'Dumb Money' Writers Dish on Pete Davidson and Their Reddit Meme Stock Movie

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We spoke with writers Lauren Schuker Blum & Rebecca Angelo about Pete Davidson and their Reddit meme stock movie Dumb Money for its VOD release.

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The Big Picture Dubbed The Big Short for the reddit generation following its premiere at this year's Toronto International Film Festival, Dumb Money is a film with a lot on its mind. On the one hand, it is about the very recent history where a group of everyday retail investors led by the real-life Roaring Kitty AKA Keith Gill (Paul Dano) came together to try to beat the wealthy at their own game.

REBECCA ANGELO: I think, like, three days before we went into production on this movie we also didn't believe that that was actually going to happen. ANGELO: And also superficial, right? Because what we're looking for is the human connection, the empathic connection to every single character we're putting on screen, and it's just silly to think that those connections can only come from people who look like you and have lived the same or very similar lives that you do.

ANGELO: There’s a fun, subversive quality to that. I mean, I think when we started out in the business, people were like, “Oh, you're girls,” like, “Here's a movie about, like, a bridesmaid who really wants to get married.” And our instincts took us to very, very different stories, I think partly because we have a financial reporting background, but also just because we have that curiosity, and it's just how we're built.

BLUM: But Pete Davidson will never pass as an excellent Door Dasher, so we had to then make him like a bad Door Dasher. But Kevin is a great Door Dasher. Anyway, we found this article about Kevin ran a mile naked in this lightning storm, and it was like legendary on campus, and so we pitched that scene at the end of the movie to Craig, and he was like, “What? Naked run?” And we’re like, “Craig, we’ll break the internet!” Like, if Pete Davidson runs naked in our movie, everyone will go crazy.

ANGELO: But at the same time, it wasn't anomalous. It was like the pandemic heightened all these things that we were experiencing as a civilization in the years leading up to it. I think everybody is lonelier. Social media has both brought us together and kept us apart. We have lost so many of the communal gathering spaces that we used to have. Then, you know, churches were closed, community centers were closed, schools were closed, so that ratcheted the lower grade experience up to an 11.

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