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Dune Gets Lost in Space

Review: For all its marvel, #DuneMovie falls short of its simplest task.

10/22/2021 11:42:00 AM

Review : For all its marvel, DuneMovie falls short of its simplest task.

Despite a stacked cast led by Timothée Chalamet, Denis Villeuneuve’s adaptation of a sci-fi classic falters.

Stellan Skarsgårdas the monstrous Baron Harkonnen; andZendayaas a Fremen who appears to Paul in dreams, luring him toward ruin or glory or both. No one has much time to distinguish themselves, all functioning as mere fleshy cogs in Villeneuve’s churning machine. We don’t really learn much about individual characters in the film, making it hard to grasp or care about the stakes of the story. That’s not for lack of trying on Villeneuve’s part, who aims to fill just about every moment of the film with a towering import.

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At times, his aggressive approach works. There are scenes when the film’s relentless rumble reaches heart and mind, and truly connects. The immensity of the film can probably only be experienced properly in a theatrical setting—making Warner Bros.’ decision to drop the movie on streaming that much more dismaying. But even in the dark, sans phone, a gigantic screen and sound system blaring away at you,

Duneslips through your fingers like so much sand. And then it just ends, as a character has the gall to tell Paul (and us) that this is just the beginning.As a general rule, we should embrace grave and complicated blockbuster films like this, as they’re in such short supply in our age of comestible whizbang and synergistic packaging. But headtopics.com

Dunelumbers with such aloof, uninviting self-seriousness that it’s hard to love, hard to even celebrate as an assured piece of tentpole authorship. In all its marvel,Duneforgets to do basic things like give us someone or something to root for, or feel for, or think about for longer than the stretch of the film.

Some vexing, inscrutable mystery and preening opacity can be fun. But there ought to at least be a big, central Why animating a film. Otherwise, it’s all just a bunch of pretty shots of sand and fire and lavish costumery with no guiding spirit. By the end of

Dune(Part One), I was ready to leave the whole thing to the enormous worms who move through Arrakis devouring all the little things that matter to us petty humans. Watching as Villeneuve’s film eats itself up, those beasts started to seem pretty familiar.

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not y'all proud of your shit reviews. Dune: Part One in the title card and y'all expected Into The West LOTR finale Richard Lawson you should be fired, whoever let you publish this review should be fired too. Read the room you’re a garbage 🗑 critic and obviously don’t know a great movie 🎥 if it bites you on the ass. DuneMovie was great…..

Shit review and this is coming from someone who has read the books. The movie is wonderful.

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