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Dunkin’ Donuts Unveils New Seasonal Rotting Jack-O’-Lantern Latte For End Of Fall

Dunkin’ Donuts Unveils New Seasonal Rotting Jack-O’-Lantern Latte For End Of Fall

11/8/2019 5:49:00 PM

Dunkin’ Donuts Unveils New Seasonal Rotting Jack-O’-Lantern Latte For End Of Fall

CANTON, MA—Touting the beverage as the perfect drink for those frigid, gray November mornings, Dunkin’ Donuts unveiled a new seasonal Rotting Jack-O’-Lantern Latte Thursday to celebrate the end of fall. “Containing our signature coffee mixed with an artisan blend of freshly ground dead leaves and decomposing pumpkin chunks, our Rotting Jack-O’-Lantern Latte wonderfully captures the feeling of autumn drawing to a desolate, miserable close, leaving only the long winter ahead,” said Dunkin’ Donuts spokesperson Carolyn Wiseman, adding that the latte comes topped with random pieces of stale, crushed-up Halloween candy that have been sitting at the bottom of a trick-or-treat bag. “Our customers will just love the Rotting Jack-O’-Lantern’s seasonal aroma notes of pumpkin detritus, mothballed sweater, and burnt dust on a long-dormant heater, reminding them that another year is passing quickly by. And for just 99 cents more, you can add an extra flavor shot of dirty sleet.” At press time, Dunkin’ Donuts added that it had decided to release the Rotting Jack-O’-Lantern Latte after the recent success of its seasonal Rank Body Sweat Coolatta to celebrate the month of August.

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Probably a dramatic improvement over Obligatory Pumpkin Spice Lattes at Starbucks. It certainly couldn't be any worse. Just got dunkin a few minutes ago, can confirm This wins them all. [stands with ovation] BRAVO!!!! It also comes in cold brew. Can I bring my own and they’ll blend it up Rotting Lack-o-Latte. Come on guys!

'Fermented' Pumpkin Latte actually has some good probiotics. 😂 America runs... From dunkins.... To the toilet... Just getting the public ready for the leftover Thanksgiving Turkey Latte with cranberry sauce topping. That hit the spot! 😅 And this guy will be waiting at the bottom of your drink 😆 Feel like this would be an LastWeekTonight post

They're a day late.. they should sue you for this I tried it, but it just tasted like their regular coffee. Eeeeeeeewwwwwwww. You can really taste the candle! ExBaeTM Do they accept donations? Pshh I'm homebrewing one right now on the back porch for half the cost My mom thought this was real. ... I'm not hungry, now ✔️😜


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