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Dutch report 2,000 extra deaths in early April, likely due to coronavirus

Dutch report 2,000 extra deaths in early April, likely due to coronavirus

4/10/2020 1:50:00 PM

Dutch report 2,000 extra deaths in early April, likely due to coronavirus

There were around 2,000 more deaths in the Netherlands in the first week of April than would normally be expected, its statistics office said on Friday, likely the result of the coronavirus outbreak.

The CBS numbers are complementary to data released by the country’s National Institute for Public Health (RIVM), which registers only coronavirus cases that are officially diagnosed. The RIVM reported 881 coronavirus deaths in the same period.Reporting by Toby Sterling; Editing by Mark Heinrich

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Not buying it. FilmYourHospital AND CDC is instructing doctors to mark patients with COVID without testing. Reuters: its over! Likely lol These Dutch are creasy. Likely? what a weird time we are living at so how is HerdImmunity working? Genocide of elders? Might be of interest for The Hague...if judges left?

I like the objectivity 'likely due to' , nice going Reuters ! Keep up the good work

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April rains have put a dent in the drought, at least in Southern CaliforniaLate-season rain has made March and April more like January and February in California. Yeah what is CAgovernor plan for the fire season if people aren't able to vacate the fire zones due to the corona? This seems like something that should be getting worked out now rather than later. Keep raining...through June. God is Good All The Time. Thanks to the SnowCaps & Engineers & Builders who take care of the rest!

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April 9 coronavirus news - CNN'As shepherds, we are called to protect God's flock, not just feed it and lead it. And if you really love your congregation, tell them to stay at home on Easter.' - Pastor RickWarren on social distancing and faith amid a pandemic. CNNTownHall This is what you tube is for lol Y is government being tested but no healthcare worker in America The Political Doctor House Call

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