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‘Dune’ Is Premiering One Night Early! Here's How to Watch

.@DuneMovie premieres tonight on @HBOMax.

10/21/2021 10:00:00 PM

. Dune Movie premieres tonight on HBOMax.

See Timothée Chalamet , Oscar Isaac and Zendaya in this epic space opera a day early, on Oct. 21, on HBO Max and in theaters Oct. 22.

DuneSign Up Duneis based off of Frank Herbert's classic science fiction saga of the same name, and follows Paul Atreides, a nobleman, who lives in the distant future in an intergalactic feudal society ruled by one all-powerful emperor. Paul is forced to relocate with his parents to the desert planet Arrakis -- the most dangerous planet in the universe, better known as Dune. On Dune, Paul’s family is tasked with overseeing the harvest of a precious spice possessing the power to extend human life and enhance human abilities, all while fending off enemies that range from royals to carnivorous sandworms.

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Sci-fi, literature and Timothée Chalamet fans alike won’t want to miss the first installment of what may become an epic spacefaring franchise like no other. Here’s everything you need to know on how to watch Read more: Entertainment Tonight »

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dunemovie hbomax 6 p.m. ET Dune DuneMovie

What Do You Need to Know About Dune Before You Watch Dune?It’s about dunes. Unbelievable that the second half of the film hasn’t been green-lighted yet. So at best we will wait 3-5 years for the rest of the tale. Joy.

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At home with the Harkonnens: Meet the villains of 'Dune'For DaveBautista and Stellan Skarsgård, the key to playing the Harkonnens in Dune Movie was making their villainy still feel grounded and human. Full video: DaveBautista Love this DaveBautista Very interesting. DaveBautista There was nothing human in this portrayal of the Baron. He was the least human of them all, in fact.

Everything You Must Add To Your Watchlist If You're In Love With The 'Dune' CastGet your watchlist ready. Movie remakes rarely live up to the original. Dune has a shot because the mid-1980s Dune was so so bad. Confused. Amorphous. Creepy. Hard to follow.

How ‘Dune’ (Sort of) Explains Today’s EconomyIn the galaxy-spanning civilization of “ Dune ,” the new movie starring Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya , the basic laws of economics still apply Greed has been around as long as we have. 5 Effective supplements to take in winter to avoid any complications according to Dr Anthony Fauci recommendation buy $XRP