGamers Everyone will be pissed off if they do this OnionGamers Please say sike OnionGamers More stories like this please. OnionGamers No money made then. OnionGamers Bye then OnionGamers This is not too much of a stretch tbh OnionGamers SaeedAkhtar46

OnionGamers What is the down side? OnionGamers But what are those twenty people gonna do when their characters get deleted?

Chinese video streaming giant iQiyi launches $300 virtual reality headsetControling the hardware and content may allow iQiyi to engage with users in a unique way. Is the tariff included? chengevelyn Amazing article Thank you Evelyn

OnionGamers The whole 3 people left playing the game.. OnionGamers Watch something like this happen OnionGamers I'd say don't give them any ideas, but deleting Anthem might actually be for the best... OnionGamers Yummy money OnionGamers Seems about right for EA OnionGamers Yo don't give them ideas

The brewers of Sam Adams and Dogfish Head merge in $300 million dealThe Boston Beer Company — makers of Samuel Adams beer — and Delaware-based brewer Dogfish Head Craft Brewery say that they plan to merge in a deal valued at more than $300 million So they wanna staht something h2pastor Thank you CNN for reporting on some good news other than bashing president of the United States we appreciate that

US trade office gets ready to impose tariffs on another $300 billion of Chinese importsThe Office of U.S. Trade Representative is taking the necessary steps to slap tariffs on the remaining billions of dollars worth of Chinese goods coming into the U.S. I wonder if they will change their minds if the market goes down again? Yikes

Impossible Foods raises $300 million as the meat-substitute company struggles to meet skyrocketing demandImpossible Foods has raised another $300 million in funding as the market for vegan meat substitutes heats up. Then management sucks...do you need a crayon 🖍 💋🤦‍♂️ I'm told general fillers and dyes are okay for our Health. Bright Chicken Wings all orange and red and burgers that are 40 percent filler but eat what tastes okay, don't torture your self with bland or other. I will look after the life of the cow and chicken, they will not suffe

Trump political machine sets massive fundraising targetAmong those expected to cut checks to America First is its new chairwoman, former wrestling exec Linda McMahon. treason Landslide incoming 🇺🇸

U.S. prepares to slap tariffs on remaining Chinese imports, which could add levies on roughly $300 billion in additional goodsBeijing announces steep tariffs on $60 billion in U.S. goods in response to the White House's actions. Bad for China and their fat ego. We can't afford 'No New Taxes!' **watches market crash**

Beijing calls for a 'people's war' against the US as Trump threatens tariffs on another $300 billion of Chinese goods in all-out trade battleBeijing calls for a 'people's war' against the US as Trump threatens tariffs against another $300 billion of Chinese goods in all-out trade battle The thieve doesn’t like his punishment. China I mean they are the main buyer of Chinese plastic so... After the 60Minutes report on Sunday 5/12 we need a 'peoples war' against drugprices. The utter greed and disregard for human life is a reason to get the pitchforks out and pass some new fukin laws. But where is the GOP and healthcare, no where! Just parasites.

US targets $300B of Chinese goods for new tariff hikesU.S. officials are targeting a $300 billion list of additional Chinese imports including laptop computers for tariff hikes. While your 401k is disappearing this trade hate hurts our farmers in imports so he will bale out farmers using the money he was going to build the wall as soon as Mexico sends the money American farmers, small businesses, and people who shop at Walmart will be collateral damage in trump's trade war with China. It's the price TomCotton say these people should be willing to make for ineffective tariffs.

The Trump administration is preparing tariffs on $300 billion worth of Chinese goods. Here are all the products that will get hit.The Trump administration is preparing to place tariffs on all remaining Chinese imports, about $300 billion worth. You could've just said 'EVERYTHING'

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